15% off printed gift cards

Valid through: ?  (these tend to sell out quickly)

The website, TwoSmiles, is currently offering 15% off $100 gift cards with the promo code HIP2SAVE. They have quite a few gift cards to select from including Lowes, Office Depot, Sears, and more. The code does not work with Amazon gift cards.

To enter in the promo code, go to Step 3: Personalize Card, and click “Enter Coupon Code.” 

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  1. First purchase went fine, but the second purchase says Rejected. Called Chase and they approved the transaction. Is there a phone number for TwoSmiles? I can’t find one, only a contact email form.

  2. I had the same problem as Ken, but when I tried a different card (a Discover card), it also said it was rejected, when I called Discover they said that they see the charge went through even though I wasn’t able to print off the gift card….

  3. @Provostrings – I just checked Chase and I only have 1 pending item on my CC. 1 card went through and 1 was rejected so it doesn’t look like the rejected one went through on my card. We’ll see in a few days once they post.

  4. I was able to do another GC with my Ink Bold card, but a 2nd with the Ink card was rejected, so it seems you can only do 1 GC per CC right now.

  5. I was able to do 4 GC’s on one card then could not do another no matter what card I used. I even did one with my wife’s information and credit card and it too was rejected.

  6. Trying to buy more that 1 gift card at twosmiles can be hit or miss. Try a different credit card / email combination or a different browser. It also helps sometimes to delete the cookies and cache related to the that site (in Internet Explorer use F12, then Privacy then Cache and you will see the options to do this).

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