Bypass Airport Security Lines – Get 1 Year of CLEAR Membership for Free!

free CLEAR membership

CLEAR is a private trusted traveler program that allows you to bypass security lines in 10 airports across the country. (You can find more about CLEAR here.) Normally the price is $179 per year, however they are offering 1 year free when you register and use the promotional code VDAYFAM15 through 2/15/2015. 

This promotion is meant for current members who are referring their own family members, but it appears anyone can register with the code. I have confirmed that you are able to register online with the code, however I have not yet finished the in-person registration.


While the promotional code does seem to work, these are the official terms, “Offer valid for new “companion” members only through 2/15/15.  Companion add on should be a member of the same household as the primary CLEAR member.  Companion membership will renew at $50 after one year.”

You do have to register with a credit card, although it won’t be charged right away. Unfortunately they will automatically charge you for renewal if you don’t cancel and it doesn’t seem there is a way to turn off auto-renewal online.

CLEAR is located in the following airports:

  • Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW)
  • Denver (DEN)
  • Houston, George Bush (IAH)
  • Houston, Lobby (HOU)
  • Las Vegas (LAS)
  • Orlando (MCO)
  • San Antonio (SAT)
  • San Francisco (SFO)
  • San Jose (SJC)
  • Westchester County, NY (HPN)
  • Miami (MIA) *Coming Soon

This deal and the CLEAR service may be of use to people who live or travel regularly through one of the above cities. With that said, the code is meant for referred family members, so your mileage may vary.

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    • How do you get this for free? How do you do this and do your kids have to get this as well when they travel with you?

  1. Does each family member have to do this? I have younger kids that travel with me.

    When you get to the airport where do you go to avoid the secruity?

  2. Great find Shawn, I just signed up. After signing up (for free), Clear recommends bringing your passport to the airport next time you fly into/out of one of their supported airports. Should takes 5-10 minutes to verify your identity and then you will receive your Clear Card a week later in the mail.

  3. Just did this. Enrollment process a pain – be aware the longest password allowed is 20. If you enter a longer one it will act like you are enrolled but you won’t know your password. Your user name will also be all caps (even if you enter lower case).

  4. Just signed up as a new user. So you do not have to be a previous member to get this service. It is a shame that more airports do not have this, but I use most of these locations. Thanks. I’ll let you know in 3 weeks how it worked as I am going to Vegas!

    • You can use this with global entry/precheck now. So if there happens to be a line for precheck, clear will skip you right to the front. I used to have clear (but not precheck) and it worked great, very easy. You just walk through the lane, they do a biometic screening, and you are done. I would never pay for it though, but for free, if it is going to save me a few minutes every time I go to the airport, I’m signing up again, even though I also now have precheck.

  5. It isn’t at goodmas Pre-check–it helps you avoid the line, but you still go through the regular screening process. But it is guaranteed (I don’t always get pre-check) and the line is usually non-existent. Great Plan B, but Pre-Check is better.

  6. In regard to not being able to turn off the auto renew feature on line, just use one of the many credit cards you don’t plan on keeping much longer for the application. When you cancel the credit card, the auto renewal can’t take place.

  7. I was one of the first Clear members a decade ago; can’t remember when they started at MCO. They went out of business and then came back a few years later. I love their service, but I’m traveling less frequently and just cancelled. Hard to justify the fees unless you travel frequently. But if you do travel a lot they are great.

    TSA Pre will be my go-to now. I’ve often found their line to be quicker than Clear, but not always. If you have pre check, Clear will take you to the front of the line at Pre and then transfer you to the Pre check line. At MCO, the Pre check line is usually pretty short though.

    Some Visa cards do offer a discounted Clear annual fee, so heck with your Visa card! I got my discount through my Freedom card.

    • I just did it and it seems to still be working. Try using incognito mode or a different browser.

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