1,750 Southwest Rapid Rewards + 40% Rebate at 1-800-Flowers!

UPDATE 2/9/2015: This deal is effectively dead. Please see details here: The 1800Flowers deal is dead.

1800 flowers

Update: 1-800-Flowers keeps restricting which deals are eligible for this promotion. Additionally, they have added language stating that points earned through this promotion are not eligible for the Companion Pass. Based on numerous past experience I would guess that the points will still count, but it is not guaranteed.

Update 2: In addition to RR36, two new codes have surfaced. Use RR43 for 1,750 Southwest points or TB1750 for 1,750 JetBlue points per order.

1-800-Flowers is offering 1,750 Rapid Rewards points on orders of $29.99 or more with the code RR36. You can find the full details of the offer here.

This deal should stack with either the 40% back in Shop Your Way Rewards or the $15 back on $50 Amex Sync offers.

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  1. Does not appear to be working (yet, I hope)
    From Rapid Rewards site:
    1-800-Flowers does not currently participate in the program.

  2. Does anyone know if this promo or the other Southwest promos applying for the Free shipping program so that miles can be earned pruchasing that?

  3. Interesting. I’ve used quite a few of the now-expired codes. But, for me, so far RR36 is not working. I have tried with 2 products so far (including 1 that I used a previous code for quite a bit before Christmas), and I keep getting the following message when trying to apply the code: “We are sorry, the promotion code RR36 you entered is not valid for any items in your cart.”

    I hope this code works! But no luck for me so far. I’ll be interested to hear if others have success, and, if so, for which product(s).

  4. Worked on several plants, and on popcorn, and on the cookies in a pail (all $29.99 items). Did not work on strawberries, I tried several ‘types’ but only looked at the $29.99 ones. Worked on every flower I tried except ‘sale’ priced flowers (none come out to $29.99 anyways).

    It did work with a gift certificate from Discover cash back. Which makes me wonder if the Amazon local codes would work (they go in the same spot and same format, I think).

    If you are going to do this and don’t already have a Passport membership for free shipping the Amazon local does work on that, $15 less cash back (6% right now) for a year of free non Saturday non rush shipping is a great deal. Their flowers are ok. Not great, but ok. I’ve used them a few times.

    Word of warning though, if you start sending your Mom flowers she will be so excited by this that you will forever feel like you sort of have to send flowers. At least if your Mom is anything like mine.

    Question: do points post in relation to when ordered or when delivered? weekly flowers might be fun.

    • I just tried to use the Amazon Local gift certificate to buy a Passport membership, but it didn’t work. The message is:

      Your Order contains gift Card Product(s).
      Gift Card, Savings Pass or Celebrations Rewards pass cannot be applied to this Order
      Limit one Gift Card, Voucher, Fresh Rewards pass and/or Saving pass per order. If you have any questions or you do not have your PIN, please call 1-800-993-1192 Monday to Friday from 8am-8pm EST for assistance.

        • to be clear, I used the $15 local deal to pay for Passport, it did not work with the 1750 miles offer code.

          I logged into 1800flowers directly, no Chase or portal link.

          I was in Safari on an iPad with slightly out of date version of IOS (newest patch/update not installed yet). <— bad it is a critical patch, I'm all up to date now. Just I case infosec Taylor Swift sees this post.

          Used search site to find Passport and added it to cart. It was buggy and failed twice, then worked. Getting the offer code to 'work' has also been buggy for me. Always make sure it accepts the code.

    • just go to Amazon Local (through a shopping portal!) and search for “flowers.” It should come up as a $30 voucher you can buy for $15. I don’t think it matters which city you select on this one.

      • Hi, Thanks. I did that and got the $15.00 off code and Pin but when buying the Passport for some reason the Gift card section won’t allow you to enter the code and pin.

        Anyone else having this issue?


  5. UPDATE:
    Amazon Local is offering $30 1800Flowers gift cards for $15 but:
    1. The Amazon Local gift card does NOT work with the RR36 promo code
    2. The Amazon Local gift card does NOT work to buy the $29.99 Passport membership.
    Based on the above, I do not recommend buying the Amazon Local gift certificates. If you do get stuck with one, it should stack with portal savings, so go through a portal for 20% cash back to 1800Flowers and then buy something with the gift card. It can still be used to feed the hungry, for example!

