Possible 105 miles per dollar with 1800Flowers!

Valid through May 3 2014:

Amazon Local is offering $30 vouchers to 1800Flowers for $15.


The terms and conditions do say “Voucher cannot be combined with any other coupons or promotions,” but I suspect that’s not true.  The voucher comes in the form of an e-gift card with a code and PIN, and I’ve successfully combined gift card codes with promo codes at 1800Flowers in the past.

Here is how I tried to maximize this deal:

  • I logged into the Ebates cash back portal and clicked through to Amazon Local for 6% cash back.
  • I then found and purchased a $30 1800Flowers gift card for $15.
  • I then went through the ShopAtHome cash back portal to 1800Flowers for 16% cash back.
  • I found flowers for $29.99.
  • I have previously enrolled in the 1800Flowers Passport program, so there was no additional charge for shipping and handling.
  • I entered the $30 gift card code and PIN.
  • I entered the code RR22 to get 1000 Southwest Rapid Rewards points for the purchase (I could have used code A54 for 30X AA miles, but with a $30 purchase that would come to only 900 miles).
  • My gift card now has 1 cent remaining.  They can have it 🙂

I expect that the Ebates cash back will work and I expect to earn the 1000 Southwest Rapid Rewards points.  I’m not sure that the 16% cash back from ShopAtHome will post.  However, if all of it does work, the math works out like this:

  • Initial out of pocket cost: $15
  • EBates rebate:  90 cents
  • ShopAtHome rebate: $4.80
  • Total cost: $9.30
  • Miles earned: 1000
  • Miles per dollar: 107.5
  • Cost per mile:  Less than 1 cent each (.93 cents)

More realistically, if the ShopAtHome rebate doesn’t post:

  • Total cost: $14.10
  • Miles earned: 1000
  • Miles per dollar: 70.9
  • Cost per mile: 1.4 cents each

Given that Rapid Rewards points are worth 1.5 cents or more towards Wanna Getaway Fares, this is an amazing deal!
Note that Amazon local only allows 2 of these per person.  And, 1800Flowers only allows one voucher per person, so you really need to buy something for exactly $30 to maximize this deal (and you’ll need the Passport service to avoid shipping and handling charges).

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  1. Fair warning, in last 3 months three of us in my office have ordered from 1800Flowers with disastrous results. We should have learned from the first 2 experiences but the 3rd guy said he should give it a try based on cost. Flowers were broken and dead and he had to spend 30 minutes convincing them to refund after ruining his wife’s birthday. I know everyone has different experiences but that’s enough proof for me.

    • Good point, but if all of this works, its a good way to get miles regardless of whether you care about the flowers. If you do care about the flowers, make sure to order some from 1800flowers delivered by local florists instead of in a box for shipment.

  2. How much time did you spend on this great deal. Shouldn’t we be factoring the cost of a time in some way? I suspect you spent at least 45 research and executing all these moves.

    • I checked and the amazon voucher also works on signing up for the passport for free shipping. If you buy 2 amazon vouchers you can get free shipping for the year and one set of flowers for ~ $30

    • Thanks. Using the voucher for Passport is a fantastic option.
      Plink won’t help if you pay entirely with gift cards, but if you have a sizable portion paid by credit card both Plink and Amex OPEN Savings can be useful.

  3. Can voucher and gift be combine? I wasn’t sure according to the T&C:
    “Limit one Gift Card, Voucher, Fresh Rewards pass and/or Savings pass per order. If you have any questions or you do not have your PIN, please call 1-800-993-1192 Monday to Friday from 8am-8pm EST for assistance.”

    • I agree that the terms make it sound like it won’t work, but 1800Flowers does allow you to put in both. In other situations with 1800Flowers I’ve received an error message saying that the code is not supported

  4. Update: looks like only one of gift card or voucher. I enter the voucher and it does not have an option to enter another gift card or voucher.

  5. There is a $15/$50 AmEx Sync, and 350 Plink points for $35 purchase. I500 AA points.
    1500 AA miles
    3500 MR miles

    Did you forget to add the CC points for initial $15 purchase? I have a migraine so it might just be my brain not fully functioning.

    Nope. Your deal is better.

  6. Some of you might notice that, in addition to the 1800Flowers Amazon Local deal, there is also a 1800Baskets deal ($40 credit for $20). I tried it and found that it is NOT compatible with the mile-earning offers. So, if you want both the discount and the miles (and, who wouldn’t?) stick with the 1800Flowers gift card.

  7. I need deals that I can do over and over again. I always forget something the first time. So, this time, my friend is getting some lovely flowers that only cost me $15. I signed up for passport around Valentine’s Day, so that’s done, but when I ordered the flowers yesterday, I forgot to put the southwest code in!! Ack. At least I bought two vouchers and did everything correctly for the second one. And it’s always about half a second after I hit submit that I realize I forgot something important. So, for me this time, it’s two bouquets of flowers + 1000 miles for ~$33 (I didn’t have as much luck finding flowers worth sending to someone else for $29.99, so I went with $34.99 for my friend and $29.99 for myself). Still, I’d value the flowers + delivery at $15 or more anyway. Which means it was definitely worth doing. But, next time I’ll have to work harder to not leave out the most crucial step!

  8. Don’t forget about the Fresh Saving Pass Rewards. With the bonuses they are running, I am getting anywhere from $8 to $13 in points back PER ORDER. 130 for some, and 80 for others. That takes the cost down to a net negative, if you value the points as cash. Keep in mind that the points convert into 1-800-Flowers gift cards, which can be applied and receive Southwest or other kinds of points just the same . . .

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