How to feed the hungry and fly for free (take two)

UPDATE 2/9/2015: This deal is dead. Please see details here: The 1800Flowers deal is dead.

Note: I had published a very similar post in November last year (found here), but that promotion ended prematurely.  Fortunately, an even better promotion is now available…

Southwest Airlines has, in my opinion, the single best deal in the travel industry: earn 110,000 points in one calendar year and they’ll give you a Companion Pass good for the rest of that year and all of the next year.

One way to earn Southwest points quickly is through 1-800-Flowers.  1-800-Flowers is currently offering a promotion in which they’ll award 1750 Southwest Rapid Rewards points for each purchase of $29.99 or more with promo code RR36.  Offer details can be found hereThis offer expires February 14th 2015.

In addition to flowers, 1-800-Flowers offers various types of gift baskets. Some baskets contain food, such as fruits and nuts.  It so happens that these are exactly the types of foods that are in high demand by charitable organizations that feed the hungry.  Towards this end, I’ve been working  with a great local charity: Food Gatherers.  Together, we’ve selected baskets that are a good fit for feeding the hungry, and have developed a process that can be used to donate food.

In this post, I’ll show how you can use the 1-800-Flowers deal to earn 110,000 points and a Companion Pass and help feed the hungry through Food Gatherers.  Of course, you can donate to any cause you’d like, but the instructions below are specific to Food Gatherers.

Background details

  • 1-800-Flowers is running a promotion in which they are offering 1750 Southwest Rapid Rewards points for each purchase of $29.99 or more.  You must use code RR36 and enter your Southwest Rapid Rewards number at checkout to qualify.
  • If you plan to earn miles by shopping at 1-800-Flowers I highly recommend signing up for their Passport program (found here).  For $29.99, you’ll get free shipping for a year.  You can stack deals by going through a portal to purchase this, and you can pay for Passport with a gift card.
  • With free shipping (thanks to Passport) and a $30 1-800-Flowers order, using code RR36, you will earn 58.33 points per dollar (1750 points / $30).
  • The Southwest Companion Pass requires earning 110,000 points within one calendar year.  Once achieved, the companion pass is good for unlimited flights booked with points or cash for the rest of that calendar year and all of the following year.  Purchase one ticket with cash or points and add a companion for free.
  • The best timing for earning the Companion Pass is to earn the 110,000 points as early as possible within a calendar year in order to use the pass for almost two full years.
  • The easiest way to earn the Companion Pass is to sign up for two 50K Southwest Airlines credit card offers (found here, when available).  That will give you nearly all of the required points once you meet the minimum spend requirements for those cards.  Currently, each offer requires $2,000 spend. 
  • This 1-800-Flowers offer can be used either to get the Companion Pass from scratch with 63 separate orders, or better yet, can be used to get the additional points you need if you have another way to earn points (such as the credit card offers mentioned above).  If you go the credit card route and need 6,000 additional points, you would only have to place three 1-800-Flowers orders to get almost 6,000 points (3 orders = 5250 points; 4 orders = 7000 points).
  • You can earn additional rewards by linking your credit card (Visa or MasterCard) to your Sears’ Shop Your Way Rewards (SYWR) account.  Sears is currently offering 40% back in points for purchases made at 1800FlowersPlease see this post for details.
  • You can save additional money by enrolling your American Express cards in the current “Spend $50, get $15 back” offer (details here).  Keep in mind that the $50 spend requirement is cumulative across orders, so you could pay for two separate orders with one enrolled Amex card.  As long as the cumulative total is more than $50, you should earn the $15 rebate.  This offer cannot be combined with the Sears SYWR offer since that offer only works with Visa and MasterCard credit cards.
  • You cannot combine this promo code offer with online portals.  Portal rewards will appear to be credited, but then will be clawed back later.  See: 1800Flowers portal claw back.

Sign up for Passport and Fresh Rewards

Before placing orders at 1-800-Flowers, make sure to sign up for their Passport program which costs $29.99 for a year of free shipping.  You can go through a cash back portal to 1-800-Flowers to buy this and get up to 20% cash back (find current portal offers here).  Also, make sure to sign up for their Fresh Rewards program which will give you credit towards free future purchases.