  6. So far I’ve gotten it to work on only 1 item and I’ve tried about 20 non-sale items, cleared my cache, tried on very expensive items, etc. I keep getting the error message “only one promotion code can be used at a time” though I am obviously not using another one. If you have success please let us know which items!

    The only one I had luck with once, and then couldnt replicate:
    The Popcorn Factory Sea Salt Slim Popcorn 24pk

    • Try emptying your shopping cart (remove all items). Then log-out. Then close all your browser windows, and maybe go back in with a incognito/private browser. Then it should work better. Although there are still some $29.99+ items that don’t seem to work with RR36. Interestingly, I found that the plain/simple (non-fancy Valentine’s Day ones) chocolate-covered strawberries from the 1-800-Flowers website work, but not the exact same item from their Fannie Mae website.

      • Sadly I’ve done all that and still doesn’t work – in fact it’s now not even working for the item I’ve purchased before with success. It seems to happen when I log into my passport membership, but it’s not worth it to me without the free shipping. Going to try changing to an entirely different computer/location for one last attempt.

        Interesting info on the strawberries. How strange!

        • I still get the “only one promotion” error with the RR36 code. Out of curiosity I switched to a different SW promo code and it worked just fine. I hope they didn’t set a limit on # of uses and it’s already been reached…

        • I was having the same issue and struggled to get the RR36 code cleared from the final check out page. Finally got it to clear but I’m not sure exactly which step below got it to work on my PC.

          1. Go to your 800-flowers accounts. Empty cart and log out of your account.

          2. Close all open browser window (Firefox, IE, Chrome, etc).

          3. Open Chrome and go to settings -> history -> clear browsing data -> select history, cookies, cached images/files, autofill

          4. Close Chrome and then reopen.

          5. Go directly to 800-flowers (don’t follow the link from the Chase page)

          6. Log-in to your account immediately (i.e. dont log in during the check out process).

          7. Find and add item to your account.

          8. Go to cart and check out.

          9. Add RR36 code and RR number on final check out screen.

        • Thanks for everyone who helped. In the end, following the link from the Chase page is what screwed me up. Instead I just went directly to the 1800 flowers page, entered the code in at check out and it worked great (for MOST items).

    • A few suggestions:
      1. Try without going through a portal first (they don’t work anyway when using promo codes)
      2. When you try to checkout with an item that doesn’t work, it should show a link to items that qualify for promo codes. Click that.

  7. Anyone tried buying a $29.95 item rather than $29.99? I presume it fails over the $.04, but man it would be great if it didn’t.

  8. Did anyone else notice when RR36 is applied it says “1750 per $1”? That would be awesome but definitely must be a typo.

      • I noticed it earlier today while checking out how 1800flowers works, but now that I’m pulling the trigger and placing ~35 orders to bridge the gap between CC signup bonus and companion pass, it’s been changed to just “Promotion is successfully applied to the order.”

        Was going to screenshot just in case, for the off chance that they’d be willing to honor ;-). Oh well, guess I’ll have to live with getting the points I need at an effective $.01 counting the SYWR points.

  9. I see there are a few items that have free shipping, but they are unfortunately $24.99. Has anyone found anything with free shipping at $29.99 so the shipping charges/shipping subscription can be avoided?

  10. I tried buying a $29.99 box of candy and tried using the RR36 and get this message:
    “We are sorry, the promotion code RR36 you entered is not valid for any items in your cart”

  11. I placed an order for 1800flowers through Ebates and used the RR36 Rapid Rewards promo code, but from what I have been reading, the Ebates will invalidate the 1750 RR points. Is this true? It did say the RR36 promo code had been applied. Of course, I would rather have the 1750 points. Has anyone had this happen? I din’t realize I was signed into my Ebates account at the time.

  12. Check out fine print at the bottom of the 1750 bonus point promo. I noticed they added in a line that I have not seen on previous 800 flowers offers about bonus points not counting towards the companion pass. If you use the standard RR22 promo for 1000 points that line is not present. Your thoughts?

    Member will receive 1750 bonus points for each order of $29.99 or more, excluding service/delivery fees and taxes through February 15, 2015. An order can include more than one item. Bonus points can be earned on purchases made at http://www.1800flowers.com or by calling 1-800-Flowers (1-800-356-9377) and mentioning Promo Code RR36. Items may vary and are subject to availability, delivery rules and times. Offers available online and by phone. Offers cannot be combined, are not available on all products and are subject to restrictions, limitations, and blackout periods. Minimum purchase price $29.99. Prices and charges are subject to change without notice. Void where prohibited. Must provide promotion code RR36 and Rapid Rewards account number at the time of purchase. No points will be awarded on cancelled orders. *Bonus points will not count toward A-List, A-List Preferred, or Companion Pass qualification. Please allow six to eight weeks for bonus points to post to your account. © 2015 1-800-FLOWERS.COM, INC.

