Officemax Visa Gift Card Deal – $10 Off the Purchase of 2 $50 Cards


According to @JohnSerwach on Twitter, Officemax is offering $10 off the purchase of 2 $50 Visa gift cards in-store. $50 Visa Gift cards cost $4.95 each, thus making the cards free.

Visa gift cards sold by Officemax are issued by Metabank and can be loaded to Bluebird/Serve at Walmart by using the last four digits of the card number as the pin. (Recent reports suggest you don’t even need to enter the pin for such low dollar amounts.) They can also be liquidated at Target by loading to a REDbird.

At this time it is unknown whether this promotion will work on higher denomination gift cards, however the sign specifically mentioned $50 gift cards only. John also didn’t pass along the expiration date. Note: Despite being part of the same company, in-store Officemax deals are generally not available at Office Depot.

Update: This deal appears to be good at both Officemax and Office Depot through 3/7/15 with a limit of two per person/household. Officemax sells cards issued by Metabank which can be loaded at Walmart. Office Depot sells Vanilla branded cards which have been known to have issues when loading at Walmart. 

Update 2: You can find a detailed analysis of this deal along with information about a possible glitch that allows for more savings over at Miles to Memories.

The best way to maximize this deal is to purchase the gift cards with a Chase Ink card to earn 5X Ultimate Rewards points on the purchase. You can also earn 5% cashback with the American Express SimplyCash Business card.

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  1. Nice find, Shawn. $50 VGCs are a pain to liquidate. I was at Office Max Monday night buying GCs and didn’t see any signs regarding GC deals.

  2. Two outdated pieces of information in this post:

    1. $50 or less Metabank Visa GC no longer requires PIN at walmart, they go through as debit, but without asking for PIN. This is a recent change.
    2. The promo is available at Office Depot, but OD carries Vanilla Visas.

  3. It seems OM has transitioned to OD registers, so there is no barcode to scan, the discount comes off when the cashier hits the Total button.

  4. Just cashed in on this at my local OfficeMax! And, actually, through either cashier or coding error, I got both cards for $89.90!! It took $10 off each card (at least, that’s how the cashier described it). She didn’t want to get her manager and I didn’t mind that she didn’t wanna check. 🙂 Thanks for this post!

    • They seem to be working again. Apparently it was an issue with American Express on the backend.

  5. Went to my local officemax In TN and there was no sign and the cashier was not aware of the sale either. Anybody by chance from TN had any luck?

  6. Went to my local OM in MN. No sign and only five $50 Visa GC’s left. I grabbed 4, went to the counter and said, “I read online about an unadvertised special on these $50 GC’s. If you buy two, you get a $10 discount, and each person can do it twice.” He checked his binder of scannable barcodes and there it was! He tried to do all 4 GC’s in one transaction and it didn’t go through. So he did it in two transactions. I have 2 Ink cards, so I put each transaction on one. My total for 4 $50 GC’s was $179.80 (and 899 UR points). I immediately went to my local Target a few stores away and loaded them to my RedCard. I do my RedCard loads at the customer service counter. I said I want to load $200 total in increments of $50. She keyed in the $200 load amount and I swiped my $50 CG’s one at a time. Success! WIN!

  7. BTW, in the past when there have been similar “unadvertised” deals with GC’s, I have had to ask the cashier to look in their book of codes. One time it even took the manager to look on this computer in the back room to find the deal and print out the scannable code. Polite persistence pays off!

  8. I recently went to my local OM (Virginia) and tried to buy a Visa prepaid card with my Ink Plus, the cashier told me that I couldn’t pay with credit and had to use cash. Has anyone else run into this situation recently? I’m trying to determine if it is just my location, only for the Visa prepaid cards, only that cashier, etc.

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