A gift card price mistake!

Deal is now dead (I think)

Usually coupons that say 15% off everything, 20% off everything, etc. don’t work on the purchase of gift cards.  They’re not supposed to work on the purchase of gift cards.  However, a popular retailer has apparently goofed up when entering their Christmas gift cards into their system.  When you add one of these gift cards to your cart and go to check out, you’ll see that the system thinks it needs to charge you sales tax.  That’s how you know this is going to work…  On the checkout screen, enter your coupon code and you’ll see the discount applied.  And, even better, if you already have gift cards from this merchant, you can apply those as well!  No e-gift cards are available at this time.  Once you complete the payment screen, the sales tax will drop off the final review screen.

Don’t forget to go through an online portal to earn 10 points per dollar too!

Hat tip to several readers who alerted me to this via email.

What retailer is this?
Sorry, I’m not going to say.  I’m hoping that by being a little bit cryptic the deal will stay around longer.  Once you figure it out, please don’t broadcast this elsewhere!

Will this really work?
Probably not.  My guess is that the store will cancel all orders for these gift cards in which coupon codes were applied, but we’ll see!

How can I maximize savings and rewards?
You could pay with a card that gets 5X this quarter at this store.  You could run out to an office supply store and buy this retailer’s gift cards there and pay with a card that gets extra points at an office supply store.  Or, you could go through a portal to Staples and buy e-gift cards there, but those won’t be delivered until tomorrow.  Who knows if the deal will last that long?  Best bet is if you have this merchant’s charge card.  Enough said.

Can I make money by buying these gift cards and selling to a gift card reseller?
Maybe, but keep in mind that once lots of people try reselling these cards, the offer price for them is likely to drop substantially.

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  1. Went for $500 through SD and $600 through S@H. No charge card so just used the 15% code. We’ll see if either posts (assuming if these ship in the first place)

    • Wish I could delete my comment, but I don’t see a way. Admins — please delete above comment. Thanks.
      P.S. I don’t think the code is too much of a giveaway, but I guess I shouldn’t have posted it.

  2. I’m passing on this…I’ve had too many headaches with this retailer. I forsee those people that try to use a gc as a payment having to call customer service. Balances will be zero when you purchase, order gets cancelled, then your original gift card does not get reinstated. So you end up with paying hundreds of dollars for notjing and then explain what you are calling about to CS. I hope I’m wrong!

  3. Thanks FM. In for $300 + $200 + $100, all from a 10x portal and with a 15% off coupon. Planning on finally getting a credit card with this store, so will spend these gift cards at a much bigger discount.

  4. Why would you ever post this on your blog. makes no sense at all. and who are the retards that informed you of this? seriously? you killed the deal for yourselves. luckily i got in last week and actually got my gift cards.

    • Why wouldn’t I? I write about deals.

      Obviously this deal is going to die once the retailer figures out what’s going on. By publishing sooner, more readers get a chance of getting in on it before it dies. By leaving out the name of the retailer, my hope was that it would take a bit longer to come to the retailer’s attention.

    • yet you make it clear as day what retailer it is……and you moderate comments, but not ones including coupon codes from said store…..you are now on the level of MMS

    • While I do appreciate everything you do, this really should have been kept under wraps. I’m sure everyone who *knew* didn’t figure it out themselves, but we all don’t *need* to know. Maybe there were signs it was coming out in the open soon.

    • Everyone has a different viewpoint of what is OK to post and what isn’t. That’s fine. I have to go with what I think is the right approach. There have been many deals I haven’t written about that maybe you would think I should have. I don’t know. And, of course, with almost all of my posts there are people who say I shouldn’t have published them.

      With this deal, the clock was (and still is) ticking from day 1. It’s just a matter of time for it to die, with or without me.

