Amex gift cards now 2.25% cash back via BigCrumbs

Just a few days ago I reported that BigCrumbs was offering 2% cash back for Amex gift cards.  Now they’ve increased the payout to 2.25%!

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  1. a few warning words
    I tried to put an order for a 3k and somehow the Address I entered was not written exactly the same way as in the credit card record. Instead of Apt 2, it said Apt#2, so it got denied. The maximum allowed amount of GC you can buy using a CC is up to 5k. In my case that order for 3k even though it didn’t go through, still remains in the system that means I cannot put the order again using that same CC. I called Amex GC customer service and some people from India told me there is nothing they can do and that I have to wait 14 days to put an order on that CC.
    Be careful

  2. my purchase was approved (online instantly and on email soon) by amex who sent me a message that also attached a code valid until 3/31/2013 to waive my purchase fee for my next amex gift card purchase. i am planning to buy another one if i receive it friday (2-day express shipping and the order was shipped thursday morning by amex email message).

  3. I just bought AmEx GCs and was able to use discount codes BDAY100 and GIFT100 which waived the GC fee of $3.95. Thanks for all your help and info. Hope this works for you too.

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