When to order, and when to deliver

In order to take advantage of the current promotion, you must place your orders by February 14th.  It is OK to schedule delivery after that date, but keep in mind that you will not earn the bonus points until after delivery.  If you plan to ship food to Food Gatherers, please follow these suggestions:

  • Schedule packages to arrive Monday through Thursday. 
  • Avoid holidays, including the day before a holiday.

What to order

To get the most bang for your buck (AKA points per dollar), each order should be as close as possible to $29.99, but not less.  And, Food Gatherers has requested that we send fruit and nuts, but not candy or cookies.  Towards that end, we’ve identified several good options:

Harry and David® Favorite Royal Riviera® Pears

Product code: 141481. $29.95 (this one seems to work despite being 4 cents less than the required amount)

Harry and David® Favorite Royal Riviera® Pears

The Popcorn Factory Sea Salt Slim Popcorn 24pk

Product code: 141432. $29.99

The Popcorn Factory Sea Salt Slim Popcorn 24pk

Wild Alaskan Smoked Sockeye Salmon

Product Code:102806

Wild Alaskan Smoked Sockeye Salmon

Arbor Harvest Fruit Collection

Note: at the time of this writing, the 1800Flowers website says “This special offer cannot be combined with Promotion Codes.”

Product Code:93055. Deluxe size. $29.99.


Vintage Pressed Glass Jar with Jumbo Cashews

Note: at the time of this writing, the 1800Flowers website says “This special offer cannot be combined with Promotion Codes.”

Product Code:93597. $29.99.



How many orders?

The number of orders you place depends upon your goals.  If you want to donate enough to get a Companion Pass in one fell swoop (and you haven’t earned points any other way), then you’ll need to place 63 separate orders.

You can calculate the number of orders you need to place by taking the number of points you need and dividing by 1750.  For example, if you need 6000 points, you can calculate the number of orders as follows:

6000 points required / 1750 points per order = 3.4 orders

If the calculated number is not a whole number, round up to the next nearest whole number.


According to my accountant, donations to Food Gatherers as described here are tax deductible at the price paid.  The fact that the donor will receive miles for the purchase, in his opinion, is not relevant.  Critically, the points would come from 1-800-Flowers, not from Food Gatherers.  That is, Food Gatherers would be able to honestly report that they did not give the donor anything of value in exchange for the gift. Of course, you should check with your own tax advisor for your situation.  Keep in mind that tax deductions are different from tax credits.  Unlike a tax credit, if you spend $30 on an order it will not reduce your tax burden by $30.  The exact amount that it helps reduce your tax burden depends upon many factors that are unique to your tax situation.

Costs and benefits

Let’s assume you take the extreme approach and place 63 orders for delivery.  And, arbitrarily, let’s assume that you’ll save 25% of the cost of each order from your future taxes.  Let’s also assume that you pay with a BarclayCard Arrival Plus card (which earns 2 points per dollar) and that you linked the card to your Sears’ SYWR account (for 40% back in points).

Here are your expected costs:

  • Purchase Passport plan for free shipping: $29.99 – 20% portal rebate = $23.99
  • Place 63 orders at $29.99 each: $1,889.37
  • Deduct $1,889.37 in donations from taxes. At 25% tax savings: –$472.34
  • Total cost: $1441.02

In addition to helping to feed the hungry, you will get:

  • 110,250 Southwest Rapid Rewards points worth approximately $1687 in airfare.  This is based on my estimated Southwest point valuation of 1.53 cents per point (found here).
  • The Companion Pass can effectively double the redemption value of the points earned since each flight you take using points can include a free companion.  Of course, you might not use all of your points under these ideal conditions.  For example, sometimes you might fly alone or with more than two people.  Or, you might not use all of your points while the Companion Pass is still active.  So, let’s assume that the Companion Pass is worth half of the value of the points: $843.
  • 3,778 BarclayCard Arrival points worth 1.1 cents each towards travel = $41.56.
  • $756 in Shop Your Way Rewards points.  Since points expire over time and can only be used to buy merchandise (not gift cards) at Sears, Kmart, and other affiliated stores, we shouldn’t value the points at full face value.  Instead, let’s assume (somewhat arbitrarily) that points are worth 80% of face value: 80% of $756 = $605
  • Total estimated benefit: $3,176

