Today and tomorrow only: Sears 9X via Southwest Rapid Rewards Shopping

One day Two days only (offer ends 11:59 PM EST on 8/23):

The Southwest Rapid Rewards Shopping portal is offering 9 points per dollar at Sears.  Big Habitat has all of the details of how to maximize savings and points here.

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  1. Couple of quick questions:

    1. Has anyone tried to buy specialty gift cards through Sears and received the portal bonus? I want to make a purchase at Amazon and was thinking I could take advantage of the 9x bonus points by stocking up on a few egift cards. When making the purchase sears takes you to GiftCardMall which seems like the order might get messed up somehow.

    2. Piggy back on the first question… Through the UR Mall you can get 5 extra points for purchases at Sears. Using your INK card to make a VGC purchase seems like you should get 6 points at a $5.95 fee. Again this takes you through GiftCardMall and again I was curious if anyone has tried this approach. Staples want’s $6.95 per VGC. You get the nice 1% VisaSavingsEdge credit, but then again there is that extra point. Any thoughts?

  2. Bought the Sears egift cards this morning and had them within an hour. Going to purchase tires again tonight for the 2nd car, just like I did in June w/ the same deal. I love Sears & Southwest partnership. Besides the 10,800 Southwest miles for $600 in egift cards, I’m getting 3K Club Carlson points.

  3. FM, When we buy through a portal from, lets say Sears, and we don’t get the miles, how is the process of calling, them verifying and getting the miles posted? Is the transaction somewhat recorded somewhere? or just ..Sears will just accept what Cartera says and just give the miles?. The reason I ask this is because I bought something from Sears through a portal, I haven’t got the points and I don’t remember whether I used AAshopping or mpshopping. I am 75%sure I used mp to be able to get the bonus even t

    • You need to go through the portal’s support. Obviously that can be a problem if you don’t know which portal you used. So, in your case, I’d say assume you’re right about MP and go through their support. If they have a record of your click through, they’ll investigate and raise the issue with Sears to see why the purchase wasn’t reported to them.

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