$20 rebate on Visa gift cards at Staples!

Valid: October 19 – 25, 2014:

Starting this Sunday, Staples is once again offering a $20 rebate on the purchase of $300 or more in gift cards.  This time, though, the cards you need to buy are Visa gift cards and the rebate is a Visa gift card too.  Usually offers like these are in-store only.  I expect the same here.  Limit 1 rebate per household.

Note: While waiting for this offer to start, there’s still time to get in on the current different but similar offer requiring purchasing MasterCard gift cards: Staples $20 rebate on $300 MasterCard gift cards.  These are different rebates, so you can do the MasterCard deal first then do the Visa deal next week.


If you got in on the Staples’ Amex Sync promo, then you might want to use your registered Amex card for this deal.  Otherwise, I’d recommend using a Chase Ink Visa to get 5 points per dollar for office supplies.  Also, make sure to register your card with Visa Savings Edge for an additional 1% cash back!

Hat Tip: DoverTime

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  1. Interesting, I saw the Mastercard deal in the Staples weekly ad this week but the Visa promo is not in the ad from next week for Boston. I wonder if this is valid here.

  2. Do you know if the MC can be used to load Bluebird? I always buy Visa GCs for this purpose. I read somewhere that MC sometimes doesn’t work for this purpose,

  3. Checked my two Hoo’ville STaples this afternoon — and nope, they only have the $25 and $50 denominations of the MC (current week promo) and Visa (next week). Had found the $200 of the latter at the one before, but no more.

    I’m tired of wasting the trip(s) and promoted product not being in stock, even first thing Sunday a.m. Will try once more.

    • Yes, in-store or online, at Staples they give you 1% back for purchases of $200 or more until the end of this year (hopefully they’ll extend the benefit into 2015 too, but no word on that yet)

  4. If I buy $300 worth of gift cards but ask the cashier to split between 3 Amex cards (to maximize the Sync offer), will the rebate still apply?

  5. Does anyone know if any Staples store sells $300 Visa gift card? Each visa gift card has a fee. My local store only sells $100 and $200 card, and the maximum value of a visa gift card sold staples online is $200. So, if I buy a $100 card and a $200 card to get to the $300 total, the fees from both cards will be about $12. With the $20 rebate, it still comes out ahead. I just didn’t know if there is a $300 card out there so that we can pay less fee. Also, is the $20 rebate a visa gift card or a staples gift card? Thanks.

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