Waiting and watching for points to post

Last week, Sears offered 12 to 16 miles per dollar through the United MileagePlus Shopping portal and then 12 miles per dollar through the AAdvantage eShopping portal.  Many of us jumped in and bought gift cards, e-gift cards, and merchandise.

In many ways, many purchases were a leap of faith.  For example, e-gift cards at Sears haven’t worked for earning portal points for quite a while, but at the beginning of these promotions the Sears’ T&C stated that gift cards were now allowed.  Then, that terminology went away.  Then, a new statement appeared and excluded gift cards.  All of this led to increasing confusion about whether or not points would be awarded.  For the full story, please see “Sears gift cards and the mysterious case of changing terms and conditions.”

Confusing terms and conditions also led people to wonder whether their merchandise purchases would really result in miles earned.  Are tire purchases considered excluded auto services?  Are marketplace items allowed or not?  What about Kenmore or Craftsman items?  I believe that all of these items qualify as long as you can “Add to cart” while still on Sears.com, but the Terms & Conditions make it unclear.  Similarly, physical gift cards are sold and shipped by Kmart so it looks like those are excluded even though many past experiments have proven otherwise.  Take a look at the latest T&C, for examples.  I’ve bolded some of the relevant parts:

Please note these terms & conditions: Not eligible on purchases made with coupon or discount codes that are not found on this site.  Only products with “Add to Cart” button are eligible. Not eligible on Home Delivery Charges, Auto Services, PA and Installation, Master Protection Agreements, Take With, Protection Plans, Sears auctions, Landsend.com, PartsDirect, Sears Canada, Portrait, Craftsman, Kenmore or Outlet purchases. Sears Marketplace products with “Go to Site” button are not eligible. Not eligible on Sold by Kmart items or any other licensed partners. Any return, exchange or other adjustment made at a physical store location for an on-line purchase may result in your purchase being deemed ineligible. Not eligible on gift cards, gift certificates or any other similar cash equivalents.

Regardless of the specific wording of the terms and conditions, what really matters is how Sears has implemented their systems.  If they report your purchases back to the portals, those purchases will qualify for miles.  In my experience from the past, other than e-gift cards, any item with an “Add to Cart” button while still on Sears.com does in fact result in points.

Points start to post

On Saturday evening, many United MileagePlus Shopping purchases started to post within the portal.  To see for yourself, log into the portal and click “My Shopping Account”.  In my case, all of my merchandise purchases posted along with two of my gift card purchases: one small e-gift card and one small physical gift card.  This is good news because it means that gift card purchases most likely will post for those who bought them.

Waiting for the rest

Not everyone has seen all of their miles post yet.  In my case, there are many e-gift cards and physical gift cards that have not yet shown up.  Many readers have reported the same for gift cards or for large merchandise orders.  This is normal.  In many past deals, we have seen the same portal behavior.  Small purchases post quickly.  Larger purchases take much longer to appear.  It’s not unusual to have to wait about three weeks for portal points to post for purchases of $500 or more.

In my case, many of my e-gift card orders were quite small ($50), so they should have posted quickly.  But, when I made those purchases I had to call Sears’ verification department to get the orders to go through.  At that point, they were all verified at once.  My guess is that my batch of e-gift card orders are being treated as one large purchase with respect to how long it will take for Sears to report the transactions to the portal.  At least, that is my hope.

The waiting is the hardest part

There’s no doubt that it’s nerve racking waiting for portal points to post.  But, that’s all we can do right now: wait and hope.  Good luck everyone.  And, please comment below to let us know whether your United or AA miles have posted.

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  1. […] Waiting and watching for points to post: Last year, Sears ran a fantastic promotion through the MileagePlus Shopping portal where they offered up to 16 miles per dollar.  Most people eventually received all of the miles they expected, but for many it took weeks for the miles to appear. […]


  1. First, thank you for giving a heads up on this deal. I had one of my merchandise purchases post (279$) – the other for 1150$ hasn’t posted, nor have any of the 21 gift cards.

    Is there any way to dispute missing points, or, assuming they haven’t posted in 60 days, am I simply SOL?

  2. Only 1 of 14 e-GC purchases has posted and my merchandise purchase as not posted. Wondering if I should open my merchandise or wait until the points post.

