The top 5 ways to get Sears gift cards

A week ago, I showed how it is possible to use Sears gift cards to pay for travel (see “Earn more miles (many more) for any flight, any hotel, any cruise“).  In that post, I promised to follow up with the best ways to earn points, miles, and cash back when buying Sears gift cards.  Here goes…

#1: Take advantage of portal promotions

In the past few weeks alone, Sears has held many portal promotions worth noticing: 16X via the United MileagePlus portal; 12X via the AAdvantage Shopping portal; and 9X via the Southwest Rapid Rewards Shopping portal.  There was a brief window of opportunity during the United promo in which it was possible to earn points even when buying e-gift cards, but usually that’s not the case.  Instead, buy physical gift cards to be shipped to your home.  Even though they are processed by Kmart and even though the portal terms & conditions say that gift cards are excluded, many experiments have shown that most portals do pay out for Sears’ physical gift card purchases.

If there are no exciting Sears portal promotions, look for Lands End instead.  Lands End gift cards work everywhere that Sears gift cards do, and Lands End specifically allows earning points on gift card purchases.

#2: Redeem Discover Cashback for Lands End gift cards

Discover lets you redeem cashback for partner gift cards and in some cases this can be a bargain.  Lands End gift cards, for example, are available for 20% off.  A $100 Lands End gift certificate will cost you only $80 in Discover cashback.  This means that you can get 25% more value from your Discover rewards.  See “Maximizing Discover rewards: real value from merchant gift cards.”

#3: Portal + Sears + Plink

Plink is a rewards program that awards points for shopping at certain merchants.  Plink lets you link a single credit card to your account and automatically awards you when qualifying transactions appear on your credit account.  Plink points are worth a penny each towards gift cards such as Walmart, Amazon, and the Tango card (which gives you access to many more gift card options).  With Sears and Kmart, Plink offers $3 worth of Plink points for every $50 purchase.  The key is to add Kmart to your Plink Wallet, and go through a portal to Sears to buy physical gift cards.  If all goes well you’ll earn credit card points, portal points and Plink points.

Example: Use a Discover It card to go through Shop Discover to Sears and buy a physical gift card.  You’ll earn 1% cash back from your credit card (or more during various promotions), 10% 5% cash back from Shop Discover, and the equivalent of 6% back from Plink for a total rebate of 17% 12%.  See “Plinking Sears” for more details.

#4: Portal + Staples + Plink

Staples sells Sears’ e-gift cards online.  To maximize rewards, add Staples to your Plink wallet, go through a shopping portal to Staples (e.g. uPromise offers 5% cash back), buy $75 worth of e-gift cards at a time (one $50 card and one $25 card), and pay with a credit card that earns 5X at office supply stores.   In total, you could earn 4% back in Plink points, 5% back in cash from uPromise, and 5 points per dollar from your credit card.  If you value your credit card’s points at 1.5 cents each, this amounts to a 16.5% rebate.  See “Plinking Staples” for details.

#5: Buy via Scrip

Many schools fundraise by selling gift cards via the Scrip program.  I’ve been told that Lands End gift cards are available to Scrip schools for 16% off.  Whether or not the school shares that discount with you I supposed is up to the school.  Either way, this may be a good opportunity to give back to your local school.

Did I miss any good options?

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  1. More Sears discounts:
    Go to, use 15Photo promo code for 15% off egift card for Sears or Landsend

    Buy 10% off sears gift cards through lifetime fitness (if you are a member) or Citibank easy deals.

    • BigHabitat: Thanks for the suggestions.
      Charlie: Oh man, I meant to double check the Shopdiscover payout before posting but I forgot! Thanks for the heads-up, I’ll edit the post.
      Hutch: Good idea for a series.

  2. We need a series on liquidating. I’ve been a regular on sears and lands end cards. My normal route is being blocked now, buy sears physical cards w/ lands ends ecards. Physical sears cards have been easy to liquidate by buying visa/MC gcs.

