$100 Staples Gift Code for $85 – Stack Savings for a Possible Combined 24% Savings + 5X

staples gift card

Paypal Digital Gifts via eBay is selling $100 Staples gift codes for $85. In the past purchases from this merchant have earned 5X points with the Chase Ink. You can save an additional 1.5% by starting your purchase through either BeFrugal or Top Cashback.

You will also earn 2% back in eBay Bucks, however you may have been targeted for a 4X (8% back) promotion which is good through today at 11:59PT. Check your email to see if you have been targeted. If targeted, you must spend at least $150 to earn 4X eBay Bucks.

When combining portal cashback and 4X eBay Bucks it is possible to purchase the card for $76.93 and possibly earn 425 Ultimate Rewards points.

Note: Staples gift cards cannot be used to purchase other gift cards either online or in-store.

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    • No Staples gift cards cannot be used to purchase other gift cards either online or in-store.

  1. Thanks Shawn, for what it’s worth I have been able to use Staples GC’s to pay the $6.95 fee on the $200 VGC’s in the two Staples stores in my area and they give me the difference back in cash if less than $10.00 remains on the Staples GC.

    • Good to know. Thanks for sharing that. That is probably a good way to burn small Staples gift cards that you get from rebates, etc.

    • Update – Yes you can use for online purchases. Received this information from the good folks at Paypal Digital Gifts .

  2. Used to be able to use eBay GC to pay for GCs purchased on eBay. Not this time. PayPal sent me back saying “Contact your merchant. Card not charged”.
    Did anyone have the same problem?

    • I had the same problem- “Return to Merchant”. I am not sure is it due to giftcards applied or some other reason, as once I got error, I tried to pay the whole payment without Ebay E-GC. Still same problem.

  3. Shawn, you should post the 6x Groupon deal on United MP portal for United CC holder.

    This is a potential 16x opportunity.

    Go through AA portal and buy Groupon GC at Staples with Ink (5x + 5x). Then go through United MP portal to Groupon for another 6x. 16x total.

  4. Shawn, having a problem getting credit for 2nd and 3rd $100 Staples Gift cards I purchased per link for PayPal Digital Gifts. Apparently it is only possible to buy one at a time. Please email with contact info for them if you have. Thanks.

  5. what do you guys use the staples GC for since cant buy prepaid or merchant GC? I cant seem to find anything at a decent price, everything seems overpriced except for the paper which you get for almost free after rebate.

    • A lot of people were able to make a profit by reselling them, but now that the 4X eBay Bucks has expired, it probably wouldn’t be nearly as good a deal.

      • Where would you suggest we sell all excess Staples paper products? I see similar products sold on Amazon.com but the shipping costs will likely eat up any potential profit especially if selling in cases due to its weight and bulk. Any suggestions?

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