$200 Visa gift cards now available online at Staples.com!

Staples has long offered $100 Visa gift cards online, but with a $6.95 fee.  Now, they are offering $200 Visa gift cards for the same $6.95 fee!

How to maximize this deal:

  1. Use a Visa business card that earns 5X at office supply stores (e.g. Chase Ink Plus, Chase Ink Bold, Chase Ink Cash)
  2. Enroll your card in the Visa Savings Edge program for 1% back on purchases of $200 or more at Staples.
  3. Shop through an online portal to Staples.  Find the best deals here.

These Visa gift cards can be used for everyday spend, of course.  Alternatively, use them to reload Serve or Bluebird at Walmart.  Or, better yet, use them to pay bills online for free.

Hat Tip: Chasing the Points

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    • Yeah, I’m aware of that tidbit. Just not aware that it’s been 100% confirmed that people have received the bonus on a Visa Ink Bold if they previously had a MC Ink Bold. I assume that’s the case, however? June is the time my annual fee is due, so I’m due to get a new card anyway…

    • I have in the past, but be careful: a few readers have said that Discover has taken back their cashback when they didn’t pay with Discover (hasn’t happened to me yet)

  1. FM:

    Somewhat related question: I have the Chase MasterCard versions of Ink and Bold. If I get the Visa versions, will I qualify for a new signup bonus? If not, do just request the new Visa vesion from Cahse to replace the MC vesion?

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