As you can see, without accounting for the value of your time, the total estimated benefit far outweighs the costs even before considering the amount of good done by feeding the hungry!  In fact, this is true even if you do not take a tax deduction!

Ordering and donation instructions

Here’s how to order fruit or nuts and donate to Food Gatherers:

1. Browse to 1-800-Flowers and find the appropriate food items, or click through from here to one of these:

2. Log into your 1-800-Flowers account.

3. Order a single $29.99 item and ship it to:

Katie Bye
Food Gatherers
1 Carrot Way
Ann Arbor, MI 48105

Phone: 734-761-2796

4. Under location type, select “Business”.


5. Schedule delivery based on when you want the points applied to your account.  Please see the section above titled “When to order, and when to deliver.

6. Save the address to your 1-800-Flowers address book to expedite your repeat orders.

7. Enter your name in the Card Message box.  For example, if your name is Jane Doe, you could enter: “Donation to Food Gatherers from Jane Doe”.


8. DON”T FORGET to enter the promo code!  On the final check-out screen, make sure to enter the RR36 promo code and your Southwest Rapid Rewards number.  If you don’t already have a Southwest loyalty program number, you’ll have to signup for one first. VERY IMPORTANT: Make sure to press the “apply” button!


9. Verify that the promo code was accepted.  You should see text saying “Promotion code RR36 ( SOUTHWEST AIRLINES ) has been applied to your order” or “Promotion is successfully applied to the order. 1750 pts per $1 min purchase $29.99”

10. Repeat all of the above for each order you want to place.

11. Send gift message to Food Gatherers once packages have been delivered (if you want a gift receipt).  I’d recommend setting up a calendar alert to remind you to do this. Once the deliveries have been made, send an email to Food Gatherers (, with details of your donation and your name and address.  This way, they can send you a donation receipt for tax purposes.  Here’s an example:

Please accept my donation of 63 boxes of fruit sent separately via 1-800-Flowers, and delivered on February 10th 2015. Sincerely Jane Doe, 123 Cashew Way, Somewhere City, CA 12345.

Note: I realize that the above steps can be overwhelming, especially if you intend to place 63 orders!  Please consider this carefully before deciding to go for it!

What can go wrong

This is far from a risk-free deal.  Here are some things that I can think of that could go wrong:

  • 1-800-Flowers might stop selling fruit and nuts at the $30 price point.  They might run out of stock or decide to raise prices, or whatever. The worst case would be if this happens half way through placing your orders.
  • 1-800-Flowers might stop allowing promo codes with the fruit and nut orders.
  • 1-800-Flowers could mess up and fail to award points.  Several readers have said that with past promotions they had to call to get their points awarded.  I can just imagine the phone call now… “Hi, I placed 63 separate orders using a promo code, but haven’t yet received the points…”
  • This might prove to be more work than expected.  Not only will it be a lot of work to place 63 orders, but things can go wrong at any point after that as well.  Keeping track of the orders and handling problems, could become a big job.

Trying to gift points

I had planned to run a contest in which I would gift 110,000 points and a companion pass to a reader by entering their Southwest Rapid Rewards number into each of my orders.  Unfortunately, this does not appear to work.  A reader tried this late last year (he entered his girlfriend’s Southwest number instead of his own), but the points were mysteriously added to his own Southwest account instead.  He says that he even called and confirmed with 1800Flowers that he had entered his girlfriend’s Southwest number!  So, I tried an experiment where I sent a fruit order to Food Gatherers and entered a friend’s Southwest number instead of my own.  In my case, the points never appeared in either account.  My assumption is that 1800Flowers gives both the Southwest Rapid Rewards number and the billing name to Southwest to credit the points.  Apparently things can go wrong if the two don’t match up.

