[EXPIRED] A New Better Amex Business Rewards Gold 75k Offer


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The American Express Business Rewards Gold card has a new targeted offer: The offer terms are as follows:

Update: This offer has expired.

  • 75,000 Membership Rewards points after spending $5,000 in the first three months.
  • Annual fee is waived the first year.

To see if you are targeted for this new offer:

  • Visit this page and login.
  • You may also be able to call American Express at 1-800-519-OPEN to request the offer. When calling in mention Offer code: A4VR & POID: AWBN:0002

For a full breakdown and analysis of this deal, see this Doctor of Credit post.

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  1. I had the Amex Biz Gold for 3 years, but canceled in May. I believe the rule for Amex Biz card sign up bonuses is every 12 months, however, I logged in and saw I had this offer.

    Should I be wary that I won’t receive the signup bonus despite having received the targeted offer?

      • They told me a new policy says if you’ve EVER had a bonus you cannot get it a second time. I cancelled a card immediately because of this . . .

        • That is their policy for personal cards, however it differs for business cards like this one. This is the exact wording on the application page for this card, “The offer is not available to applicants who have or have had this product within the last 12 months.”

        • I was told the same thing today. I recently opened business gold. I have had it in past (more than 12 months ago). After chatting with the rep, they told me I do not qualify for bonus as I have had this card in the past. I specifically asked that was the policy for personal cards and they told me its all cards.

  2. I click on the link and am asked for a login, and don’t see an opportunity to create an account. Am I missing something? Thanks.

  3. Asked this at DoC, but no reply:

    I already have 4 AMEX cards, including 3 business cards. I’d love to swap out of my Delta business AMEX (in which I recent paid the AF) and get this Gold offer. Any recommendations on how to proceed? Is it better to cancel the Delta or wait to see if I get approved for Gold?

    I have read of a 4 card AMEX limit, so just looking for advice on how to proceed … Thx!

    • The 4 Amex limit generally applies to credit cards and not charge cards, so you aren’t strictly limited based on other people’s reports since this is a charge card.

      Your approval really depends on a number of factors, so it is a personal decision whether to cancel the Delta card or not.

  4. I haven’t been able to find one person that was able to apply for this offer between FT and SD. I was approved for the 75k/10k offer last week, so if it’s possible to bump the offer or even apply there’s a chance for me.

  5. Each time I try to use the link I get the message that the website is down and I should call. I’ve called and the operator tells me that this offer is an error.

  6. Do you know if I can get a bonus on the business rewards gold card if I have a business Platinum? I now that you cannot with the personal cards, but I can’t find language excluding this for the business cards.

    • Scott the Business Gold & Business Platinum cards are considered separate products, so you can get the bonus. The only restriction is that you can’t have had the Business Gold card within the past 12 months. Here is the language: “The offer is not available to applicants who have or have had this product within the last 12 months”

    • I have had the AMEX Biz Gold for 2 years and just applied for a mailed offer of the AMEX Biz Platinum (100k pts) and was approved. Already received the points – so the answer is YES, you can have both cards at the same time and get both bonuses.

  7. For the 10k version, is there any advice to meeting minimum spend without triggering a FR? On my application I did enter $7k for monthly estimated spending. That is true for my business on average, but I normally spend a ton in the last quarter and only around $2k/month the rest of the year.

  8. Applied in the afternoon, pending, and before dinner received the approval email. Have not yet spoken to an agent to confirm the opening bonus yet, though I must say that, there is no word in the application page about the eligibility of this offer (neither the “if ever, then never” language nor the “past 12 months” language), which looks strange.

  9. Lee – did you get the application to work online for the 75k after $5k spend, that nobody else seems to be able to get to work? Or did you perhaps call in and get them to allow you to apply? Or maybe you just went for the 75k for $10k spend offer? Thanks.

    • @marshdom Yes I was too lazy to find an alternative link other than the one provided above so I believe it is the 5K spending one. I did get it to work by logging in my account (it did not work for my wife’s account). Will report back once I received the card, maybe tomorrow. Cheers~

    • Congrats, Lee! I think you’re a unicorn. I haven’t seen anyone else (here, MtM, or FT) report that they got the link to work with their AMEX login. Great deal for you!

    • @Lee have you had this card in the past 12 months?

      This link(75k pt with $5k spending works for me also, Btw, I am targeted since I also got an email from Amex for the same offer, however I cancelled this same card 05/2014,less than 1 yr, I do not see the “past 12 month” language in this application, not sure if I should try my luck..

    • There are no “miles” welcome offers on the American Express Business Gold Rewards Cards. They only offer Membership Rewards Points.

  10. I used the link to receive the 75,000 point offer, with no delays or deliberations. I have three Amex personal cards but have never had business cards with Amex (I’m a realtor, so it’s legit), so that was likely a factor.

  11. The offer is dead. I applied and was told that it was published by a blogger and would no longer be honored. Guess I was a bit too late.

  12. I just applied for the 75k after 5k spend and was instantly approved. I do have a legit business though so as stated before, I’m sure that is a factor. I have to call to verify the terms, but I applied on the 75k/5k landing page and it all looked good. So yes, it is still very alive.

  13. I couldn’t get my app to push through online so I called. My first call failed. The rep wasn’t helpful and said the offer code expired in 2014. On the second call the rep was so helpful. She said her offer read 75k/$10k. That was great for me as I will put all my spend on it for the 3x points. Thank you for the great info! I’m very happy with my 75k points.

  14. When you call in for the offer, what exactly do you use of this info:
    mention Offer code: A4VR & POID: AWBN:0002 – Do you say the whole thing or only part of it?

  15. I want to inform anyone who sees this offer that it is completely invalid. I work for a company that does quality assurance and call monitoring for American Express and I can assure that this offer is INVALID and unable to be redeemed online or over the phone. This is an offer that was posted online by someone who received a targeted offer, but the offer was only specific to that person and cannot be redeemed by anyone else. The only valid offers available, and will every be valid, will be the ones you see by going directly to the American Express website or if you were to receive an email or direct mail piece offering bonus points/cashback. You either need a 14 digit code beginning with a letter or a POID that you would find in the offer terms on the American Express website. Please don’t waste your time with this. I’m honestly sick of listening to these calls.

    • Cory! THANK YOU! I’m sick of receiving these calls. I really wish we had a way to take down all of these posts about invalid offers. It’s so frustrating and directly impacts the agents who work in the call centers, since we are judged on our performance. Each “unsold” call is money out of our pockets…

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