20% off gift cards from American Airlines, Lowes, Southwest, Staples, and many more!

UPDATE 11:30 PM 11/29/2013: BF20 code is working again (it has stopped working this morning).  Apparently, they’ll be releasing new codes each morning. At the top of their page it now says:

An abundance of smiles, our Black Friday code, “BF20” made a lot of people smile. We will be releasing a few codes each morning at 8AM PST so that more people can smile.

UPDATE 9PM EST 11/28/2013: BF20 code is now live

There are many great deals coming out this weekend for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, etc.  One of my favorites is this offer from TwoSmiles by HP.  Buy a printable gift card and get 20% off with the code BF20.


TwoSmiles has a large list of gift cards to choose from, but the discount code will not work for Amazon or Groupon gift cards.  Note that each time this site offers gift card discounts, they sell out quickly.  Unfortunately, I don’t know whether the code will become live late Thursday night or Friday morning. 

Here are the gift cards available as of Wednesday evening:

2013-11-27 20.04.45

2013-11-27 20.05.17

2013-11-27 20.05.30

Caution:  Not everything is all smiles with TwoSmiles.  Please read this caution from a reader:

In late October, I purchased $300 worth of Sears gift cards (using various discount codes).  One of the orders canceled, but $250 of charges went through on my credit cards.

I only received four “here is your card” emails.  Each card was a unique Halloween design, but two of them included the same gift card number.

I never received “here is your card” emails for the final two, and I received an email receipts for only one of them.

The “print card” links in all receipt emails lead to an “out of stock” error message.

There is no phone number to contact TwoSmiles.  I’ve filled out a request on their technical support form online and hope they’ll help me resolve this; if not I will be filing a dispute with the credit cards.


Good luck getting in on this deal if you’re willing to brave it!  And, have a very happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Thx FlybyNight…doesn’t instill confidence, but I guess when it’s a good deal, sometimes you have to take the risks (and pain) of having to deal w/ their cruddy IT infrastructure.

  2. To follow up on the caution above, I did receive fairly quick (within 24 hrs) response from TwoSmiles via email. They were able to fix one of the $50 purchases; the $25 is still being resolved. (Thanks to this post, I will remember follow up with them and see how it stands.)

  3. Disappointed to see a $100 limit on Marriott cards. Was thinking about making a big purchase to support an upcoming vacation, but I don’t want to make that many multiple purchases. Oh well.

  4. The Marriott gift card here is a TravelCard, which has limits worth reading like it can’t earn any points. Keep it in mind.

  5. The website is really slow now. I’ve purchased $350 in various gift cards, and now the site is rejecting purchases, even using different credit cards and email addresses. Guessing their server is overloaded?

  6. 11:35pm CST, the website shows this message

    “Our BlackFriday Coupon “BF20″ has been used for the moment – thanks for the overwhelming amount of smiles.”

  7. Still as of 6:42am CST…
    Our Black Friday coupon, BF20 has been used for the moment – thanks for the overwhelming amount of smiles.

    I still tried to use it and it just errors out. Deal is dead 🙁

  8. and now I’m getting a shorter message: “code already used”. Maybe they’ll restock since this deal was supposed to go through the weekend. It might be worth retrying periodically.

    • Thanks Maury! It looks like they’ll be making the code available each morning too. The site now says:

      An abundance of smiles, our Black Friday code, “BF20” made a lot of people smile. We will be releasing a few codes each morning at 8AM PST so that more people can smile.

  9. Try the code (BF20) every day this weekend at 8am PCT (11am EST). TwoSmiles says they’ll release more codes each day at that time. That doesn’t mean they’ll be a different code but that more gift cards will be available with which the code will work. As always, they’ll sell out quickly

  10. Has twosmiles explained why they limit the number of uses of the code? It’s not like they are shipping physical cards to purchasers. Seems like a lot of effort which ends in frustration.

  11. Argh! Missed it by 3 seconds. My code was working, started to create another card, and when I finished–bam! “Our Black Friday sale is over.”

    Not sure if this means “over, over,” or “over till tomorrow at 8.”

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