OfficeMax / Office Depot $15 off $300 in Amex gift cards

Valid 12/7/2014 through 12/13/14

OfficeMax / Office Depot is offering $15 off your purchase of $300 in Amex gift cards.


Terms: Purchase must be one transaction. Limit 1 offer per household/customer. Offer excludes the variable load $25 – $500 gift card. Purchase fees apply. Terms and conditions apply to Gift Cards. Some limitations apply.

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  1. I’m confused about this offer. In the email that brought me here, it it stated limit is per household/individual.

    If this is a direct discount, what’s to stop my wife and I from doing two separate transactions to get two $15 discounts? The only way the household limitation applies is if this is a MIR, right?

    I’m looking to stack this with the amex offer $10 off $50 purchase on several cards.

  2. My Office Max wouldn’t let me spilt tender on my last purchase there (also looking to take advantage of the 10 off $50 Amex deal), and oddly even when I only used one card last week it still has yet to credit me the $10 off $50.

  3. Wow, really?

    The closest location is almost half an hour away. I’ll be pissed if I go there and they don’t allow it. I’m wondering if this is their policy or if it’s YMMV and you got unlucky with a bad cashier.

    I used one of my offers last night and bought some stamps $49 +$1 fee = exactly $50. Got the email a few hours later w/ Amex thanking me for using my offer.

    Now I’m re-thinking if I even want to go all the way there if I’m not getting the $10 amex offers + these $15 discounts. Hoping others chime in with their experiences who read this post.

    • I should also add I used my offer online, but I don’t think that should matter as the amex offer isn’t specific to brick and mortar or online.

    • As stated, I’ve used the offer online successfully.

      My assumption here is their policy is no splitting tender, however it’s not hard coded and is YMMV.

      I’ve not picked up gift cards from office depot/max (just staples). Anyone know what the lower pin based gcs are they have and the fees?

        • Well, depending on the fees, it’s not worthwhile to use 1% cb amex beyond what’s required for the amex deal. If it were my chase ink card with 5% then definitely I’d go the $200 route.

  4. “Purchase must be one transaction”…this seems to be new language added to these deals, meaning you can’t split tender. I always have varied success getting cashiers to split tender for me. At my local OM I do one transaction, walk around the store and do another…there’s no way to tell the 1 person / household limit.

  5. How much are the activation fees on AmEx? $5.95? $6.95? And then one would have to liquidate AmEx in addition to a stack of other AmEx cards…Who this offer is good for?

      • Plus 1% extra cb on purchases $200+ using visa edge, at least through the end of this year.

        6% cb makes any gc purchase at an office supply store profitable w/ chase ink, regardless of extra incentives.

  6. @Katrina. Amex Fees are the same as visas. $6.95 on $200, $5.95 on $100. FYI, I confirmed that buying $600 worth does NOT get you a 2nd discount. $15 max discount per transaction apparently.

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