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Note: As of October 13, 2015, the Target REDcard (REDbird) can only be loaded with cash in-store at Target. Gift cards and/or debit cards no longer work to load REDcard. For more info, see: Here is the REDbird memo, “Cash is the only tender guests can use”

As of May 6, 2015, Target no longer accepts credit cards for in-store REDbird reloads. For more information, please see “REDbird Post Memo Answers“, and “REDbird grounded. Now what?

REDbird (AKA the Target Prepaid REDcard) is in hot demand, but it is currently available only in select areas.  Why should you care about REDbird?  If you can get over the technical hurdles involved in obtaining a card and registering it, you’ll find it to be the single easiest (and fee-free) option for increasing credit card spend.  For details, please see: REDcard changes everything.

While Target slowly rolls out this new product, they provide a participating store lookup here.  For those who prefer a visual approach, though, we have something better.  A huge thanks go to Tom who scraped the data from Target’s website to put into map form:

Tom’s REDbird Finder


Click here, or click the above map image to jump to an interactive map view.

Target is testing selling the temporary REDcard for free in some areas and for a $5 fee in other areas.  The map shows which is which as follows:

REDbird_fee_or_nofee w legend

Not completely correct. No cards in North Carolina.

The map above is not 100% correct.  Target hasn’t updated their list that was published early on.  Some stores carry REDbird that aren’t listed here, and some stores that are listed do not carry REDbird.  One particularly important point is that there were technical issues with loading REDbird in North Carolina and Arkansas which were never fixed.  As a result, REDbird is not available in those states (and cannot be loaded there).

Find the right REDbird

Target offers three versions of REDcards: the Prepaid REDcard (the one I refer to as REDbird), the debit REDcard, and the credit REDcard. Confusingly, there’s also a perpaid American Express for Target card (which I believe is being phased out).  Make sure you’re getting the right one! Here’s what to look for (note: in some stores there is a $5 purchase fee):


Other options

If you can’t make it to a Target store that carries REDbird, another option is to order one online.  See, for example.

Read more about REDbird:


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  1. Redbird is not available in FL. Can someone buy a card for me in another state? Do you know if you have to give your name when buying the card? I have friends in NC and thought if they could buy a card for someone else. I don’t want to ask them until I know all the details.


      • Can one buy multiple cards with the same license / SSN at a target store with the intention of setting them up for others? Or is it limited to 1x temporary card purchase per SSN which just happens to be registerable later to another individual?

        Re: Others can buy it for you. They would have to input their own drivers license, SSN, etc, but then you can put in your own info later, online.

  2. FYI – Just because it isn’t on Target’s map, doesn’t mean it isn’t around. It is in Minneapolis at at least one store.

    • Me as well……dustinhart2000 at gmail dot com.

      I just hit up the Roseville store at lunch and all I found was tons of Red Debit and Credit Cards! haha

      • @dusty, I’m in the Sacramento area too.. and searched nearly every Target…. Really need to find someone willing to work with me on getting one (or two – 1 for me, 1 for wife)

      • I found Redcards at two targets here in MN today. If you tell me where can I still buy VR with CC which gas stations? I shall exchange the targets locations. 🙂

        • @seven
          the reload and Vanilla game is still on at SA, but it is very hit and miss. Just keeping checking at stores in your area or that you drive past. I just got a van reload at a store on Hwy 77 in burnsville that hadn’t had any stock for months…

    • I would like to know where in Minneapolis it is as well. Will anyone send me an email too please?

      christensen (dot) carl (at) gmail (dot) com

    • Living in Des Moines, I’d probably be willing to drive up to MSP to grab one of these if someone would just post where they have them. I don’t see the point of keeping it a secret. It isn’t like there is a limited enrollment or something.

    • Sorry I didn’t say so earlier! I just figured it was probably everywhere here. I found it at the NE Minneapolis location (also known as the quarry). It’s hard to miss there – they are at every register. The cashier told me lots of people are buying.

      Be advised though – my card wouldn’t activate online, and when I called amex, they told me it was not properly activated at the store and it would take 10 business days for a reply from the resolution team (the charge did show on the credit card I used to pay at Target). I’m pretty sure this was just bad luck.

  3. +1 to Alex’s question.

    Also, anyone ever think about making a trip to one of these places? I think if I play my cards right I could make a trip to Alabama using pts and be able to recoup those pts in 2 months of having the REDcard (via 5k of direct credit card loads at Target).

    And finally, do you think we’d be able to load Target gift cards onto this card?

  4. RED card is not available in our area, but suppose I get red card from another city (about 2 hrs drive). Would I be able to load my red card at a target location which is not selling red card in my city?

    • From the October 6 post:
      Q: Can we reload REDcard at a Target store that doesn’t sell REDcard?

      YES. I’ve done so, and the website explicitly says: “You can add cash to your Target Prepaid REDcard® Account for free at all Target locations in the US.” Note that when they say “load cash” they’re really referring to loading the card at the register. It doesn’t matter to Amex how you pay for that load.

  5. I can’t think of how AMEX and Target are going to allow cc loads To Redcard for long. Using a cc is so basic that it makes the old school VR’s look difficult.
    Hope it lasts………………..but I just can’t see it.

  6. If you pick up a REDbird at a location where it is free, do you still have to give them all your info etc? Thinking about having a friend pick one up for me and mailing it.

  7. @Geoff – For AFT card, Target has been allowing cc loads (Can actually load with vgc too) so I am actually NOT surprised that they allow cc loading.

  8. This map is not accurate at all! In the Memphis area, one target has been closed for an year now, and not all store listed has them available. so I wouldn’t rely on this map to find a Redbird.