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    • I never even thought of this being a useful way to stock up on some fruits and nuts yourself. The only part that doesn’t translate if you buy them for yourself or friends and family who are not charitable organizations is that you wouldn’t be able to deduct the spending from your taxes. I think I’ll do a combo of buying for ourselves and sending to charity. We like apples, pears, oranges and cashews, too. 🙂

  1. I am not sure when in your series of instructions to do the shop your way awards part. But what a good idea for a way to provide something useful while working on the southwest pass!

  2. Has anyone confirmed if you can use a gift card (purchased thru staples, taking advantage of the amex sync and a portal) and the Southwest Airlines promo at the same time?

      • If you use a 1-800 GC for partial payment and the rest with the linked card will you get SYWR for the full purchase or just the amount paid with the linked card?

  3. Thanks for the article, this is super helpful!!

    How do you keep track of which grant of 1,750 is associated with which purchase so you can track down any purchases that dont give point grants? Thanks!

    • Good question. I don’t know. Maybe if you don’t get all of the points you would just have to call 1800Flowers and tell them how many orders you placed using the code and try to work it out with them.

  4. Some may also have a $15 off $15 in their paypal wallet, and there is a current Amazon local offer $30 for $15, which, I believe, in the past had stacked or at least you could use to purchase the passport program, if you don’t already have free shipping.

  5. UPDATE:
    Amazon Local is offering $30 1800Flowers gift cards for $15 but:
    1. The Amazon Local gift card does NOT work with the RR36 promo code
    2. The Amazon Local gift card does NOT work to buy the $29.99 Passport membership.
    Based on the above, I do not recommend buying the Amazon Local gift certificates. If you do get stuck with one, it should stack with portal savings, so go through a portal for 20% cash back to 1800Flowers and then buy something with the gift card. It can still be used to feed the hungry, for example!

  6. The staples website is out of e-giftcards for 1800flowers.

    Bought the Annual passport using my synced Amex, going through the Discovercard portal. Hoping to get 20% back.

    I redeemed a bunch of points for 1800flowers e-certificates. Was able to use the e-certificates AND the RR36 promo code for the same order, then paid the remaining charges with my synced Amex. Received the “congratulations” email from amex, so can confirm that cumulative charges will trigger the 1800flowers amex sync deal…no need to charge $50 all at once.

    My mom, dad, grandmother and sister-in-law are all getting valentines cookies in the next week. Now I only need 42K more miles for a Companion Pass! Next stop…Target!

  7. has anyone tried the paypal $15 off $15. i’m just wondering if the promotion would treat the end amount of $30 purchase -15 = 15 and award the 1750 points

  8. I looked at buying discounted GC’s or at least getting 5x UR on them but then you give up the 40% SYWR points which is pretty lucrative. Could you buy 30 dollar gift cards first to get the RR points? Then get greater savings by going back through a portal when redeeming them? Or, if buying GC’s work, you could also consider reselling them.

    • If buying GC works to get the RR rewards, then huge win – sell the GCs AND get the SYW. Turns this into a money maker as long as the resell rate doesn’t drop. I’m very interested to try this…..except they’re not selling GCs right now (boooooo). Will keep looking throughout this period and try if they come back.

  9. Interesting but seems a bit risking. I would imagine if you document everything and play within all the T&C’s it’s no worse than the old US Air Grand Slam as far as work goes.

    One thing I would suspect is that your credit card might shut down on fraud alert due to many order with the same online merchant. You could fix that on the fly however.

  10. I sent fruit and nuts to Food Gatherers in December, using my billing info and Hubby’s Southwest Rapid Rewards number. The miles posted in 7 to 9 days. It might have to do with same last name and address.

    We’ve had a few births, deaths and milestone birthdays in our circle recently. I sent flowers/gift baskets using the code for 1000 SW RRs with my billing/Hubby’s SW RRs number. Those miles posted too.