    • Please don’t get me wrong, I fully admit no one has any right to anything here (right to deals, right to deals not being published, etc). I do very much appreciate all the groundwork and out of the box thinking you do. I also do appreciate your presumed discretion on deals, I say assumed because the only one I am aware of that came out after the fact with the target GCs loading target amex. I am not privy to any of these “secret” deals but do not feel entitled to know either.

      The reason I posted here is because I think this is different, not a deal per say, but a mistake. Similar to a mistake fare. Something the retailer/airline has not done intentionally and upon realizing so, will close the loophole and likely pullback orders/tickets not fulfilled. Anyone can speculate the threshold required for such realization, but publicizing the deal is going to crank up the quantity orders of magnitude I would assume, which isn’t going to help. My opinion is that sharing “mistakes” such as these not privately is a mistake, no pun intended. If that leaves me without knowing, so be it, but at least others can continue to benefit.

      So, can you share what the ratio of share/don’t share from the people who tipped you off or were you compelled because you knew it would come out elsewhere? Just trying to understand your logic. So if you had 5 tipsters and 4 said don’t share while the 5th said nothing, you’d share?

    • No one who tipped me off asked me not to share.

      My logic for posting: This deal was obvious to anyone with a store account who tried buying Xmas gift cards because it automatically added a 15% discount! So, I had no doubt whatsoever that this would appear on deal sites as people stumbled upon it. I’m actually stunned that it took so long to get to SlickDeals. If I thought there was a prayer in the world of this deal lasting for weeks instead of days, I probably would have kept it quiet. As it was, I’m glad I posted. They fixed the site first thing Monday morning, as I’m sure they would have done regardless of my posting. By posting, I gave lots of people a chance to get in on this before its quick inevitable demise. Of course, we don’t know yet if it will work out for anyone, but at least they got a shot at it.

      Another point is what happens when I don’t post first. Consider the deal with the numerically named convenience store that I knew about, but didn’t post until other blogs started posting it. It’s possible (not necessarily likely, but possible) that had I come out first and asked people not to explicitly name the store that maybe the others would have followed along. And, maybe that would have left the deal in play a bit longer. Its all conjecture, but that’s all we have to go on.

    • Thanks for the clarification. Surprised people were attempting to buy GCs directly when supposedly (per FW & Lab) upgrading isn’t allowed, T&C for URM says no gift cards and most/all discount codes T&C say no gift cards. I would think there would be better routes to getting their GCs (ink) and better stores to buy merchandise – but I could be completely missing the boat here. 60% off plus 20x UR is enticing but its mostly clothes and potentially some kitchen items for resale?

      Keep up the good work. Don’t take the questioning the wrong way (which I’m sure you don’t). You’re leagues ahead of your counterparts (if you can call them that). Not a single credit card referral link or UR pimp. Thanks for doing it the right way.

  5. Maybe the SD post could have been entirely independent, or one of the original people who found it could have shared there as well, but I doubt it. For the sake of the original deal finders I wish FM would have kept this quiet even if that means I don’t get any benefit. The foregone conclusion of posting on SD is everything will cancel (I guess FM gave that pretense from the getgo) but anyone posting there under the guise of “trying to help people or share a deal” is doing none of the above, and actually the opposite Pretty sad. Thanks to the original posters who did share.

  6. I still tried it just in case. My plan to try and not get it cancelled- not be greedy, I only ordered 1 $100 gift card (now I just have to hold myself back from placing additional orders), used my store card and added in merchandise. As a mom, I have no problem finding items from this store to order, when they are on sale of course. If everything goes through, I will basically get the $30 in items that I ordered for free (2 kids long sleeve shirts and a snowflake necklace for myself). I’ll take that!

