Frequent Miler’s leaked campaign strategy

Background: The Frequent Miler blog has been nominated for a 2014 Frequent Business Traveler GlobeRunner Award: Best Points and Miles Blog.  He received this nominee logo:


Frequent Miler is hoping to win this contest so he is gearing up his campaign to convince readers everywhere to vote for him.  Given our inside access to Frequent Miler’s campaign, we have been lucky enough to get our hands on Frequent Miler’s secret campaign strategy documents…

Frequent Miler’s Top Secret 2014 Best Blog Campaign Strategy (TOP SECRET)

Strategy Overview

  • Increase media exposure
  • Discredit opposition
  • Win more votes

Increase Media Exposure

  • Leak campaign documents (complete)
  • Create viral video showing Frequent Miler earning 2 billion points in five minutes (to-do)
  • Safely stop runaway school bus (needs fleshing out)

Discredit Opposition

  • Delta Points: Remind voters how few Delta miles they’ll earn next year and how worthless “SkyPesos” are. Talking points: refer to blog as “Delta Pesos”, “Delta Pointless”, etc.
  • Frugal Travel Guy: Blog name doesn’t fit blog authorship.  Actually authored by a number of people, including women, not just one guy.  Talking points: sexist (for referring to female authors as “Guy”) and deceitful (not just one guy!).
  • Hack My Trip: Primary author holds Phd.  Encourage voters to see author as “liberal northwest elite”.  Holds elite status with United (there’s that elite word again!).  Blame author for United mileage devaluation.
  • Loyalty Lobby: Associate blog name with “Lobbyist”.  Lead voters to see him as a corrupt DC insider.  Spread rumor that he lives in DC.
  • Million Mile Secrets: Blog title suggests inability to keep secrets (dangerous if elected to Best Blog position!).  Also known for trip reports divided into thousands of separate posts.  e.g. Trip to France, Part 1: Packing Toiletries. Talking points: Dangers of electing MMS include spilled secrets, and acceptance speech that runs on for weeks with circles and arrows.
  • The Points Guy:  Major threat due to candidate’s height. Tall candidates often have an edge in elections. Need to counter by focusing on the negatives. Talking points: “head in the clouds”, “looks down on us little people”, etc.
  • The Wandering Aramean: Very strange blog name.  Talking points: don’t say blog name (too likely to mispronounce). Refer to “that foreign sounding blog”, “that overhead-bin stow-away”, etc.
  • Travel Blogger Buzz: Need to be careful here so as not to endanger position on his “Blog’s I Love” list. Leave it to Frugal Travel Guy to go negative here.
  • View from the Wing: Full time job, owner or partner in numerous businesses. writes 40 to 50 blog posts per day. Alien?  Cyborg?  Talking points: still researching (need to check that Cyborg angle)

Win more votes

  • Create viral Tweet.  Something like this:

@FrequentMiler has been nominated for Best Points and Miles Blog GlobeRunner Award. Please vote: Please retweet!

  • Overpromise.  e.g. “vote for me and you’ll earn 10 billion points and miles every month!”
  • Write quality blog posts to earn award fairly (too much work?)
  • 10X Voting: Find way for supporters to go through online portal to voting site so that each vote counts 10X.  Leverage Chase Freedom 5X quarterly category bonus, if possible.  Research gift card angles.

Campaign Strategy Disclosure

The text above is in jest and is intended to be humorous.  No animals were harmed in the creation of this document.

About Greg The Frequent Miler

Greg is the owner, founder, and primary author of the Frequent Miler. He earns millions of points and miles each year, mostly without flying, and dedicates this blog to teaching others how to do the same.

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  1. Great post – you have a good sense of humor. You have my vote. I look forward to more great content from your blog. Good luck!

  2. You didn’t disappoint! When I first started reading I thought “I wonder if shopping portal points will count?” If I find the right portal, and use my Freedom card, it will count as 50 votes right? Great article to start the day.

  3. Love it! Definitely the highlight was the discredit section. Ranks up there with blogger name anagrams (ht: big habitat, I think ).

  4. Great post yet again! You get my vote for best blog. You can transfer me the million points at your convenience. 🙂

  5. Absolutely hilarious post. I am a frequent reader of all the above blogs and this was so to the point. Guessing you ‘bought’ my vote!

  6. Great fun. I suggest you also leak a rumor that perhaps Gary manages to write so many posts a day because he has cloned himself.

  7. This is probably the funniest post I’ve read on any mileage blog. Bravo. P.S. you already had my vote before I read this.

  8. View From The Wing is obviously an automated SEO-driven software agent set to draw advertising and referral revenue by posting highly precise content targeted at miles-addicted people at frequent intervals. (The giveaway is the name LEFF = Lure Every Frequent Flyer.) The surrogate appearing at frequent flyer events, embodying the software agent’s artificial intelligence, is akin to the one in the movie Her (substituting miles for flesh obvs.)

  9. Manuel was sitting on the strreet corner in Duval County crying the day after LBJ beat Coke Stevenson in the Texas Senatorial Democratic primary by about 100 votes……
    Reporter: Manuel, why are you crying?
    Manuel: Because my daddy came back from the grave yesterday to vote for LBJ and he didn’t stop by the house to say hello.
    BTW: The court house burned down that night taking with it Ballot Box 13 and all the evidence.
    You’ll win in a landslide I think.

  10. On a serious note I do believe that the genius of your blog is the humility at which you approach the subject… have figured out that each day a new skin of the onion is peeled and that we are on this constant quest that requires a quick mind, a good sense of humor and hard work………and most importantly an ethos that permeates your writing………..

  11. I’m sure you making light if finding the Malaysian jet was found funny by their families. Tacky and way too soon.
    Not funny and made me cringe. Remind me next time something disaterous happen in your life.

  12. Thanks for all the positive comments, I really appreciate it!
    Note: Out of respect for anyone who might have been disturbed by the Malaysian jet reference, I removed it (it wasn’t that funny anyway!). I certainly didn’t intend to upset anyone.

  13. Finally on third try I stuffed the ballot box…….I won’t say where I voted but it wasn’t from home………………

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