Up to 20X United miles + 5% cash back at Sears, today only

Today Only:

Sears is offering 6 miles per dollar through the United MileagePlus Shopping portal.  Sears currently pays out through portals both for buying and using gift cards.


You can stack this deal with the portal’s current 1000 mile bonus promotion.  Earn 1,000 bonus miles when you spend $250 through the portal.

Here’s how to stack these opportunities for maximum earnings:

  1. Go through portal to buy a $125 e-gift card, or reload an existing gift card with $125.
  2. Pay with a Discover card if you haven’t yet maxed out this quarter’s 5% cash back at Home Improvement stores.
  3. Call Sears at 1-888-396-5299 to expedite processing of your gift card (you need it today for the next step)
  4. Go through portal again to buy $125 worth of merchandise.  Pay with the gift card.

Here’s how the miles add up:

  • Buy $125 gift card: 6 x 125 = 750
  • Pay with Discover card: 5% x $125 = $6.25 cash back
  • Buy $125 worth of merchandise with gift card: 6 x 125 = 750
  • Earn 1,000 bonus miles for total of $250 spend
  • Total miles earned: 2,500
  • Miles per dollar: 2,500 / $125 = 20

Note that this math only works in the admittedly unrealistic scenario where you spend exactly $125 on merchandise and if you haven’t done any other shopping through the United portal towards the 1,000 mile promo.

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    • Each gift card can hold up to $500 value, but you can buy as many as you want. You can use up to 15 gift cards in one transaction. The 1,000 mile portal bonus is one-time only

    • Great, I”m gonna activate Discover and buy $1500 in Sears cards. United is showing I get 9 points not 7 (I have United branded card, that’s why). So it will be 18 points per dollar plus 5% cash back plus 1000 bonus points, not too shabby. : )

  1. Does this work with only Sears branded gift cards or does it also work with other gift cards, such as Visa gift cards, which are purchased at Sears?

  2. hey, the portal is not paying for physical GC, I bought $300 ecards and $200 hardGC and only got the ecards only. Physical GC are SOLD BY KMART

    • I have a rather ignorant question. If I buy something from sears., lets say a computer, but even if it is in the sears website it is not sold by sears but some kind of Verified SYR seller, will the portal count it as a sears purchase? Or is it that only products that explicitly say ‘sold by sears’ will count?
      All my e-GC and loads keyed in and the points from the portal are on it’s way, the 2 hard GC still no trace.

  3. Yeah, if you have United branded card you get 9 points instead of 7. : )

    Do you know if it’s possible to use the “Shop Your Way” at Sears as well in conjunction with this?

  4. So after I reload my Sears gift card, can I use the reloaded card to buy Visa gift cards from Sears. I know they sell Visa GCs in store but can’t find it online.

  5. Sorry if this has been answered before but: where do I look to see if I got credit for this offer? I have not been able to find anything yet and sears has already shipped my products (I bought gift cards then used those to buy the products, all though the portal).

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