Lands’ End 10X via the AAdvantage eShopping Portal

Through 10/20/2013:

Via the AAdvantage eShopping portal, Lands’ end is offering 10 miles per dollar for a limited time.  Lands’ End is unusual in that it does award miles when you purchase gift cards (including e-gift cards), but does not award miles when using gift cards.  Lands’ End gift cards can be used in person or online at Lands’ End, Sears, Kmart, etc.

Any credit card may be used to make purchases via the AAdvantage eShopping portal.  You do not need to use an American Airlines branded credit card.

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  1. Don’t forget that you can also plink lands end. Not sure how that works in practice, if gift cards would show up differently like it does with Sears/KMart.

  2. So one would do best buying Lands End e-giftcards this way, then using them through shopping portal earning points there, correct? If only this was on the same time as the other deals last week!

  3. I see in the terms and conditions “Not eligible on purchases made using Lands’ End gift cards as payment method”. Any idea if that is actually true? Also would it apply to Sears gift cards?

  4. I just checked my AAdvantage shopping account… I’m only getting 2 miles/dollar at Lands End. I didn’t bother checking yesterday because FM said this deal expires 10/20. Are people getting 10x right now?

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