Staples Amex Offer – $25 Off $100 – Act Fast!


There is a new targeted Amex Offer for $25 off $100 at through 2/7/15. To see if you are targeted, login to your American Express account.

Important: Before saving the offer, check to see if any of your other cards within the same online account have the same offer.  If so, open two browser tabs and show each card’s offer on a separate tab before clicking “Save Offer”.  This way, you can save the offer to multiple cards.  If you don’t do it this way, the offer will disappear from your other cards once you save the offer to the first one.

staples amex offer

Offer Terms & Exclusion

The terms  specifically exclude the purchase of electronic or physical gift cards, however similar language has appeared in the past. I have confirmed that the purchase of Visa gift cards does trigger the “Congrats! You just used your Amex Offer” email.

Act Fast

Offers like these have reached the maximum number of registrations very quickly in the past. I recommend loading the offer to your card(s) as soon as possible.

Please see these posts for more information:

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  1. Thanks, got it on 7 cards between myself and my wife. Is it possible to enroll via twitter? So i can add it to my bluebird cards?

  2. Not on any of my 4 amex accounts. I just did the offer in November I think. I have been hitting the amex offers pretty hard and definately noticed a drop in the number of good offers I am targeted for.

  3. Thanks for the alert. Just got it via 3 of our amex accounts. I’d add via bluebird, but forgot how to do that. (anyway to do w/o twitter?)

    T&C start: “offer valid online only at In-store and phone transactions are excluded.”

    If so, my one pause then is that my on-line orders of thesecards have taken up to 10 days to process and deliver… Will try one out today.

    • The only other way to load offers to Bluebird is via their app which only has a limited number of offers available. I don’t believe this Staples offer is available anywhere other than the American Express website.

  4. Thank you for the heads up. I don’t believe you can split transactions online so is the best way to take advantage of this deal just to buy a $100 g/c and use one AmEx per purchase?

    • Yes that is the best way. doesn’t allow you to split payment between different credit cards.

  5. ps, presuming your “confirmation” in your post referred to an on-line purchase of the plastic VGC’s @

  6. I’m 3 for 3! Thanks for the tip on opening them all in a different browser first. I will try a $100 + $1.99 Groupon Gift card and see if that works. Yep! 7 minutes later, got a congrats on using my offer message from amex.

  7. Hello. I dont see the offer on any of my Amex cards. And … I am not able to add via twitter. What hashtag do you use ?

  8. I got it on all 6 cards (saved it on each0, but for some reason did not get the AMEX email when I ordered. I know you get the email when you use you card for twitter deals, but do you get an email for each purchase for the saved offers as well (clicked ones, not tweeted ones) ??

      • Just ordered my 2nd/6 cards with the offer….again NO AMEX email afterwards thanking me for using the offer. Should I be worried… has always worked before. I checked my spam email as well.

  9. Do not use IPad to do multi browser thing. It reloads each time u switch between screens and offer is gone from the other cards :((

  10. 2 for me and 2 for my wife. Bought individual orders of 200 VCG (why are you guys buying 100??? earn a few more point by buying the 200 VCG) and I received the email immediately. Will have to do hers tonight.

    • Why are you buying $200 GC? You only need to spend $100 and get $25. Why would you spend $200 to get the same amount back?

      • The fee is the same on both the $100 and the $200 Mastercards. By buying the $200 cards you can earn more rewards for the same cost.

        • The only “more rewards” with Amex for $200 visa vs $100 visa is 100 amex points. Do you really want to get $100 more in debit cards for 100 more amex points? I can use my Red bird or BB for more then 1x per dollar.

    • I have read warnings on another board where on previous deals (involving gift cards) the credit was taken back by AMEX after confirmation emails. Hope they are wrong

  11. Good to know it works on gift cards because the T&Cs says it won’t.

    I got it on 4 of my cards. Will check on Hubby’s next.

  12. Just placed an order for a $200 gc from staples and did not get a confirmation email from Amex. So weird. I hope I still get credit for it.