  3. BigHabitat,
    Thanks for the update on twosmiles. I got 2 cards (different retailer, different credit card) before getting an error message saying code has already been used.

    Greg, thanks for mentioning Scrip. The big drawback is that you cannot pay for gift cards with a credit card through Scrip. However, a reliable 8% cash back on Lands End/Sears is good to have.

  4. Use Land End gift card to buy other gift cards at Kmart. I buy gas gift card, amazon gift card and other store gift card and save on most of my purchases.

    • Grant: Plink points should post about a day after the purchases move from pending to actual on your credit card account. If it is longer than that, then yes contact Plink.
      Mike U: That’s a nice perk!
      Mona C: yes, all of my points posted from the United deal, but many readers are still reporting that their points are appearing each day. So, have hope for another week or so before looking for other options.

  5. Greg, how long does it usually take Plink points to post? I’ve used my linked Chase Ink card at Staples several time during the last 2 weeks and haven’t earned any Plink points yet. Should I contact Plink?

  6. I was one of lucky ones at sears 16x. Bought $50 ecard, points posted in couple of hours. Then bought $1500 wirh 5x freedom, finally used those ecards to buy new lawn tractor. All points have now posted (united and UR). 50k+. Thanks Gregg

  7. Anyone who works for Enterprise Holdings, Inc. (Enterprise/Alamo/National) can purchase Lands End gift cards for a 15% discount via the employee discount page. I have not done this yet, but will try it this week to see how the process works.

  8. Hello Greg
    Did your 16X mileage plus points post for the sears e-gc purchase last time? None of my points are showing on my mileage plus account. How long does it take? Thanks!

  9. Not sure about e-gift cards, but my Sears MileagePlus points posted on 10/18/2013 10 days after the first purchase. No word yet on plink.

  10. I haven’t gotten any Plink points for 8 Sears e-gift cards of $50 each purchased during the MP 12x/16x promo. I got the MP points but not Plink. I have both KMart and Sears in my Plink account. The only reason I can think of is that I changed my Plink account credit card from Ink Bold to Freedom about 30 minutes before the purchases were made.

    • Marie: Not online, no.
      Scott: I don’t think that OfficeMax gives points for gift card purchases through portals. We’ll find out soon enough.
      fauxblogger: I ran into that for the first time recently too. Apparently they’re starting to tell cashiers at Sears not to allow it, but luckily many have not yet been told or weren’t listening

  11. YMMV on upgrading Sears Physical GCs in-Store. Was scolded by a cashier supervisor yesterday for buying $100 MC debit gift card and a few merchant gift cards using Sears physical gift cards. She caught the cashier just as cashier was handing me the receipt. I promised supervisor I would never do that again #suchabadliar.

  12. One of your readers bought a Kenmore appliance and T&C says no points on Kenmore appliances…any word if his points posted? We want to buy a refridge with GCs we purchased thru MilePlus portal.

  13. In contrast to the story above, when I bought 3rd party GCs at Sears using their or Lands End GCs, a supervisor told my cashier it was fine to do so. YMMV

  14. Anyone try buying sears physical gift card through upromise and get cask back? I am thinking if we can use the upromise credit card registered with plink to buy the sears physical gift card through upromise, it will be 5%+5%+6% = 16% cashback.

  15. Did Plink just remove Amazon and Walmart as redemption options?! I am not seeing them on the Rewards page. I’m hoping that they’re just updating their website.

  16. My points from Plink still haven’t posted from 10/8-10-9 United Sears physical GC purchase. I was able to go to KMart and exchange it for Amazon GC without any question.

  17. Are we sure about Plink replenishing their gift card codes? I’m really peeved that I didn’t redeem all of my points the other day!

  18. @FM,

    Doh, my mistake. No portal points for Office Max. I looked at your lab pages, but somehow thought is said it paid. I didn’t notice it was only the OPEN part.

    Luckily though, there is a new better way than the ones above (you can tell me if I’m off Kilter here). Staples is now 6points through UA. That should be 6 UA, 5 UR, and 300 plink points with a > $60 purchase.

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