    This morning I ordered a couple of plants for my house in two orders, using my Amex. I got the congratulations email from Amex.

  11. I am getting different promo code acceptance messages. So far most of them have been just a generic one that the promotion was applied but no mention of Southwest or 1750 bonus miles. The last one I just received did mention the offers terms of 1750 miles for $29.99 minimum in spending.

    None of them though stated “Promotion code RR36 ( SOUTHWEST AIRLINES ) has been applied to your order.”

    Do you think this is anything to be concerned about in getting the miles credited?

  12. FM, can you please clarify– can we get portal points/money for buying gift certificants/cards, then get more portal points/money for using those certificates on a separate order?

    My strategy is:
    1. Use the Discover portal to buy the $29.99 Passport
    2. Use Discover portal to buy GC, using AMEX (Sync cash back)
    3. Discover portal and use GC to buy flowers. Will use the RR code.

    Any issues with this?

  13. BTW – Everyone I sent flowers to (and I mean every single person and other people who saw the flowers… all independent of each other) said multiple times that the flowers were gorgeous and lasted a very long time.

  14. I placed the first order and the promotion code works as showed by FM. But when I try to place the second order, there is no message show up and on the top of where I should put RR36, it says: Only one promotion code may be applied per order. Would that work?

  15. Will Chase actually allow you to sign up for two SWA Credit Cards (and get 50K points)? Doesn’t this fall into their “you can’t sign up for the same reward twice in a 24 month period” rule?

  16. Curious if you can buy and have points applied to another person. We are a family of 6. Have a 15 year old daughter. Wife and I already have CP from southwest. Possible to get daughter in on the action so we fly 3 for free? Thanks!

    • Yes, can credit to any southwest account. My 9 year old has a companion pass so my 5 year old is her companion for when we travel as a family. My wife is my companion so we can take quick trips by ourselves.

  17. The $29.99 Arbor fruit collection now says “This special offer cannot be combined with Promotion Codes.” I don’t think it said that yesterday, did it? 🙁

    • Bad news indeed.

      The following message now appears under the Arbor Harvest Fruit Collection…

      “Promotion Codes are not accepted on this item.
      Click here for gifts that can accept Promotion Codes.”

      It looks like this opportunity is over for food donation items at the minimum $29.99 price point for the Southwest 1750 mile promotion.

      • Re. the points for the $29.95 pears, are you saying those posted to Southwest already for you? Just making sure since that seems REALLY fast if you just ordered those yesterday.

        My first orders were yesterday morning, shipped this morning, and I see Celebration rewards at 1800Flowers but no Sears or Southwest activity yet (and non expected yet).

  18. Just finished order 63 earlier tonight, thanks for laying out all of the details FM, exhaustively. I was contemplating this back in November before it ended early. Thinking of doing double Ritz cards and then nights and flights in order to have two companion passes for the family. To keep things simpler, I enrolled in the SWY promotion as my only stack, hope it posts. Worst case scenario, I earn the SW points equal to ~$26 each order and then pay ~$4 for each item (probably the realistic value), and that’s before the CP doubles the SW point value to $52. With SYW, then we’re really winning. Good luck to those who dealt with the gift certificates.

    -I broke up the orders into two days. Yesterday the checkout screens looked different for me. Seems they are updating their website. Could no longer type a # symbol in the message section. Someone mentioned seeing something different yesterday,
    -As others have mentioned, they caught on to the nuts and fruit. Many more options left.
    -Yesterday when the promo code was applied it gave the generic message as referenced in this article, tonight it read “Promotion is successfully applied to the order. 1750 pts per $1 min purchase $29.99”. 1750 points per dollar! Obviously a typo (like many others throughout the website), but knowing the points community, feel free to try to earn a companion pass with three orders (3x$29.99 would equal 157,447k points!).
    -Use your Barclays Arrival+. To mix it up I started with the Barclays and then attempted my US Bank Club Carlson–it lasted only 3 orders before fraud protection kicked in–then I switched back. Barclays chugged along for the other 60 identically priced internet orders! I’ve trained that card well, ha.
    -I took lots of screenshots, lots and lots of screenshots.

