Earn 60 miles per dollar at Magazines.com via AAdvantage eShopping portal!

Valid through 11/30/2013:

Magazines.com is currently offering 60 miles per dollar when shopping through the AAdvantage eShopping portal.  Terms & Conditions state:

Eligible on Magazine subscriptions only (automatically renewed subscriptions are not eligible). Not eligible on purchases made with coupon or discount codes that are not found on this site. Journals and International Magazines are not eligible.

The terms do not say whether gift cards are eligible, but imply that they are not since they say only magazine subscriptions are eligible.  It used to be possible to earn miles when buying gift cards, but my best guess is that buying gift cards will no longer work.

Even without gift cards, this is a terrific deal.  Earning 60 miles per dollar is like buying miles for only 1.67 cents each. 

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  1. What do they mean by “automatically renewed subscriptions are not eligible”. When you check out it states that ALL magazines will be renewed automatically.

  2. I put an order for $216 which would give me about 13k. Not bad . But if instead of doing that I buy onevanilla (VR are even better deal) and I calculate 216 in activation fee, I would get over 21k miles. Of course, I’m getting the magazine on topics of my interest and diversifying my spending on my CC so that I don’t get too suspiscious and I am also saving in gas and time since I don’t have to drive to GCstore to get 43 GC which would take a few months to unload into BB.
    OK not bad.

    • Why instead? Do both… You’re limited to $5K per month be BB, or $10K per month if you have two. I presume you max those out. Do this too…

    • Yes, I will. Let me ask you, You say 2 BB because of a spouse ? or is it that one person can have 2 BB just like AMEX for target? After what happened to FM with the MyVanilla Card I’m hesitant about getting other cards to unload VR. But 2 BB would be nice….

  3. When you’re done with your order make sure you create an account by entering a password. That way you’ll be able to control the renewal of your subscriptions etc.

    It may appear after you’re done that nothing has been ordered. Do NOT re-enter. Wait a while and you’ll get the confirmation email. THEN go back to magazines.com and manage your subscriptions. For each subscription edit the subscription then click on the Edit button at the top of the first column and change the renewal to Manual. Also go into your account and delete any credit card.

  4. Allow me to quickly describe a scenario and see if my understanding of this promotion is accurate, if I use my AAdvantage branded credit card to purchase exactly $75 in subscriptions from Magazines.com before Nov 30th, I would be getting 71pts per $1 spent for a grand total of 5,325 points.

    • Correct. 60X miles would post from Cartera/AAdvantageShopping within 8-10 weeks. 10X additional miles may post separately, also within 8-10 weeks. And finally your 1X from your Citi AA card will post at the end of your billing cycle or thereabouts.

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