Kohls gift cards 20% cash back!

UPDATE: TopCashBack has added the following terms to the deal:

20% cashback on Kohl’s gift cards only available on Kohl’s $100 denomination gift cards. Cashback is not available for any other denomination gift card. Offer expires 11/21/14; limit 4 per customer. Cashback is only available on $100 denomination Kohl’s gift cards purchased through TopCashback on genuine, tracked and approved transactions.

UPDATE 2 (11/19): TopCashBack has confirmed with me that e-gift cards do count.  Remember that there is a 4 per customer limit and that you must buy $100 denomination gift cards.

This week only:

TopCashBack is offering 20% cash back when you click through their portal to GiftCardMall and buy a $100 Kohl’s gift card.



  • Physical gift cards require a small shipping fee ($1.99 for one), so I would recommend e-gift cards unless this is intended to be a gift for someone else.
  • There is no stated limit on how many you can buy, so my assumption is that you can buy as many as you would like.
  • The deal specifically mentions Kohl’s $100 Gift Card, so I wouldn’t recommend buying any other denominations or gift cards for any other store.
  • Make sure to copy screen images as you go since there is always a chance that the portal won’t automatically give you the expected rebate.  Any proof you have of the purchase and the offer may be helpful when submitting a claim.
  • When using gift cards, this 20% rebate is just the beginning of the savings that are possible.  When buying items online, you can stack this with additional shopping portal rebates, multiple coupon codes, Kohls rewards, and you can earn Kohls cash when they run those promotions.
  • If you haven’t already signed up for TopCashBack, you can find my signup link here (along with links for many sites and programs).

Hat Tip: Leigh

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    • Cancellation Message from GiftCardMall for eGC order. But I am sure there is anything wrong with credit card or billing address.
      Thank you for your recent order with GiftCardMall.com. We are contacting you regarding Order . Unfortunately, your order could not be processed as we were unable to verify some of the information provided.

      We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and hope you can appreciate the security measures we take in order to protect our customers. If you feel this email was sent in error, or If you have any questions, please contact Customer Care by visiting: Giftcardmall.com Contact Us or at .

      Thank you for choosing GiftCardMall.com!

      GiftCardMall.com Team

  1. Placed a $2500 order earlier today.

    TCB showed $50 CB pending about an hour later (thats only 2%!)

    The order is still processing.

    Should I cancel?

    Why do you say in the comments that it wont be honored?

    • I expect that its fine. I’ve had that happen before with TCB promotions: at first the pending cash shows up at the regular cash back rate then later it is increased to the promotional rate.

  2. As of this Morning (11/18/2014) They are limiting the offer to 4 $100 GC. Just an FYI.

    Thanks for the heads up! I got mine 😀

  3. How sure are we about egift card working? I placed an order, got my gc, but TCB cash back not showing. I asked them and they’re “not sure” about egift vs. physical though they “think so”

    Anyone has TCB cashback showing 20%?

      • FM, would you please explain to those of us who did not get this transaction automatically tracked in TCB, what is the right procedure to file the claim and what evidence are we expected to provide? thanks.

      • TCB confirmed to me as well that egift cards will count (only the $100 denomination thought) and that separate transactions is the safer course of action.

        Ordered 4 $100s in 4 transactions over 3 days, and none of them have been tracking.

        +1 add me to the list! Will probably need to logdge claims again.

  4. Same here. Been 4 days and no transaction shown. Has any actually seen a pending transaction yet? It ends today so im kinda hoping that maybe they are waiting for the offer to end to post transcations

  5. Has this hit anyone’s account yet? I ordered on 11/19 and was told I should wait at least 7 days before checking in. Still nothing in my account.

  6. Yikes. It just appeared as confirmed on my Topcashback page. I bought the max $400 in giftcards and my cashback is listed as $8 instead of $80! Contacting them again…

    • Same with mine! Bought $300 and only get $6 back instead of $60. Contacting them through emails but haven’t heard back. update later.

      • I just heard back earlier today. I was told that there was a technical issue with the offer and the way it was tracked (not sure if that is unique to my case) and that the claims team is going to look into it further. So that’s something. I just hope it won’t be a big fight to get it. I did take a screenshot of the deal just in case. But I might be done with these cash back deals after this.

  7. FYI – Top cash back finally got back to me with the 20% cash back payable in 14 wks. Hope you all get your CB settled.

    • That’s great news! I’m still waiting to hear back (they asked for more time) so hopefully I’ll have the same result.

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