Amazon Payments to stop allowing person to person payments

We knew it had to end sometime.  Amazon has announced via their Annual Notice email that person to person payments will no longer be accepted as of October 13th 2014.  This has been one of the few free and easy options for increasing credit card spend, so its very sad to see it go!  Make sure to get your September payments in this month and your October payments in by October 12th.

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    • 1. Sign up ideally at least three separate people via
      2. Register each person with a separate bank account in order to remove restrictions from the accounts.
      3. Register a credit card with each account.
      4. Person 1 logs in a pays $1K to person 2 with credit card
      5. Person 2 logs in, withdraws $1k to bank account, then pays person 3 with credit card
      6. Person 3 logs in, withdraws $1k to bank account, then pays person 1 with credit card
      7. Person 1 withdraws $1K to bank account.
      Repeat steps 4 through 7 in early October

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