Possible 5% off on all eBay Purchases and 5x Credit Card Rewards

ebay gift cards portals

eBay gift cards do not normally earn cash back through portals, however Doctor of Credit is reporting that Ebates is currently paying 5% back for their purchase. (If you don’t already have an Ebates account, you can find a signup link for Ebates and many other cool things here.)

It may also be possible to earn 5x points with the Chase Ink card when purchasing these cards. Combining portal cash back and credit card rewards can result in a significant savings on eBay purchases.

To find out how to maximize this deal and for the latest developments, see this Doctor of Credit post.

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  1. I have also used that to double dip with the resurgence of the ebay gift card at convenience stores and the discover 5% cash back.
    5% Ebates
    plus I earn gas rewards….churn baby churn!

  2. How are you paying for the purchase with Chase Ink– or any cc, for that matter? When I add something to my cart, it automatically defaults to Paypal as payment method, and doesn’t give me an option to use credit card. I do have a few hundred $ in my PP account. Does my PP balance have to be lower than purchase price to use credit card?

  3. Yeah, when I go to my PP profile, it says that if I have a PP profile, it’ll automatically use that first. Is there a way to change that option?

      • I am with David. I can’t figure out how to change the settings on PayPal so that it does not just automatically pay first from my PayPal balance. Thanks in advance!

        • Paypal will always use your Paypal balance first. Therefore, you have to make sure you have a $0 balance before it lets you pay with a credit card. So withdraw the money out (but not if you loaded it with Mycash) or use another Paypal account.

  4. So if you pay for this with an Ink card in your Paypal account, it should trigger Ink’s 5x?

    And then you have a bunch of ebay gift cards. Ebay is a good place to buy a lot of stuff — including other merchant gift cards like Sears — which you could go to the store and buy Visa gift cards with. Is that pretty much the strategy?

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