TopCashBack increases GiftCardMall payout to 1% for Visa gift cards and 1.5% for most others.

Valid through: 4/20/2014 (update: Visa gift card payout already dropped to .75%)

TopCashBack has increased the rebate for gift cards bought at GiftCardMall up to 1.5%.  Specifically, they currently offer 1% cash back for Visa gift card purchases and 1.5% cash back for most other gift cards.  Gift cards from Hess Gasoline, Gulf, Arco, Safeway, BP and Best Buy are not eligible for cash back.

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  1. Does Citi charge any Cash Advance fees fro GCs on GCM? I’ve done a little searching the forums on this, and the answer has been “We don’t think so.” Can you confirm this one way or the other? Thanks so much.

  2. FM – Any feedback on using AMEX GCs at GCM? I tried to purchase $3k worth of Visa’s from GCM using an AMEX GC. Order placed fine, but got an update cancellation e-mail the next day stating:

    “Thank you for your recent order with We are contacting you regarding Order . Unfortunately, your order could not be processed as we were unable to verify some of the information provided.”

    I assume this is due to not having an associated name/address on the AMEX GC. Is there a way to register those cards with your name/address. My particular AMEX GC is not personalized (messed up on that! doh!) so I was trying to liquidate it via GCM versus attempting large GC purchase in-store w/o a personalized card… just less hassle I guess.

    • I had this issue when I had AGC sent to my work address but entered the billing info as my home address. I believe the billing address you enter on GCM (or any other seller) needs to match the delivery information for the AGC.

    • I see, I did use the same address for both AGC purchase and the GCM order, but I have seen minor differences cause such issues in the past (i.e. Rd. versus Road in an address line), so I guess i’ll give it another try, but unfortunately, the charge has been pending on that AGC since 4/8, hopefully that hold drops off before this 4/20 expiration of the 1% CB.

    • I ran into this issue again (2nd time) – verified that billing address exactly matched. Not sure how to proceed. Telephone support says that I need to “register” my AMX card, but I don’t think that is an option, is it?

  3. Is this economical if we are not doing any Minimum spending? When i tried to purchase a 500$ Visa card, the total fees is coming up to 8$ and 1% cashback will be give me 5$ back. So the total would 500 miles for 3$. Is this correct? Am I missing something?

  4. Does anyone have experience going through shopmyway (Marriott rewards) to buy VGCs from GCM? It says “Visa purchase Fees and Customization Fees are not eligible to earn Marriott Rewards Points.” I am assuming this means the total cost of all VGCs, but was wondering if anyone has any data points.

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