Citi Executive Cardholders – Are You Eligible For Another $200 Credit?

citi executive 200 credit

Just about a year ago Citi came out with a spectacular offer for the Citi Executive card with a 100,000 mile sign-up bonus and a $200 statement credit. The greatest thing about that offer was that it was “churnable”, meaning people were able to get it multiple times.

Many of the early applicants for the 100k offer are coming up on their first year renewal and quite a few are reporting that they have received an additional $200 credit. This has led to speculation that the $200 credit may be an annual benefit.

At this point it isn’t clear whether this is an unknown glitch in Citi’s system or an unpublished benefit of the card.

For a full analysis and the latest developments, see this Miles4More post.

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  1. Is this credit received before or after the annual fee is paid? Because like most of us, I am planning to cancel my card. Not worth $250 without the 100k miles. But if the credit occurs before I pay the annual fee . . .

    • ARachel – From the FT thread people are reporting getting the $200 credit on the statement before the AF is due. Even $250AF isn’t worth it to me, I just don’t fly enough to get use of clubs, plus I have a stack of lounge passes from CC signups anyways.

  2. Perhaps Citi is using this as a back door way to make the card seem more valuable? The Barclays Aviator Silver will give you pretty much all the benefits of the Citi Executive, minus the Admirals Club access, for only $195. Giving a statement credit of $200 is effectively a way to keep these members from switching (while the US Airways MasterCard is still available at least) and giving them Admirals Club membership, plus all the other benefits, for only $55 more than the Aviator Silver.

  3. Data point: I received a $200 statement credit in mid-2014 after I first received the card and had made purchases on the card. I just asked Citi for a $200 statement credit for this year, and Citi said the offer was for only one $200 statement credit. Not $200 each calendar year. Oh well . . .

    • I was actually going to report back the same thing. I made a $200 charge on one of my Executive cards two days before the statement closed. The charge posted on the last day of the statement period and no credit was issued.

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