  7. Greg, don’t feel the need to defend yourself. We all know you show restraint and exercise discernment when it comes to choosing which deals to post and which to keep to yourself. Whether or not its the “right” decision no one can say, but your caution and discernment is one thing I respect about you, and why I for one am grateful for all your postings. Now whether or not I am going to share awesome deals (that could die if they go public) with you or not is another question 😉 The short answer is I will… after I’ve gotten some mileage out of it 🙂

    • Thanks Jonathan. By the way, when people ask me not to publish tips, I don’t. The only exception would be if the deal is already public elsewhere, and/or I already knew it and was planning to publish, and/or I receive the same tip from others without that stipulation and I feel it is OK to publish

  8. Deal appears to be dead now. Someone returned to the office Monday morning!

    When I add gift cards to my cart, it no longer shows sales tax and no longer accepts coupon codes. Anyone seeing anything different?

  9. Anyone had luck/issues with Shop at Home? My order total was $510 (after 15% off) so I would expect $51 in cash back. Instead, I received notification of $18 cb and later another email of “bonus 7%” cb of… $20. Still short of $51.

  10. I got an e-mail saying my order had been canceled. To be fair though, I went in waaaay bigger than most others probably did (i.e. multiple thousands of dollars).

    • I will hold out hope for everyone else then. It would be nice if some people got in on it. Then again, with all the money I have floating out there in Sears gift cards – anyone want some? 😉 I’m just as happy to not have to liquidate Kohl’s GCs.

  11. Looks like I should have done a bunch of $100-200 orders rather than the larger ones I did. $200 is in fulfillment, but others are still “Submitted”.

  12. I think it’s safe to assume the cards will ship if the order reaches the “Fulfillment” stage. All orders still at “Submitted” will get cancelled.

  13. Just to satisfy people’s curiosity. I was the person who put this on slick deals. I originally did not hear about it from here. Once I knew about it however, I did a google search and then saw this thread (thus some detail similarities) and posted about it on slick deals. I don’t think it matters either way just wanted people to know that FM posting this up had little to nothing to do with my SD post.

  14. Had two different orders in for GC plus merchandise. Used GC for part of each purchase along with Kohls CC.
    All GC purchases were cancelled in each order. Any $’s in GC used in purchase were put back onto said GC and entire balance of remaining purchase charged to Kohls CC.
    Oh well, hope others have better luck.
    My orders were in fulfillment and then shipped after GC were removed from orders.

  15. I had 4 orders, all GC’s, at $100, $200, $300, and $240 (before 15% discount.) As of 3pm the first three showed “In Fulfillment” and the 4th was “Submitted.” Now, all have been cancelled.

    • My recent experience with GC with this retailer through UR Mall has been points only posting for 1 card of each denomination. Ex – if purchase 5 GC each $100… only get the points for 1 $100 GC. If you purchase, (1) $100 + (1) $50 + (1) $25 = points for all GC purchases. Unless things have changed in last couple weeks…. don’t expect a massive UR with multiple GC of the same value.

  16. FM – Thanks again for posting. I would have never known about this. Am not a big player at all, so had a few 100 “invested”. Orders got cancelled yesterday, but worth a try. You are doing a GREAT job, thanks again.

  17. Just saw this morning I had two $70 transactions post to the UR mall for 700 points. I tried to buy two $100 gift cards with the 30% off code.

    I had another separate transaction for $59.50 using some store cash currency but that hasn’t posted yet.

  18. I just received one of my 3 gift card orders. I found this odd as I received 3 different emails saying each order was cancelled.

  19. @mona – did it actually posts to your UR account (i.e., can you redeem the points now)? It shows under my activity page, but it hasn’t posted yet.

  20. Here’s what happened with my orders:
    1. All of my orders were cancelled
    2. I received the gift cards by mail anyway. They were all empty.
    3. The gift cards I had used to pay for these orders were never automatically re-credited. I had to call Kohls customer service to get that money back.
    4. All of the expected portal points posted despite the cancellations. Like everyone else here, I’m hoping the points don’t get clawed back (but I won’t complain if that happens).

    • When I first saw the package arrive I thought I had a major score. Unfortunately, it was exact same thing for me except that I used my Kohls card and it wasn’t ever charged.

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