Amex gift cards 2.25% cash back via TopCashBack

Through December 8th (or maybe through November 27th):

TopCashBack is offering 2.25% cash back for American Express gift cards.  Their usual rate lately has been 2% cash back.  BigCrumbs is currently offering 2% cash back.

Currently there is some confusion about when this promotion ends since the site shows both “Expiration: Dec 08 2013” and “Ends in 2 Days”.  I’ll find out for sure and edit this post once I have confirmation.

Even though both portals claim that you cannot use a coupon code not found on their site, I’ve had luck earning cash back with both portals despite using codes.  Most recently I’ve successfully used code HOLIDAYCC4 to waive gift card fees.  You’ll still have to pay for shipping, but you could get that waived too by signing up for a free trial of their $99 unlimited shipping option.

Signup links for both TopCashBack and BigCrumbs can be found on my Sign-up Links Page.

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  1. What are these Amex gift card purchases coded as when using a Bank of America, Barclays, or US Bank credit card? Does it code as a regular transaction or a cash advance in those scenarios?

    • Great question. Right now, the only credit cards that I’m sure are safe from cash advance fees are American Express credit cards. Recently, Chase started charging cash advances for these, but that seems to have changed in the past week or so. I launched an experiment this morning with my Chase card to see, but I haven’t tried BoA, Barclays, or US Bank.

  2. So, if I am getting $1000 gift card for 977.50, I can then liquidate it on Amazon Payments for 970.

    That means that I could buy points through this for $0.007. That sounds like an amazing deal. Am I missing anything?

  3. Interesting point on the codes to get the fee waived – quick question though, has anyone ever had their cashback denied due to using one of them? I know all of them state that it will invalidate it, and you’ve had success, but have you ever had one denied, or have any readers?

  4. topcashback has the following note:
    Please note; there is a limit of $500 per gift card, anything higher will not be eligible for cashback.

    Has anyone tried buying higher denominations? is this new?

  5. I found this on flyertalk
    TopCashBack is currently 2.25% (updated 25 Nov.) BigCrumbs is currently 2.0% + 0.175% (referrer) + 0.175% (2 deep referrer)Likely CAs on:-Chase-Barclays (some cards, not Arrival or US Airways)-Citi-CapOne-DiscoverIt (11/21)Recently shown as a purchase on:-Amex-BofA – Alaska (10/24)-Barclay Arrival (10/24; 11/01)-Barclay US Airways-Discover (10/18)-Club Carlson (11/19)-Discover More (11/21)
    How do I set PIN on AMEX Gift Cards?You cannot set PIN.
    How do I cash out AMEX Gift Cards?Use manufactured spend techniques or normal spend where AMEX is accepted.
    Why buy AMEX Gift Cards then?To reduce the cost of manufactured spend, to mask your manufactured spend (i.e unusual high spend at Target or CVS), earn additional cash back on spend, or meet minimum spend targets faster.

  6. I’m also confused by the TCB “limit of $500 per gift card” verbiage. The limit per card on Amex’s site is $500 anyway. Does TCB’s verbiage mean $500 per order? Or can I order 10 $500 gift cards in the same transaction get 2.25% on the total?

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