  19. I was able to use a giftcard from cashed in Discovercard funds on 1800flowers yesterday. Today the website says it is inactive for any purchase (tried flowers, cookies, plants). This is without any promo code. Yet when I call to get a giftcard balance, I’m told I still have $120 in funds. No sure if anyone else has been able to use a giftcard today.

    • I’m able to use giftcards from cashed in discovercard funds again today with the Promo code. They did Promotion is successfully applied to the order. 1750 pts per $1 min purchase $29.99″.

      But I did notice on the order details page that it only listed Promo RR36 applied if I put some of the charge on a credit card…if I paid totally with a gift certificate it lists no promo code at all…I’m hoping this is just an artifact of their system as I would hate to have to fight for points on half of my orders.

  20. So do I have my math right here assuming that I purchase GC first with my Discover Card linked to SYW:

    $1800 cards
    -(360)- 20% Discover rebate
    -720 SYW Points
    -450 Tax Refund
    $270 cost (assuming face value for SYWR) plus 110k RR points

  21. Thanks so much for this post. I have a question about sales taxes. It appears that all of the above calculations are based off of a $29.99 total purchase price. For both orders I have submitted, I was charged $2.85 in sales tax (California resident). As I have not seen this mentioned anywhere above, I wanted to see if I was missing something or if this is just a function of the location of my residence. Thanks!

    • That is based upon where you are sending it. From their website: Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas or Virginia will charge tax if you are sending it there. Thats why the charity is not in those states!

    • as of 2/4 at 6:34PM eastern, there is a red note indicating “Promotion code discounts will not work with this item” I think they are reading your blog…

  22. Looks like the $29.95 Harry and David Favorite Royal Riviera Pears are out. In the last couple hours, the “This special offer cannot be combined with Promotion Codes” tag got applied. Too bad for me. I was sitting at enough orders to be just shy of 60k which puts the CP an easy credit card away, debating whether to go all the way to 110k. Finally was ready to do the remaining orders. Oh well. Thanks for the great idea! Happy with how far I went!

  23. Well, you called it: 1-800-Flowers might stop allowing promo codes with the fruit and nut orders.
    All of the $29.99 items listed now bear the “No Promo Codes Allowed”.

    When trying to check out and use the RR36 code, I get a “We are sorry, the promotion code RR36 you entered is not valid for any items in your cart.”

  24. I donated several cases of the popcorn to our local elementary school to use for their weekend food for kids program. Popcorn factory ships it in that exact box, so when I walked into school today I saw them piled high in the office. Hello, tax write off and free trips!

  25. I jumped on this quick and bought a ton of stuff, most of which is now saying that promo codes cannot apply. Wish they wouldn’t be jerks about it – if you’re going to have a promo don’t make it impossible to use. If you don’t want people to use it, change the terms to something you can live with!

  26. “In order to take advantage of the current promotion, you must place your orders by February 14th. It is OK to schedule delivery after that date, but keep in mind that you will not earn the bonus points until after delivery.”

    How confident are we that this will work? Is it written somewhere? My mother-in-law’s birthday is February 22nd. Could I order the flowers today and receive the 1750 points after they are delivered. If so, how far can we push this? Can I be ordering gifts for people through out the year 🙂 I know, I know, it’s all a risk, but I’m curious what people’s thoughts are. Thanks!

  27. You do realize what it says in the fine print at the bottom of the page right?

    Member will receive 1750 bonus points for each order of $29.99 or more, excluding service/delivery fees and taxes through February 15, 2015. An order can include more than one item. Bonus points can be earned on purchases made at 1800flowers or by calling 1-800-Flowers (1-800-356-9377) and mentioning Promo Code RR36. Items may vary and are subject to availability, delivery rules and times. Offers available online and by phone. Offers cannot be combined, are not available on all products and are subject to restrictions, limitations, and blackout periods. Minimum purchase price $29.99. Prices and charges are subject to change without notice. Void where prohibited. Must provide promotion code RR36 and Rapid Rewards account number at the time of purchase. No points will be awarded on cancelled orders. *Bonus points will not count toward A-List, A-List Preferred, or Companion Pass qualification. Please allow six to eight weeks for bonus points to post to your account. © 2015 1-800-FLOWERS.COM, INC.