  13. This is so awesome!! I am just getting into churning and was trying to spend the $2000 on my AmEx Everyday card to get the 250,000 rewards points but time was running out. Bought the $200 Visa Gift Card and got notified about my credit from AmEx within 10 minutes. Next up, Newegg. Thanks 🙂

  14. I went to Staples brick & mortar store after registering two Amex cards, bought two $100 VGC. No confirmation email so far. May try, but will then be out four activation fees if it doesn’t work…

  15. I saved the offer and did a purchase a visa GF for $100. But the only e mail I got was , saying card not present transaction. When will I get the conf email . Or is there some setting in my account to trigger the congrats e mail

    • My email came within seconds of the “Card Not Present” email. Maybe check to make sure the offer is properly saved and that the “Congrats” email didn’t go to spam.

  16. Just made 4 different Visa gift card purchases on our 4 AMEX cards and got the Congrats email as well…..What a great deal!
    Had 4 different windows open….one for each account so I could select the same offer in each account. Wondered how to do that previously….great advice!!!!

  17. Registered on 4 different Amx cards, but accidentally used authorized user card for 1 order. However got the success email on 3 out of 4 100.00 cards not bad. Have one more to try tomorrow. I wonder if you can keep getting the bonus if you continue to make additional orders until Feb. 7th?

    • No, all Amex offers are one-time use only except for very few that state you can use them multiple times before the expiration. This is not one of them.

  18. How do you get the classic view for your amex offers? Mine shows a side scrolling view with big blocks for each offer, which is much more cumbersome to scroll through.

  19. Also related. The sony 25 of 100 amex offer. You can buy $100 egift card, go through fatwallet, and after 25 off plus 3 cash back your cost is 72, then sell to online gift card sites that accept e gift cards for 73 for 1 profit plus points. Just had my $25 from amex post for that.

  20. I purchased a Target GC on two of my AMEX cards and immediately got the email from Amex confirming I had used the promotion on both. However, I do have a question. How long does it take Staples to deliver the e giftcards? I made the purchase yesterday and still have not received the actual email delivery of the gift cards.

    • Unfortunately Staples stopped paying out through portals for the purchase of gift cards last year.

  21. I purchased my staples $100 visa gift card on Jan 9th. Received the confirmation AmEx Offers email right after. Still haven’t seen the credit come through, but will be patient.

  22. Did anyone else notice under the posted Amex charge on your Amex online account, it says “Visa Gift Card $200” and then “6.95 Visa Gift Card Fee”. Maybe Amex has a fix for not awarding the $25 on gift cards like they said. The last Staples offer did not specifically exclude physical gift cards.

  23. It appears now that the biggest problem with this deal is not the AmEx, but the fact that Staples does not provide Activation Numbers. GC’s come inactive and are just worthless pieces of plastic until they’re activated.
    Does anyone have advice or share their experiences on getting those Activation Numbers? It may be especially tricky for those who used several family members to get the AmEx credits, and may now need to get them all involved in this activation mess.

    • I agree this is troubling. Even though it doesn’t take too long to call Gift Card Mall, it is still a hassle. Unfortunately it does seem that the activation codes are not being sent out at all. They are missing on about my last 20 or so orders going back about two months.

      • This is quite annoying. I’ve been waiting for the codes to arrive and was just thinking that I should call today since it’s been over 2 weeks since my order. I now have 14 cards between my wife and I from this deal and need to call to activate. I guess I’ll just call with my wife next to me so that we can hopefully accomplish all at once. I don’t like the way gift card mall does this. Email delivery of the code seems safe enough to me.

  24. You will have to call Gift Card Mall to get them activated. Then wait two hours to use. I used different accounts (spouse) as well as mine. Different cards and email addresses. However, I just had to verify address cards were sent to and name. They then activated the cards. I have liquidated the cards already and got 4 bonuses. Nice 5 minutes worth of work.

  25. Placed an order for two items at Staples billed them on consecutive days instead of together. Since they are below $100 each – no $25 rebate – did receive the email congratulating me on using the Amex offer. Very disappointing….

  26. I just added to $25 reward for $100 Staples spend on my AMEX cards and bought eBay $100 GC. I went though iConsumer. I have already gotten the congrats Amex using offer email. Has anyone gotten cashback from a portal for buying a third party GC from Staples? If so which one?

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