Plink ditches Kmart and Sears

Today was the last day to get Plink points at Kmart.  December 12th will be the last day to get Plink points at Sears.  All that’s left of interest to me with Plink is Staples which is limited to 10 transactions per month.  

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  1. Thanks, Greg. When did the 10 transaction per month limit at Staples go into effect? Plink paid me out for many more than 10 Staples transactions in November.

  2. well damn, when did they put in a limit? I’ve got a ton of transactions (100+) waiting to post from the end of last month…I don’t want to try to fight them for an unannounced change like this. This should be fun……

  3. Complain for what? 100+ manufactured spend transactions? That kind of thing kills the deal. No self moderation at all. No wonder they put a cap.

    • I did roughly 6 per week which averages to less than 1 per day. In my case, most of those posted after the cap was added. I don’t have an issue with them putting in a cap for Staples. Just don’t think they did a very good job of disclosing it. Some people got the email, others didn’t. Judging from the responses above, it wasn’t just me.

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