Delta Skymiles Shopping offering 3 miles per dollar for Amex gift cards

Valid through: ?|6049|1|1|search_box&mids=3525

To see gift cards in denominations greater than $500, hover your mouse over the top menu item titled “Business Gift Cards” or the one titled “Consumer Gift Cards” (depending on which type you want to buy) and then click on “Select a card design”.

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  1. Only on the purchase fee:

    “Not eligible on purchases made with coupon or discount codes that are not found on this site. Only eligible on purchase of American Express Gift Cards and American Express Business Gift Cards. Offer is only valid on the purchase fee. Shipping fees will apply.”

  2. If you go through the link, you need to select “Consumer Gift Cards” and then “Personalized Cards”.

    It will take you to a page where you can add 3K and 2K cards.

  3. Is it possible to buy AMEX gift cards through the AAdvantage eShopping portal? I was looking for how to do that last night, couldn’t find it.

  4. “Offer is only valid on the purchase fee”…I read that to mean the 3miles/$ will be on the 3.95 Purchase Charge and not the $500 value of the card…are we sure about this???

    • btw, unrelated but please read (and then delete as you see fit)…I am assuming you stopped reading comments on your infamous “Any volunteers?” post…but please go check my comment (#77 BTJ – I was late to the party due to being on the road)…100% on your side, my comments also included a genuine, sincere offer…to contribute (perhaps in a different way than you had asked) – email me as I’m hoping we can start a dialogue…I have some concrete ideas that might of interest – no harm in exploring a bit…Either way – thanks for what you do. Cheers, Brian (email address was provided on the comment – #77 from the Any Volunteers)…let me know if you need/want my email. If not, no worries…keep on keeping on:-)

  5. Good news, my skypesos just posted from a test order earlier this week. 3x miles were earned on purchase amount (not the fees).

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