Hyatt gift cards 10% off (or more)

Valid through ?

Hyatt is currently offering 10% off Hyatt gift cards for Gold Passport members.  Since it is free to join their program, that makes this deal available to everyone. 

To get the discount, go to and enter promo code GPGIFT14 during checkout.

Currently, only by-mail certificates are available at a discount, but e-gift cards with free shipping are expected to become available mid November.

Please see for details and terms associated with gift cards and gift certificates.

Increased savings with Amex business cards (OPEN Savings)

I don’t yet have confirmation of this for the current promotion, but in the past, purchases of Hyatt gift cards have been eligible for Amex OPEN automatic statement credits.  Amex offers small-business cardholders automatic rebates with certain vendors and that includes Hyatt.  That means that you can save an additional 5% by paying with an Amex small business card.  Details here.

Increased savings with Amex Simply Cash

If you have the Amex Simply Cash card and chose hotels as your 3% category, you can earn both the 5% OPEN Savings and 3% cash back from this card. NOTE: see warning about this in the comments.

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Hat Tip: Loyalty Traveler via FlyerTalk

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  1. Careful here. Last time I bought GCs at 10% off (about 4 months ago) via my Milepoint premium membership and paid with my Simply Cash Amex I received the 5% Open Savings, but I did NOT get the 3% hotels cashback. I only received 1%. I wrote to Amex and received an SM response saying that GCs do not qualify for 3%. The fineprint clearly says it, and my 1% applied automatically instead of 3%, so it looks like they may have patched this up. YMMV.

  2. Supposedly, gift cards are valid in the U.S., but the rest of the Hyatts use paper certificates. Also, it looks like the Diamond Challenge may be over, which would make the offer less appealing.

  3. This is how it shows up on

    9805 Q ST, OMAHA, NE 68127-3200 UNITED STATES

    So I don’t think it’ll count for the 3% hotels (this is what I have it set to)

  4. I don’t have an Amex Business card (one day). Can I substitute the Discover IT card since it’s running 5% cash back right now for online purchases?

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