    All 14 of my Plink transactions posted.

  3. I ordered 21 batches of $50 eGCs on the last day. I did call the verification line and got that done. I only got 5 of them. The other 16 are still listed as “Processing” on Sears’ website, and the pending charge on my CC was removed for them, so I’m not sure what’s going on with that. Plink points have posted for the 5 that actually went through, and I’m still waiting on the United portal. I used the AA portal to buy some things with the 5 eGCs that I did get, and those miles have posted to the portal.

  4. I made a few purchases of actual items from Sears on Saturday through the AAdvantage portal, and they have already posted (as the items have already shipped).

  5. All my purchases are to be delivered today. the $300 order has posted on MP Shopping. The $1200 order has not. Neither has my $1500 eGC order.

    Let’s hope they catch up to the larger purchases soon

  6. I made 4 $50 physical gift card purchases to max the plink, and all have posted. I spend $200, and raked up 3200 miles and $12 worth of Walmart gift cards. That is pretty solid work……I just didn’t have any big purchase to make, but the kids will be getting new Lands End Uniforms….

  7. I bought one $500 sears gift card and i just logged into the mileage account shopping portal and it shows that I have earned 6000 united miles. Too bad it didn’t count towards chase freedom 4th quarter. The miles are not showing in my united account yet but I guess they will soon.

  8. My transaction date is showing up as 11th on the bank website. I had placed the order on 10th but the confirmation and card only showed up on 11th even though I completed the verification on 10th itself.
    Do you think the UA shopping mall will use the actual transaction date and award the 16X.

  9. My $1500 in physical GCs should be arriving tomorrow, still nothing showing in Plink or MP Shopping. Not too worried…….yet ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. Still waiting on all of my Sears purchases to post, 10 eGC purchased on 10/8 with fraud alert and ‘released’ 10/9, another eGC purchased 10/9 and released 10/9, then a large tire purchased 10/9 and ‘released’ 10/10. All eGC were through the MPS portal, closing tab then going back through portal after each eGC. Plink already posted for all of them but no status at all on MPS

  11. I purchased 14 E-gift card and 3 actual sears purchases using E-gift card and freedom.

    13 of the E-gift cards and 2 small purchases have posted.

    I am missing 1 E-gift card purchase and for my $800 sears purchase (small portion paid with freedom credit card)

  12. I bought 8 orders of $50 Sears e-gift cards on Wednesday 10/8, then used those gift cards to make 2 purchases a few hours later. My points for those 2 purchases posted last night, but nothing for the e-gift cards. I placed my order for the cards in the late afternoon; I think this was right before the wording on the portal was changed.

    On a tangent, I jumped in on the 2000 AA miles bonus for $50 spend a couple months ago. I didn’t get the email but linked through FM’s blog. It’s been about 5 weeks since my purchase and still no bonus points. I got the points for the actual purchase about a week after I made it. Has anybody gotten the 2000 AA mile bonus?

  13. I bought 12 eGC, Print GC, and physical GCs and not one of them has posted to my Shopping account or Plink yet. I’ve been losing faith in portals lately.

  14. where can I find (or can someone tell me) how GC’s can be redeemed (assuming I don’t end up needing all 24 gc’s if I were to buy that many…) Thx

  15. @Dave, nope, no 2,000 AA miles yet. I have Nov 30th down as the end date, e.g. 8-10 weeks after the purchase, which is what was in the fine print. I assume it’ll post by then, or I’ll harass them at that point.

    My eGCs show on the shopping portal. My smaller purchases also show. The larger DSLR purchase (for the wife for Xmas) doesn’t show yet.

  16. I hope they all post for everyone… Then again, we ARE dealing with two airline malls that are run by CARTERA. This means they could NOT post too! Have we all forgotten how it goes with them?
    It could go either way… like a Red Sox vs Tigers series…

  17. I bought 5 Sears physical gift cards of $10 each from Mileage Plus Shopping. I did not call Sears’ verification department. However, I received an e-mail from Sears on Thursday saying the gift cards have been shipped, and the miles posted to my account on Saturday. Hopefully, the gift cards will still arrive in the mail as planned.
    Also, I received a targeted offer from Delta offering 500 bonus miles for a purchase of at least $50, on up to 3 purchases. In addition, Alaska Airlines currently has a promotion offering 500 bonus miles for a purchase of at least $25. At which stores would I earn miles for buying physical gift cards from those portals?

