Amex gift card portal rewards may end

Through a reliable source I just heard that tomorrow (December 19th) will be the last day that American Express will offer gift cards through cash back portals.


Purchasing Amex gift cards through online portals has been a great way to increase rewards (see: The complete guide to Amex gift cards), but time is running out!

Will this be the end for good?  Probably not. This happened before, as recently as September 2nd. See: “Amex gift cards withdrawn from portals”.  Then, one month later, Amex gift cards were back.  See “Amex gift cards return to cash back portals.”  I expect the same will happen here.

There is no word yet on mile-based portals, but I expect Amex gift cards will be withdrawn from those portals as well.  Currently, the best offer I know of is for 2X Virgin America miles.  The Virgin America Elevate portal seems to think the deal will last until December 21 (Sunday).  My guess (and it is just a guess) is that it will disappear early (maybe end of day Saturday).


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  2. This is very unfortunate timing considering I just renewed my premium shipping plan on the last order. Any chance they would refund for the plan?

    I just started the Amex GC thing. My neares target is super friendly. Just when I thought all is well, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! 🙂
    If this ends, sth will start. That is how this game works.

    • I believe those sites are just slow to be updated. I expect that Amex gift cards will be gone from all portals by the end of this week if not sooner. And, where it still appears, you are unlikely to get the cash back.

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