Amex gift cards 2.2% cash back via BeFrugal

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Valid through: ? (most likely this deal is today only)

The cash back portal, BeFrugal, has increased cash back rates for American Express gift cards to 2.2%.  The next best rate is 1.5%.



If you don’t already have a BeFrugal account, you can find a signup link for BeFrugal and many other cool things here.


Please see the The Complete Guide to Amex Gift Cards. Be sure to read the section showing which credit cards are safe and which are not (due to cash advance fees). And, keep in mind that you will not earn cash back if you use a promo code to reduce gift card fees.

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  1. Your BeFrugal link says “Through Dec 31” you will receive Cash back if I sign up using yours. Is that valid or do you want to update. I want to make a purchase today.

    • Hi Grant, why are you assuming they’ll cancel your order?
      Also, when I read the fine prints from Befrugal, they state that anything over $2K will not be commissionable. Is this true or can I still buy 3K for commissions?

      • The way I read that is each GC cannot exceed $2,000 per card, so you can just order multiple $2,000 GCs and be fine. They also mention the 10k personal and 100k business limit in 14 days as well.

        • I’m curious to see if they claw back any amount over $2,000.

          How long does it normally take to ship a personalized order if mine was approved at 1pm? I have the overnight free shipping plan, and I was hoping to get the cards to use for January REDcard, but it looks like I’ll have to wait till Feb for that.

        • Yup. Shipped yesterday and I’ll get them Monday. Oh well, I ended up with around 4k of unused Redbird loads for January between two cards.

  2. I need to meet 10k spend for the Amex BGR card. Will I earn points, will it count toward min spend, and will Amex have a fit or do a FR if I’m buying Amex GCs with my new Amex CC?

  3. Are 2.2%-2.5% the new going rates or just a temporary rate decrease? Having read your “Complete Guide to Amex gift cards”, I see the going rates were more in line 3-4%.

    Should I hold out on a better offer or is this as good as it gets now a days, even though your post is not “that” old, Feb 2014.

  4. Trying to order 1x$3k and 1x$2k personalized cards. Each comes with the std $3.95 fee for each card, but I am also getting charged $9.95 shipping for each card.

    How do get around it? It seems when ordering generic cards with no name on it, their is only one shipping fee.


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