  18. I know a lot of people bought multiple $50 Sears gift cards to maximize Plink points. I bought 8 orders of $50 cards and haven’t gotten any Plink points yet. Has anybody gotten Plink points after a large number of Sears gc purchases? Oddly enough, I opened a new account a couple days LATER and made 3 Staples.com purchases with another card, and those points have posted.

    • @Dave – I did 12 eGC, Print GC, and physical GC (that I received yesterday) and I have received NO Plink points at all. How long is this supposed to take? Everything posted to my CC Monday.

      Also I have not received any portal points either.

  19. @Ken, I also haven’t gotten my portal points (United) from 10/9 purchase. I bought 8 “print” Sears gift cards and immediately used them to buy a couple items from Sears, also via the United portal. I have gotten the points for using the cards, but not buying them.

  20. Purchased 21 $50 physical gift cards on 10/9. Received Plink points for all of them, but no United miles yet!!! Starting to get nervous, but as FM says, I know I need to wait a while yet before calling.

    • @Jennifer – When did you get your Plink points? I did my purchases on the same day and haven’t gotten any Plink points yet. It’s my first time using Plink and so far it has not been a good one. I don’t have United miles in either account either.

    • Past experience w ua and aa shopping mall is that staples purchases could take 5 days to 12+ weeks to post… If they even do

  21. @Ken – they posted 10/15. Says “10/15 for visiting Kmart” which makes sense since I purchased the physical gift certs.

    • @Jennifer. I did 1 physical GC, 1 eGC, and 10 Print GCs and nothing shows up for any of them ๐Ÿ™ Don’t know what I did wrong.

  22. All, regarding Plink points not posting: remember that you would have had to have added Sears to your Plink wallet for egift cards and kmart to your Plink wallet for physical gift cards.

    Regarding the UA portal, I know it’s worrisome but seriously don’t be surprised if it takes 3 weeks for points to show up. That’s normal, especially when they get slammed as they did last week

  23. I emailed Plink, received this response.

    “So sorry about that. We’ll get those points added to your account manually. I just need a tech person to make a couple of adjustments so that this won’t happen again. Look for those later this week or early next.

    I’m sorry for the inconvenience!”

    • @MichaelP – What day did you do the purchases? Mine were the 9th and I have nothing for Plink and I used a Chase Freedom card.

  24. @Ken, I bought e-gift and physical gift on both days (9th and 10th).

    I haven’t received the points either, just the email.

  25. I ordered 11 physical $50 gc from AA shopping portal, and all just posted to my account on Oct 18th. I ordered $3000 GC all at $50 nomination from UA on Oct 12th, not show up yet.

  26. Update from poster #1 – 18 of my 20 50$ e gift cards posted – am still missing 1 $500 GC, 2 $50 GCs, and my actual pruchase of $1150, but at least most of the GCs posted!.

  27. Just an update:

    I purchased 10 e-gift cards just before the portal language changed to exclude gift cards. All ten of those purchases posted at some point yesterday / last night. Awesome! I had already gotten the Plink points – and it was paid for with my Freedom card so overall a pretty great deal. Thanks!

  28. My update: All of my $50 e-gift cards have posted as of this morning. Now, I’m still waiting for my bigger purchases: two $500 e-gift cards, and 3 $500 physical gift cards. I’m sure they’ll show up eventually.

  29. Just an update for Ken and anyone else who may be interested… looks like my 21 purchases posted in the MileagePlus mall last night. 800 miles for each $50 gift card! Awesome deal!

  30. Nothing for me on Mileage shopping. I did $3000 GC. Hope I can got those points, otherwise I would sit on the stack of GCs for a while

  31. $50 e gift card and a $47 purchase made with that gift card posted quickly, but an $800 tire purchase (with no gift cards involved) has not yet posted. I’m hoping the clause about use of coupon codes from sources other than the portal isn’t affecting me. Sears itself had 5% off and a $50 off $400 code that “kind of” auto applied. I think the portal is talking about “other” wacky third party coupon codes so I’m not going to sweat it yet.

