Sears: $105 back in points for Samsung Galaxy Tab S preorder, plus free cover

Valid through 6/26/2014:

Preorder a 10.5″ Samsung Galaxy Tab S at and get $105 back in points plus a free cover.  The ad also says “free shipping”, but my cart shows a shipping fee of only $6.50.

UPDATE: Gift cards can not be used to pay for pre-order items

This deal should be stack-able with the current Southwest Rapid Rewards Shopping deal if you make the purchase this weekend (see details here).  Otherwise, go through Shop Discover for an additional 10% back.

Steps to recreate offer:

  1. Make sure you are a Shop Your Way Rewards member.  Sign up if you haven’t already.
  2. Go to online shopping portal, find Sears, and click through.
  3. Search for “samsung galaxy tab s 10.5″ and add the white 10.5” version to the cart (I couldn’t get the deal to work with the black version, but you may have more luck than me).
  4. Add one of the $69.99 covers shown on the next page (scroll down) to you cart.
  5. At first, it will appear that you are being charged for the cover, but if you click “Go to cart” you’ll see that the price for the cover is not shown.

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  1. FYI, tried a few times here and cannot replicate the free cover. Shows 69.99 in cart as well, tried a few different combinations, etc… but no go. Is there an ad somewhere that includes the free cover in the language of the ad? The $105 in points is showing up… Will try again a few times, as I’d like to get in on the same deal you got (with cover). Thanks.

  2. Nevermind, like the 8th try it worked, and on the black version with black cover as the combination that ended up finally working, none with white worked, opposite to your experience lol…

  3. David that’s an old 3. This is for a new Tab S (5).

    The deal worked for me with White version and White cover. Also I got $125 in points instead of $105.

  4. do the points show up immediately or not until the order ships? trying to figure out if i can roll the sywr points into more purchases the tablet… 20 someodd would renew my companion pass…

    as i sit with #2 in the cart, it still shows the points i used last time. confusing.

  5. @Blair — Ordered this morning, no points yet, and I don’t see a tempt charge on my CC, so I suspect no points will post until it ships. On another note, I had like 520 points worth 52 cents in my account. I applied it to my first order and now i’m debating doing a second, the points never deducted from this morning and they will let me apply them to the second order… hmm.

    Also, can anyone confirm GCs cannot be used? The gift card section is on the checkout page but I don’t have any to try… thanks.

  6. FYI – Mine shipped today. Got a message from sears also stating:

    Dear Valued Member,
    Thank you for your recent purchase of a Samsung Tab S. We are delighted to inform you that you will be receiving your product earlier than the expected date of 7/10/14.
    Most Respectfully Yours,

    Sears Customer Care

    Although, the CASE did not appear to ship. I hope that comes soon too, so I can list up on craigslist locally in an attempt to recoup the $500-ish.

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