Hyatt 20% Rebate for Cardholders – Works For New Accounts Too

hyatt 20 rebate

The news broke earlier today that Hyatt is offering a 20% rebate on points redemptions through July 31, 2015 for holders of their co-branded credit card.

According to the terms, this promotion only applies to targeted members who had the credit card before 1/31/15, but one of our readers has been told something different by Hyatt.

Here is what Hyatt Concierge wrote to Frequent Miler reader Jenny in regards to the promotion:

“For Hyatt CC holders prior to 1/31/15 they are automatically enrolled in the offer.”

“You can still apply for the Hyatt credit card and be eligible for this offer as long as you register prior to 3/31/15″

Update: Hyatt has confirmed via Twitter that new cardholders are eligible for the promotion.


As you can see, current cardholders have been automatically registered for the promotion and new cardholders should get the rebate if they register before 3/31/15.

Additionally, Hyatt has confirmed through other blogs that award stays don’t need to be rebooked to qualify for this promotion.

If you are looking to apply for the card, see the Best credit card offers page to see how to get the best offer which includes an additional $50 statement credit. You can find the full promotional terms and registration information here.

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  1. I am a new cardholder. I applied and was approved on February 3. I have my card and have met minimum spend but have not yet made a payment. When I try to register it says “This Hyatt Gold Passport account number is not eligible to participate in this promotion.” Any suggestions?

    • Either tweet @HyattConcierge or call Hyatt Gold Passport and they will manually add the promotion to your account.

  2. So here’s a question for ya: I have reservations for the family in my name. Chase hates me.

    If I get a card for my wife, can I move the reservations to her name and Hyatt number and make this work? The hard part is moving the reservations, as far as I can see. There’s no more C&P availability for my place and dates.

    • Based on the terms and what Hyatt has said, the promotion is linked to the Gold Passport number. If she has the card and gets the promotion linked to her account, then any award stays in her name/number should receive the rebate.

      Like you said, you would need to make sure the stays are switched entirely over to her name and Gold Passport number.

    • According to the terms the rebate is on all points spent from your account including award stays, room upgrades and more. All inclusives should be included.

  3. I am unabashed to reveal that this promotion gets me all wet…..I don’t one of my boyfriends/girlfriends could have analyzed my account any better and determined the perfect promotion to cement our matrimony……Baby how big a ring do you want?

  4. You say reward nights don’t need to be rebooked. So if I currently have 2 reward nights booked for April, then I can get the credit card and request a 20% refund on those points?

    • If you get the credit card, you must call Hyatt and have them add the promotion to your Gold Passport account.

      Once it is added, all points spent from your account should be rebated 20%. Make sure to have the promotion added or you won’t get the rebate.

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