Up to 29X at Sears!

Update: this deal is valid through Friday December 12 11:59:59pm ET!

Today only, The United MileagePlus Portal is offering 12 miles per dollar for United cardholders (and 8 miles per dollar for others). With a little extra work, you can increase this deal to as much as 29 miles per dollar.


Sears 12X:


(thanks to several readers for verifying this!)

5X Credit card earnings

Through the end of this year, both the Chase Freedom card and Discover It card earn 5X this quarter at Sears.com (among other places).  Keep in mind, though, that both cards limit 5X earnings to $1500 in spend per quarter.


Double dip with gift cards

Sears is unusual among online merchants in that they explicitly allow portal earnings from both buying gift cards and using them. This makes it very easy to double dip: go through the portal once to buy gift cards and go through again to use them. NOTE: Do not buy physical (by mail) gift cards with your Freedom card as it will be unlikely to earn the 4th quarter 5X bonus (since physical gift cards are sold by Kmart). A better option is to buy e-gift cards, or reload an existing gift card (either e-gift card or physical gift card).

Add it up

  • Go through portal (12X for United cardholders)
  • Buy gift cards and pay with your Chase Freedom or Discover card (5X)
  • Go through portal again to use gift cards and buy merchandise (12X for United cardholders)
  • Total: 29X


  • You do not have to pay with your United card to get 12 miles per dollar
  • You cannot buy gift cards with gift cards at Sears.com

For more details please read the following posts from a similar deal:

Gift card order verification

Sears often verifies gift card orders through an online verification process in which they ask you questions from public records about where you’ve lived, what cards you’ve owned, etc. If that doesn’t happen, you’ll be in a queue for a verification phone call instead.  You can expedite the process by calling Sears first. Have your order number(s) handy and call this number:


Be prepared to answer a number of questions to prove your identity.

Only 15 gift cards per order

Sears.com will accept no more than 15 gift cards per order when using gift cards to buy merchandise.


Do not buy from the gift card center

When shopping for gift cards at Sears.com, you may see an ad for their gift card center, like this:


This link will take you out of Sears.com to Gift Card Mall instead.  You will not earn portal points if you buy from Gift Card Mall.

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  1. FM — I keep having an issue when attempting to check out with a gift card reload in my cart. When I go to checkout I am forwarded to their “digital” checkout, I select my address then go to the payment screen, which is completely blank…no place for me to fill anything out. The issue has been going on for several days and on several computers. I was wondering if you have ever experienced the same thing?

  2. Frank, I had this problem as well for awhile. Finally figured out it only happened when I signed in to my account. I used guest checkout and it worked fine. Lately, though I’ve been having a different problem. I go through the whole process including verification and submit the order. It says cart is empty. I go back to reenter my gift card number again to add funds and at this point it only has the check balance option and no option to add funds. Very frustrating. Easy to see why Sears is becoming less relevant with each passing day.

  3. Same result for me on Firefox and Chrome, payment page is blank. Apparently Sears.com ‘downgraded’ their site, the interface changed recently.

  4. “NOTE: Do not buy physical (by mail) gift cards with your Freedom card as it will be unlikely to earn the 4th quarter 5X bonus (since physical gift cards are sold by Kmart). A better option is to buy e-gift cards, or reload an existing gift card (either e-gift card or physical gift card).”

    But according to the lab (which is awesome!) getting physical gc from UR portal gets points. Does that mean only portal points and not Q4 points? Shouldn’t they be the same (the way chase views kmart)?

  5. How does one “reload” a physical Sears gift card online? I would prefer to do this as I have a few lying around from the OD 20% off deal a while back. My ultimate liquidation plan is to buy $200 VGC in stores. Now, that brings up my 2nd question…has anybody successfully used an eGC to buy a $200 visa in stores?

    • do the gift card balance check, and then there is an option to add funds.
      I haven’t used an eGC to buy the visas only a physical GC, but it has gotten much more difficult lately to buy visas with sears GC. Perhaps its all of the recently-trained seasonal help, but my local sears has really been cracking down lately.

  6. There’a a high end DSLR camera I want to buy. On sears.com it shows that it’s sold by cameta camera, but it has an add to card button the the checkout goes go through sears.com. Would that count as a qualified purchase via the united shopping portal? I read the terms and conditions of what counts and it was a little confusing.

  7. Hey, thanks for posting this — great deal! I know you don’t have to pay with a UA credit card, but do you know if using PayPal to load the GC will qualify for the shopping portal?

  8. This afternoon, I purchased a Sears physical gift card at Office Depot for $25 (variable load $25-$500. Went through United’s portal to the Sears page, searched gift cards, checked balance, added $400 to card. Went through security questions. Have purchased MetaBank prepaid Visa at Sears using Sears gift card so hopefully nothing will be different this time around.

  9. I had the same bug and tried three browsers. Very annoying. But, I chose a new address and typed in the same address and after that it worked fine. Random.

  10. How long does it take for the funds to get added to your GC when you add funds via the website? It’s been almost an hour and a half and the balance doesn’t yet reflect what was added.

  11. Holy crap sears has a piece of $h!t website. No matter which browser, signed in or signed out, as soon as I start the “verification process” it kicks me out saying there’s nothing in the cart. No wonder this company will be extinct within 12 months

  12. Any idea how long it takes for it to show up in transaction history on United’s side? I’m curious if it took the order or not.

  13. FM- Noob question: I just received the Freedom card, went into Sears and bought some $200 Visa GCs.
    This purchase would count as a normal Sears purchase and qualify for the 5% bonus I assume?

  14. Successfully placed an order yesterday….saw the charge came on Freedom instantly but still nothing appears on the Mileage Plus account – as in if a purchase is in progress or completed etc. Although it does show the recent visited pages but not even an email from the program that a purchase was made.

    Any idea how long it takes to even populate in the account or even get an acknowledgement of purchase?

  15. My Freedom statement just posted from last month and the 1k that I spent on reloading 2 gift cards from Sears does not show a 5x bonus….Thoughts?

  16. OK…Maybe I’m wrong, it doesn’t show in the rewards summary but when I expand the purchase in the statement activity it shows there…pending I guess

  17. got portal confirmation pending for the merchandise but not the E-gift card. Could it be that they finally fixed it or should I ask for an investigation?

  18. Hm… got some gift cards and used those to purchase some work out stuff. The GC transaction has not shown up yet on mileageplus shopping, but the purchase using the GCs did. Should I be worried?

  19. Sigh … Mileage plus support has confirmed that Sears has not approved the miles yet. They claim a merchant can deny miles on a transaction even after making you wait until any return period is over. Terrible.

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