  32. I made 25 separate transactions,one transaction was posted almost a week back and the remaining 24 posted today . All 72,000 United miles are posted today.

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          Go saks!
          (Said with thick baastan accent like the movie Ted)
          Lets hope everybodys miles post soon!

  33. My tire purchase posted in the MileagePlus portal! Thanks so much for your guidance on this deal.

    Plus I’m from Boston – what a great day. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Meanwhile over on AA portal a trial $50 e-gift card has not posted. Maybe it never will – they said gift cards excluded. No biggie. Hope a North Face double dip goes through though.

  34. I got my 15,600 miles from AA for $1,300 tv purchase on 10/12/13 but yet to see the 10,000 miles for $1000 e-gift card purchase from AA which i bought a couple days earlier.

  35. Update for 10/20. ALL transactions have posted. This includes $1500 in e-gift cards, as well as 2 transactions for Google Nexus 7 tablets (5 total). Also positive is that I’ve already sold and shipped all 5 Nexus 7″ tablets through Amazon…thus I’m DONE. Final tally = 53,100 points for $238 in losses. 0.448 cents/pt. I can also think of it as a one way business class ticket on United for $238. Not too shabby, huh?

  36. Updating from my earlier post – I had ordered 21 separate batches of $50 e-GCs and 16 of them stopped showing as pending transactions on my CC. The charges did end up finally posting last week. Still waiting on Plink points for those, but I’m sure those will come through. Unfortunately, a grand total of zero United miles have posted through the portal so far, so I’m getting a bit discouraged, especially after seeing everyone else’s having already posted above.

    • @Matt – Don’t worry, you’re not alone. I had 12 $50-$55 purchases and none of them have showed up on Plink or the Mileage Shopping site.

  37. @Gabriel – Great work. How much did you sell the Nexus 7 for? I tried to come up with a selling plan for the same product, but it was not profitable. You may have the hassle with the returned items due to Amazon return policy.

  38. Just to let you know that I have purchased $ 1000 in physical gift cards and the points posted today. 16000 miles + 1000 from United card =D

  39. @RP – I never expected it to be “profitable”…just thought of it as buying miles VERY cheap. I sold them for $261+shipping. Ate about $45 per tablet. I did the same last year with the GEN1 version of the Nexus 7 and the only problem I had was some dude claiming that he received a bad unit, and refused to ship it back because “he’s in China”. Clearly a scam. Other than that, I made about 130k UR points from the Sears 10x promotion last fall. That’s why I jumped on this promo this time.

  40. Also wanted to add a data point. I bought 9 $50 Print gift cards from Sears through the United portal on 10/9 and have received the Plink points but nothing through United. I used those gift cards for a Sears purchase through the AA portal on 10/13 and got 12x points for them … although only on half of my purchase amount. Not sure what happened there.

  41. Following up on my earlier posts:

    11x $50 eGC purchased with CF on 10/ = received miles for 7 transactions, plink points for all

    $550+ tire purchased with 99% eGC + 1% CF (used promo codes outside of list) = received miles on total order

    So I’m still waiting on 4 of the 11 eGC transactions (how weird of a number when 10 were purchased/released at the same time, 1 straggler the next morning)

  42. I bought 3 $500 e-gift cards. To date (almost 3 weeks out), MileagePlus Shopping Portal does not indicate any activity.


    • @DrewBird – Neither do my 12 $50 GC purchases. I’m not holding my breath. I wonder if there’s any use contacting the portal to inquire about the missing points.

  43. @Ken – I’ll wait a couple more weeks before picking up the phone. FM suggested 3 wks, so we’re still a bit under that threshold. But if you call then make sure to post back with your experience.

  44. So officially been a month since this post, 5 weeks since purchases and I’m sitting at 7 out of 11 tracked for eGC purchases, so short 3200 miles. Debating when the proper time is to raise a stink about it, seeing as how 7 of them posted.

  45. I’m also still waiting on miles and debating how much longer to wait. It was a TV so I’m concerned something went wrong with the tracking between the order, verification, and delivery process. It has been over a month since delivery now. These portals can be a pain.

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