AAdvantage Portal Now Paying 5X at Staples

staples aadvantage portal

The AAdvantage shopping portal has temporarily increased their payout at Staples from 2X to 5X. The special increased payout will run through 3/15/15.

Note that terms exclude gift cards, however some people have reported receiving miles when purchasing merchant gift cards in the past. Visa gift cards will not earn any miles.

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    • mommafrica, best option would be to take advantage of this AA 5 miles per $1 offer by using Chase Ink card which would give you another 5 Chase UR points per dollar for spend at Staples. $500 computer will give you 2500 AA miles and 2500 Chase UR points.. And you can also earn 3% to 5% Staples rewards.. triple dipping!

      • Juno,

        Have you actually tried the strategy you mentioned, and physically received all the miles from this transaction? I ask b/c I do not see how you would earn AA miles going through the AA portal using a Chase card. The AA portal tracks your purchase, and rewards AA miles based off of an AA credit card (like AAdvantage Platinum MC for example). The AA portal cannot award you AA miles unless you’re using a credit card that earns AA miles. Please let me know if I’m wrong about this. Thanks for your help!

        • You do not need to use an American Airlines card when going through the AAdvantage portal. The miles earned are issued directly to your AAdvantage account regardless of the credit card used.

          Juno’s scenario should work just fine. In that case you would earn the AAdvantage miles from the portal purchase and the 5X Ultimate Rewards from your Chase Ink card.

        • Shawn,

          Thanks for the reply! I read through your portal myths section and tried the following: I clicked through Discover 5% portal to Staples.com and purchased $1000 worth of Visa Gift Cards using my Ink + card. I got the 5x UR points, but not the Discover 5% cashback. If I took all the necessary steps (chrome browser, etc), then how come I did not receive both 5% cashback of the transaction for clicking through the Discover portal AND the 5x UR points for using my Chase Ink+? Is this known combo dead?

          My ill luck with the above combination led me to question Junos AA/UR suggestion.

          Please let me know, and thanks for the newbie advice!

        • He was talking about purchasing merchandise. Unfortunately Staples doesn’t pay out through portals for the purchase of Visa gift cards.(Or merchant gift cards.)

          At one point they did, however that stopped well over a year ago.

  1. I plan on purchasing a fairly large amount of Target e-gift cards via the AA portal, but I want to be confident that the miles will post. I know from recent experience that the 2x Alaska miles will post, but for some reason, some of my cash back portals did not post for me. If Alaska portal posts, is that pretty much a sure thing that AA will post?

    • In the past some people have received the miles through portals run by Cartera, but it is not in the terms. It is definitely not a sure thing that you will receive them, so I would suggest proceeding with caution or perhaps doing a test purchase.

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