BigCrumbs increases Amex gift card rebate to 2.1%

Several cash back and mile-earning portals offer rebates/miles for shopping for American Express gift cards.  The best current cash-back offer is via BigCrumbs, which is now offering 2.1% cash back (and .35% cash back to the person who referred you to BigCrumbs, and .35% to the person who referred that person).  They are also offering a code to remove card fees (but you’ll still have to pay for shipping):  FPVALAF.

In case you’re interested, here are the current rates from some other portals (the best mile-earning option currently is the Arrival card 2X, which translates to 2.22% towards travel):

  • EBates: 2%
  • TopCashBack: 2%
  • Barclays Arrival Rewards Boost: 2X miles (requires Arrival card)
  • Alaska Mileage Plan: 1X
  • Delta SkyMiles: 1X

The last time BigCrumbs raised their Amex gift card rates, other portals soon followed.  Will we see others go to 3% and 3X soon?  I hope so!

Important notes:

  • Amex gift cards do not have PINs.  They cannot be used to load Bluebird cards.
  • Some credit card companies (such as Citibank) charge cash advance fees when purchasing these online.  Last I checked, Chase, Amex, and Barclays were safe.  I can’t vouch for others.
  • Portals often state that using codes not found on their site will invalidate cash back / miles earned.  This has not been my experience.  I use codes for free gift cards every time.
  • Some portals restrict the top card amount to $500.  You can easily circumvent this by logging into your Amex account (after clicking through from the portal) and then you’ll see values up to $3000.  Yes, you should still get cash back or miles (that has been my experience).
  • Cash back can take several months to go from pending to payable.
  • Miles often take several weeks or even a month or more to post, but then appear immediately in your mileage account.

See also:How to spend down Amex gift cards Links to sign up for cash back portals (and other things), can be found here.

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  1. Thanks for this, I used your link! Can I still use these gift cards at a CVS to buy reloadables or the Visa/Mastercard GC like you suggest in the “spend down Amex gc” article? Thanks in advance.

  2. I thought I posted my comment, but apparently it didn’t work. Do you know what the limit on the gc’s is? I can’t seem to buy more than $5000. Is it weekly, monthly, 30 days?

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