    • This was not in the T&C when this started. Anyone have a screen grab of the old verbage just in case they try and enforce this change to those of us who already placed the orders?

      • Were the points that you earned towards companion pass purchased on or after Feb 4 or 5 when word started flying that the points wouldn’t count for CP? If after the 4th or 5th we may be able to assume that the points count towards CP, even if exclusions say they wont. Similar to how Discover will give you cash back through their portal even if you don’t use their card.

        • Before. I did the order on 2/2 & points posted 2/4 so there is a chance that they could have changed how they will now post. (but I believe they will still count)

  28. Just received this email:

    Send flowers, gifts, and sweet treats from® family of brands, and earn 1,750 bonus points on each order of $29.99 or more with promo code RR43.

    Click here or call 1-800-FLOWERS (1-800-356-9377), mention promo code RR43, and provide your Rapid Rewards® account number.

  29. UPDATE 1: Does this count towards the Companion Pass?
    Several people have pointed out that the terms & conditions for the 1800Flowers promo now says that bonus points do not count towards the Companion Pass.
    My take: I don’t believe it. Southwest would have to recode their systems to make that true since points have counted towards the companion pass on all prior promos and we even have one reader verifying that she sees companion pass credit on her account already with this promo.
    But:: If I’m wrong about that, you probably won’t be able to get help from Southwest due to the T&C

  30. UPDATE 2: Products no longer qualifying…
    Every time I post a product that sells for the right price (e.g. $29.95) and is worthwhile to donate to Food Gatherers, it seems that 1800Flowers updates their systems to make that product no longer eligible for the promo code. My assumption is that they are either monitoring this page or noticing a surge in orders for particular items and adjusting accordingly. Either way: not nice!
    Anyway, I’ll stop posting ideas in the main post. If you find good candidates, please post in the comments here (after you’ve placed your orders, of course) for others to find. Thanks!

  31. My Story So Far:

    I placed 65 orders spread out over 2/2 and 2/3. So far:

    – Most orders have been shipped
    – No RR points posted
    – No SYWR points posted
    – 3540 Celebration Rewards points posted ($350 to spend at 1800flowers)

    I’ll keep checking and will update this post when anything posts.

  32. Can I do Amazon Local + SW promo + Passport program?

    With the Passport program, is there an additional surcharge for Valentines Day delivery?

    Can we pay with Paypal for the Passport program?

    • How do the gift cards work if you don’t get portal rewards with them? I see how buying from staples with ink gets you 5x Ur. Is there a better benefit to buying directly from 1800?

    • That’s great, but keep in mind that they probably won’t arrive in time for this promo. Still, its a good deal to stack:
      1. Portal 20% + either Amex Sync $15 off $50 or SYWR 40%
      2. Later promo codes (30X promo codes are almost always available)

  33. I think I’ve scoured through everything and besides a few items it appears nothing is available to purchase for $29.99…neither for donations or gifts…bummer

    • I think I’ve scoured through everything and besides a few items it appears nothing is available to purchase for $29.99…neither for donations or gifts…bummer

      And it takes a bit of clicking having to add all info to last page only to find out it does not qualify…or is there a page which shows all items available with the promotion…thanks

  34. This is a very wonky website. Yesterday, it appeared to accept the promo code for food products. Today, I get a message saying that they do not qualify. It’s really frustrating. Also, I purchased the free shipping but if I attempt to buy from anything but the primary website, I’m logged out and the free shipping is not recognized.

  35. I keep on getting this: We are sorry, the promotion code RR36 you entered is not valid for any items in your cart. Seriously? I’m actually just trying to send flowers. Anyone have items that are still working?