      • I just went back and checked an email that I received from them about the promotion. It has the same exact language as quoted above.

        • Hopefully there is a disconnect between 800-Flowers and SWA’s legal and programming teams and they come through as CP qualifying.

          Don’t let us down Sears, the margins are getting thin.

        • I have received several orders and have yet to see the Sears points. I’m checking a ridiculous number of times per day.

  13. It looks like the cheap party is (largerly) over. I was looking into making more orders, but all of the $29.99 items I find now say “This special offer cannot be combined with Promotion Codes.Click here for gifts that can accept Promotion Codes.”

    When I click on the link, there are some items priced at $29.99, but not many that aren’t flowers (assuming you want to donate to charity).

  14. Tried to send nuts for $29.99 tonight. When I entered RR36, the website responded that that promotional code is not valid for any of the items in my cart. Same with the fruit basket. I sent a $29.99 plant to a friend using the code in order to test if it works at all. That order went through, with the code, just fine.

    • Just had the same experience, except the code is not working for anything – including flowers and plants. Hopefully all my outstanding orders where the code was accepted process normally.

    • I placed orders on 1/31 and I’m still waiting for Sears points. First ordered was delivered on Tuesday 2/3 (also waiting on SW points)

  15. Just got a SW promo email this morning titled “Earn 1,750 bonus points on flowers from 1800Flowers.com”… and it gives a separate code – “RR43”.

    …but scrolling down to read the terms in the email it clearly states “Bonus points will not count toward A-List, A-List Preferred, or Companion Pass qualification.”

    So if anyone got that email, be cautious not to accidentally use that new code.

    • The disclaimer language also said “An order can include more than one item.” Thanks, but not thanks.

      I did notice that when keying in the RR36 confirmation code at check out there is no longer a specific mentions of 1,750 miles but, rather, it just gives the generic message “The promotion is successfully applied to the order.” I grabbed screen shots of the offer and recorded checkouts just in case.

  16. Anyone having issues with website for 1800Flowers? Made some orders yesterday and went back to do some more today. I can’t login and have tried for 2 hours to get them to send me the email to reset my password. My wife tried to login to her account and same thing, says wrong password and won’t send reset emails.

  17. I’m having the same issue. I bought the celebration passport for free shipping and once i cleared my cookies (had too many diff offers), it won’t recognize that I had purchased the passport! Now it won’t let me log in..

    • Something is way wrong with their site then and it’s not just me. I just tried on a different computer at home(was at work earlier) and same issues. This sucks

    • After 4 yes 4 calls to 1800Flowers customer service they have created a ticket with support. (first two was transferred then hung up on, 3rd couldn’t understand me and I couldn’t understand them politely let them go, 4th call finally go transferred to Fresh Rewards Loyalty)

      Sarah who was super nice in the Loyalty dept says they have these login issues all the time and as long as use the same email I’ll get rewards credit on my orders. I won’t get my passport shipping until they can fix my account(also said it normally takes 5 business days for the passport to be applied to accounts which we all know isn’t true). So I have to email them after each order to remove the shipping fees until they can correct it. Absolutely terrible service that took over an hour of my time.

  18. I made 8 orders, with varying combinations of SW code, SYW registered credit card, paypal rebate, Amazon Local, SPG, etc. Looks like you get either the Shop Your Way 40% rebate (already posted, even though the flowers have not yet been delivered) or the SW points (have not yet posted). Of the eight orders, I didn’t use the SW code on two of them, and those two have shown up on SYW. One of them was a $40 order, with $30 paid by Amazon local certificate and $10 by my SYW registered card: received the $4 SYW credit.

  19. I sure hope the points count towards the pass, it’s the only reason I made the purchases. In the event a fight is necessary, does anyone know where we can find a screenshot of the RR36 promo “small print” that doesn’t say anything about the points being invalid for the companion pass?

    • Same boat here, to the tune of $1,100 of 1800flowers memorabilia.

      According to what the staff member who posted this deal mentioned in a later comment, after rereading his email about the RR36 promotion he noticed that the original small print specifically stated that the points weren’t qualifying.

