OfficeMax $20 off $300 MasterCard gift cards

Valid 1/19 to 1/25

This week, OfficeMax is offering $20 off when you purchase $300 in MasterCard gift cards (in-store only).  Savings should be applied automatically at the register.  Limit 2 discounts per customer.  It is not limited to 2 gift cards, but to two $20 discounts.  Best option: buy three $200 MasterCard gift cards for $40 off.  Make sure to pay with a card that offers bonus points at office supply stores!

DeltaPoints has more details here.  Apparently you can return each day to buy $600 more. More details also at FatWallet, here.

Hat Tip: DeltaPoints

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  1. I tried to use those master card to do bill pay in walmart, but it failed immediately. However, the visa gift card I brought from Staples works. Does any one have experience with liquidize master gift cards in Walmart? or do you have any other idea how to liquidize it?

  2. I bought two sets of $600 each at the same store at different times yesterday and had no problem. Going back for another set today to the same store. Free money and free points!

  3. Really appreciate letting us know.

    A weird thing happened to me in the store today, I bought 3 $200 MC GCs and when I came back, I realized to my horror that one of the cards wasn’t activated. Assuming an activation issue, I called the number at the back of the card but they weren’t very helpful. So I immediately ran to the store and the same person who activated these cards pointed to the receipt and told me that the serial number of the card doesn’t even match the one on the receipt. Amidst all the confusion in the line, I think she managed to switch the activated card with another not-activated card. The manager of the store tried to call master card herself but I guess they gave her the same answer. After confirming my story on the store camera, she said she will have to talk to the loss prevention center to see how she can resolve it. Not sure if this has happened to someone, but sometimes these things can be very frustrating.

  4. dear FM, it’s too bad I have to go to mexico today since i could keep racking up UR points with this unbelievable deal. I already got 15k. Even if I didn’t go, I already bought all the $200 GC, and all in 3 days. This is my first time of being able to make so many points and money in such a short time. Thank you

  5. I went to Walmart to load these Mastercards to my Bluebird. No go. I called CS to see if the activation/registration went through. They explained that the TC said that you can’t use them to load a card. Anyone find a way to work around this? I need to pay my credit card bill soon and don’t have $600 worth of expenses to use them to pay for.

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