Sears offering 10X through Southwest portal. Greater than 20X returns possible.

Today Only:

Sears is offering 10 points per dollar through the Southwest Rapid Rewards Shopping Portal.  By buying and using gift cards it is possible to increase your total to over 20 points per dollar.

Things you need to know:

  • Points earned through the portal DO count towards the Southwest Companion Pass.
  • After clicking through the Southwest portal to Sears, any item with an “Add to Cart” option (while still on the URL) should qualify for portal bonus points, including marketplace items.
  • Buying gift cards does count.
  • Reload existing gift cards for fastest turnaround (reloads count for points too).
  • Gift cards by mail count for points but your credit card will show the charge coming from K-Mart (so you won’t earn the Discover card’s 5% quarterly home improvement bonus for these purchases).  Other gift cards (e-gift cards, reloads, print gift cards) are charged by Sears.
  • After ordering a gift card, if your purchase isn’t automatically approved, call 1-888-396-5299 for approval.
  • Double points earned by buying (or reloading) gift cards and then go through the portal again to buy merchandise with those gift cards.

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  1. I saw in another post that it took you a couple of days to receive your egiftcard. That’s too long to take advantage of this deal! Is it possible to buy a bunch of GC at Sears and reload those online? How much can you reload onto a card?

    Thanks FM!

  2. Just want to confirm that if I buy egiftcard, I will get the points. Also if I pay by discover card, I will also get 5% cash back since egift card is from Sears and Sear counts as home improvement store. Is that right? Thanks FM!

  3. Can I ask Sears to give me blank gift cards and reload them online? or in case they don’t give me blank gcs, do you know if I can reload a card with some left over money in them?

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