      Would probably not have jumped on this had the article mentioned that the deal “may stack” with the Sears promo rather than “should stack”, which I assumed meant there was some precedence for saying so. Would never have jumped if I’d known the the current verbiage.

      Based on other comments, I’ve more-or-less lost hope that the sears points will post and I’m accepting taking a $400+ hit there. Really hoping there is an internal disconnect and the RR points come in as qualifying, but if not I can’t blame anyone but myself for my lack of due diligence. That being said, it’s pretty frustrating that one of the most reputable blogs in the industry would have sent this deal out without checking the terms stated in the original email beforehand, and I wish they would have been a little more cautious on promoting the SYWR portion of the deal.

      Either way, fingers still crossed waiting for qualifying points and the first of my 34 deliveries to begin tomorrow.

  20. I have not been able to add a single item to my cart which qualifies for the promotion. Anyone been able to get anything added recently?

  21. Shawn, While I appreciate many of the deals you’ve drawn our attention to, this one leaves a bad…. smell. What we seem to have here is a nasty bait and switch going on, where folks think they’re getting great rebates and points promos, but I’m less than impressed..

    I went to the “regular” 1800flowers web site…. did some shopping there and had a sense what the prices were. (take one simple example, $29.99 for a dozen roses, before vases & shipping)
    But for those deals (on the base web site), you can’t enter special codes. (e.g. like the ones for Southwest points, or the SYWR promo) To get them, you’ll pay it appears to be 50% more for comparable products. (e.g., the dozen roses mentioned above? Now $45)

    Then there’s the new mention that the promotion might not even count towards the SWA companion pass!!!! (You suggest you thought it would anyway, from past experience, but til we get confirmation, why bother, go through the hassle and take the risk?)

    Moreover, let’s say you manage to swing a stripped down no-frills order (off the inflated price promo version of 800Flowers) that with shipping ends up at around $50. We might then get $20 in SYWR credits back (if they count shipping) And then we get a mere 1,750 miles for the time & trouble? (and miles that again, might not even apply to the companion pass!)

    I’m more inclined to just transfer over the ChaseUR points to Hyatt and from there to SWA. Those points do count, and they’d be credited almost instantly. (5,000 points from CUR at cost of roughly……. $35, if that, via Staples Visa Debit card/Ink strategies — yielding 2,400 swa points)

    Sigh, pardon the rant. What am I missing?

    • When the deal was originally posted, the language about the points not counting towards the Companion Pass wasn’t there.

      I agree that this deal has been frustrating for many and that 1-800-Flowers has tried to stifle people who are trying to use the promotion to get a Companion Pass.

      • Do you have a screenshot? It could come in handy for those of us that might want to take it up with Southwest in the event the points don’t count towards the pass.

    • This deal, as with most deals, is definitely a YMMV. Doesn’t mean it isn’t worth trying, just means that you proceed with caution. If it doesn’t work out, it’s tough to blame the bloggers. Greg and Shawn do a great job of posting deals, analyzing them, and trying to warn about pitfalls. But deals change or don’t work out from time-to-time. It’s just part of the overall equation. Before they added this new language, I’ve always had my SWA points count toward the CP. We’ll see this time. They don’t usually post on SWA until a few days after the items are delivered, and I didn’t set my deliveries until 2/13. I got my orders in before the change in language, so I’m hopeful. But I’m certainly not going to blame Greg & Shawn if it doesn’t work out.

      The other thing I ran into this time around (after using it a lot around Xmas successfully) was that I bought some of the $25 for $20 gift cards from eBay (using my Ink card). While the order seemed to go through fine with the SWA code, I never got order confirmations and the orders looked funny in the “my orders” section of my 800F account (including showing items that I didn’t purchase). It took me many emails and phone calls to 800F support, but finally I got a helpful person and I THINK it is all fixed now (with SWA miles still promised to be coming to me).

      Good luck, everyone. And thanks Greg & Shawn!

  22. What’s the best way to take advantage of the FTD through United for 30/$1
    is there a limit on how much you can spend?

  23. Did anyone receive points from this? Placed 4 orders prior to them changing terms and none have resulted in RR points. Also, in follow up to my login issue. They finally(after 4 calls and 3 emails) said a system issue that can’t be fixed caused my account to not be created with the Passport plan. They then sent me a gift card to use to reorder it…..but the Passport plan can’t be paid for with a gift card. How dumb! I’m now awaiting yet another reply.

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