      • It seems like the map was generated based on locations off target’s website. So I wouldn’t say the map is inaccurate; the inaccuracy lies within target’s website. Actual data from users/bloggers/shoppers would be a lot more helpful trying to help people get their hands on a redbird.

  9. IL is not listed. anyone can pick up one for me? if I get one from another state, can I load with CC at any targets in my state?

  10. If you have a current serve card (temp serve, my perm one hasn’t even come yet!) Can I still go get a temp redcard and cancel my serve later?

  11. For people in the Twin Cities. I hit up a few stores today. Don’t be confused with the 5%off Debit and Credit Redcards or the Target Amex Prepaid Gift Cards. I think a lot of you are. You need the Target Amex PREPAID card to make this work. The stores are LOADED with the other cards, but have yet to find one that has the one we need.

  12. There are only four stores in NC selling these. Two of the four reported when I called that the cards don’t activate properly, so they are waiting for a new batch. No word on when that will be. Is this happening anywhere else?

  13. Just picked up my card today in Colonial Heights, Virginia. They had plenty at many of the registers. Already registered temporary card and awaiting permanent card. I did have to pay $5 purchase fee (which was indeed in the upper right corner of the card). Used my information but registered card to my daughter (she knows that I am doing it for MS). Put $100 on it with Fidelity American Express. No problems at all. Very happy REDbird customer 🙂

  14. I found the card in MN today – Sat 10/18. This Target is @ NE Minneapolis – 1650 New Brighton Blvd Minneapolis, MN 55413. Plenty in stock. This is Target’s MN test store so they test a lot of new things at this store before rolling out nationally .

    My wife & I picked one for her and purchased ($0 activation fee)by loading $500 using a CC (Chase Ink Bold). Made first purchase & got 5% discount. We then went home and cancelled her Bluebird acct. using the online link shared in another post by Frequent Miler (thanks Greg) and was able to register it successfully using the same e-mail address used with her old Bluebird acct. Now we are just waiting the 7-10 days for the permanent card. YEAH!! Thanks Greg for the great posts on this topic!

  15. Can you pick one up locally and not BUY it there and send to out of state and activate locally?

    Have friends in MI, but want to save them the swipe of DL# and simply send the card over to CA for activation locally.

  16. Does anyone know if an unregistered temporary card can be registered at a target in a state that is not currently participating?

  17. Would anyone with a local participating target be willing to pick one up for me on your next trip? I can cover shipping fees and throw a little extra in for your time via Paypal. Unfortunately I am a few hours from the closest store. Thanks!

    • You’ve gotten yours by now I’m sure, but for others still looking, first call your local Targets and ask if they have the “prepaid REDcard”, stress the prepaid part, because there’s also a debit and credit card with the same (redcard) name. If they are not sure, they likely don’t have it, but you can drive if you want to.

      If they don’t have it, email me at and for a small fee I can email you one for you to register today; you only need the card nr + 4 digit security code of an activated temp card. You will get the permanent one in your name in 7-10 days, some times less.

      Hundreds of people got their Redbird from me this way, there’s reviews from them in many sites, you can read some here:

  18. I know that Ink Bold is not eligible to Serve money loading. May I ask does anyone know if Red Bird accepts Bold? Thank you.

  19. fly to a nearby state where they sell them using BA miles. I went to Pittsburgh from NC, found a Target about five miles from the airport.

  20. So, it seems pretty silly not to post the MSP address.

    Does this Target sell them?
    6445 Richfield Parkway
    Richfield, MN 55423

    Would be convenient for those doing MR’s through MSP airport….

  21. Ridiculous I live in Hawaii and will be the very last to be able get this card. If anyone out there care to help please email me.


  22. Great article! very informative. Will definitely get this card. I had a few questions though. Would there be a bank account number associated with this card just so I can pay off any type of loans online that require a bank account number? Or would I have to order a check to be sent to the lenders? Please advise. Greatly appreciated.

    • There is an account number and routing number, but they can only be used to put money into the REDbird account, not to take it out. So, you would have to use the card’s own billpay function.

  23. Was able to pick up a free card at a Target in MD in January and have it activated at a store in Northern VA that does not stock the cards. In fact, was advised to take the card by the MD store when I went to activate a second card – was told that activating two cards would be a ‘security risk’.
    When I tried to get another card in Greensboro, NC this week was told that no stores in the area carry the card now – even though they are still shown on the Target map.

  24. I ordered a card online from 616 marketing group. I’m kind of regretting it now Worried that it may not work or that the card would somehow be tampered with.. Has anyone had any experience with them?

    • Sara, L, I ordered from 616 website for a RedCard back on Feb 14th and it was legit. He provided a tracking number. Dang USPS is slow as all get out, but Andrew @ 616 replied very quick when I had a concern about the USPS delay. He called USPS for me to check and provided a status update (and I did the same just to ease my own mind). Ended up getting the card after a massive USPS delay, but the card works perfectly and is helping my wife and me our goals for some upcoming trips we’re planning

    • Yes, lots of people have bought them on Ebay. But, Ebay removes listings as they find them, so you have to be quick if you want one. And only buy from a reputable seller.

      • So…. bad news…
        correct me if I’m wrong but I have tried to load my card with a credit card at a few different locations and was denied. I called the red card customer service and they have informed that they are no longer allowing loading via credit card… which basically defeats the whole purpose of the redcard.

        any one else had this problem?

        • @Tom – Do you live under a rock? The miles and points world imploded this week when Target stopped accepting CC loads for RedBird and Amex for Target. It’s been EVERYWHERE.

  25. Could someone please take a picture of the UPC barcode on the back of the redcard retail packaging and share? I bought cards in Wisconsin, but they were not loaded properly, and i want to see if I can “repurchase” them from my local store…

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