Lands End 10% cash back via uPromise today only

Valid Wednesday 11/6/2013 only.

Go through uPromise to Lands End to get 10% cash back.  Purchase of gift cards is allowed.  Use of gift cards is not.

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  1. How long does it take you guys to have your upromise account post cashback?
    Ive made 2 orders so far over two weeks and nothing has posted for me yet. I contacted them and they said to just wait some more.
    Also I just purchased 1k$ lands end GC’s. If Im not able to use them to upgrade I could at least resell them at 92% cost and make a profit.

  2. Ok I guess I will wait a few more weeks for upromise. Its just strange to me, ive never seen any place take that long to just post a transaction.
    Does upromise crackdown on people ever?
    Also 92% just a guestimate. I would sell on ebay. I have an ebay account with really long and good feedback.

  3. Forgot to mention, If you don’t want to use ebay you could always purchase BP gift cards without any hassel at sears. The $50 ones almost always have an online instant payout of 92%. Or sell the BP GC on ebay for a profit. (People will pay over 100% b/c they get ebay bucks)

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