  36. I ordered a few things at the start to test the waters. Had a bad feeling after they changed the terms and the website became ‘wonky.’ This will probably end up being more hassle than reward for the folks who went all-in for the CP. But I could be wrong…

  37. I already have a companion pass, I just want the points. I ordered 3 dozen things, and by getting in early was able to get in on the cashews, fruit, etc. (I am bummed the cashews aren’t eligible any longer because they are really delicious.)

    I ordered some items for charity, some for ourselves, business gifts, and all our future birthday/mother’s day/etc type gifts for the next few months. So far I’ve been sorely disappointed. Two gifts I ordered to arrive the day before a birthday were delayed by five days. No one told me, I just tracked them and only now am seeing they still haven’t been delivered. I also ordered same-day delivery of balloons to someone in the ICU, and a week later they contacted me to say that the hospital only allows one balloon delivered so they didn’t do it. Would’ve been nice to know sooner that my gift did not arrive.

    The moral of this story is I’ll only order from this company when the payoff is huge, and not when I need something reliably delivered.

  38. Sone good news and some very bad news. The SW points for all of my deliveries that arrived last week posted to SW this morning. They were NOT companion pass qualifiying. FAVOR: Does anyone have a screenshot of the T&Cs from before they made the change? Still no post to SYW btw.

    • ugh that’s really awful. oh well…ends up being a wash overall – basically traded a bunch of money for RR pts that I will use eventually. would’ve never done this of course had I not thought they’d do the right thing and count the points towards the CP, but what can ya do? all part of game…

        • I got the points for 3 of 4 orders, the 3 that posted were the code for the 1750 points. I used one of the other two Southwest codes for the 4th order. Likewise not showing as counting towards the companion pass. SYW not posted either.

  39. I find their regular customer service to be hit or miss, so I offer you all this:

    I probably just screwed myself into even longer wait times, but if you want a good chance at a person that has common sense and speaks English, that’s your best bet.

  40. Great news! I finally convinced Southwest that since my 65 orders were placed prior to them changing their policy, that I should get the Companion Pass. They finally agreed! I’m now the proud owner of a CP through the end of 2016 because of this deal. Thanks, FM!

    • Would you mind sharing the details on that? Was it a game of lots of Hangupandcallagain or did you go through a review process?

      • No HUCA really, just a few follow-up calls.

        I called their executive support team and laid out the case. I placed 65 orders on the evenings of 2/2 and 2/3 and they changed their categorization of 1800FLOWERS points from “base” to “bonus” points” on 2/5.

        The request got routed through a few teams and each person I spoke with said it sounded fair to them. Ultimately it got approved yesterday!

        • Thanks for the additional information, ShlockDoc.

          Did you have to provide documentation to show the policy change from base to bonus points?

          I too made all my ordered prior to 2/5, but that’s the first thing that I think that they would ask for.

          By the way, interestingly I had two orders for which the points did not post automatically to my Rapid Rewards account so I had to contact Southwest to get them. The points for those two orders that posted qualified towards the Companion Pass.

    • Wow! Thanks for the update, ShlockDoc, and congratulations! I didn’t even think of pursuing this further.

      ShlockDoc, what was the date that Southwest changed their policy and what did you provide for documentation to evidence this?

      • They changed their policy (a phrase that I repeated over an over) on 2/5. I didn’t need to provide documentation, they were well aware of it. I believe someone from SW called Flowers at some point to verify my order date since the date the posted into SW doesn’t indicate order date.

        • I’m on the phone now with Southwest and the representative is still saying that the points awarded under the promotion do not qualify towards the Companion Pass. I wonder if it has anything to do with the promotion code used.

          ShlocDoc, what promotion code did you use? I used RR36.

  41. Just a quick update that I was able to get Southwest Airlines to count the points from this 1800-FLOWERS promotion towards qualifying for a Companion Pass which I now have been awarded. Based on my experience though, YMMV.

    Thanks again to ShlockDoc for updating this thread and letting me know that this was even a possibility.

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