Staples $20 Rebate on $250+ In Visa Cards

staples visa rebate

It has been awhile since we have seen a Staples Visa gift card promotion. Thankfully one is returning this weekend. Starting on Sunday 3/15/15 Staples is offering a $20 rebate with the purchase of $250 or more in Visa gift cards.

Generally with these deals it is best to use a Chase Ink card to earn 5X Ultimate Rewards points or an Amex SimplyCash card to earn 5% cash back at Staples.

Fine Print (Bolding is mine)

In store only. Valid 3/15/15–3/21/15. In store only. Subject to availability. Visa® is not a participant in or sponsor of this promotion. See gift cards for details, terms, conditions and (if applicable) fees. Limit 1 rebate per household. All trademarks are property of their respective owners. The Visa® gift card is issued by MetaBank®, member FDIC pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc.

For more info, see: The complete guide to Staples Visa & Mastercard deals

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  1. I guess most of us here more interested in points, therefore I see 2 options…
    1) 2 x $200 and 1 x $100 for $519.85 and make a profit of $0.15 + 2,599 points
    2) 3 x $200 for $620.85 and pay $0.85 for 3,104 points

    I would go for the second option.

    Thank you for heads-up.

    • There is a limit of one rebate per household/receipt so you only need to purchase $250 in gift cards.

      In my opinion the best option would be 2 x $200 cards. That would net you a profit of $6.10 plus 2,070 points Ultimate Rewards points if you use a Chase Ink card.

      • Agree on the 2 x $200. This is a rebate, not the OM instant discounts where you could potentially get 2 in the same transaction.

        • 1st time doing this. So are you saying to buy 2 gc’s @ $100 or $200 each? And then further explain why please.

        • I look at it this way. You only need to spend $250 to trigger the deal. The best return is with 2 x $200 cards. That nets $6.10 and 2,070 points. You can leave the store and you have that profit and points.

          What you are doing is choosing to use that $6.10 profit to purchase an additional $200 card. In reality, you could walk into Staples two months from now and use that $6.10 plus another $.85 to purchase the card and earn the additional 1035 points. That extra $200 card is not part of the deal.

          I think it works out great no matter how you slice it. Enjoy those points Gary!

  2. 1st time doing this. So are you saying to buy 2 gc’s @ $100 or $200 each? And then further explain why please.

    • You need to spend at least $250 total. The best option if using the Chase Ink would be to buy 2 of the $200 gift cards. This would cost $413.90 including fees.

      In the end you would have $400 in gift cards plus receive a $20 card via rebate, netting a $6.10 profit. You would also receive 2,070 Ultimate Rewards points.

      If you instead decided to buy 1 $200 gift card and 1 $50 gift card to meet the minimum requirements of the offer, you would spend $2 less in fees, but earn 760 fewer Ultimate Rewards points.760 Ultimate Rewards points are worth far more than $2, so it makes sense to go with the 2 X $200 card option.

      • Thank You Very Much! I got it a lot better now. Now if you don’t mind, if I were to book a rm in a IHG program, pay w/ the GC’s and the balance w/ the IHG cc, would it still count as a stay? Between Mom’s Day and proms along w/ graduations, I can’t go wrong. Taking the wife and mom-in-law to Michael’s Restaurant in Vegas would nearly cover this period.

  3. So the Visa Gift Cards can be used anywhere Visa is accepted at anytime? There is no connection to Staples (other than that is where you need to buy the cards). Right?

    • In my past experience, those $20 Visa cards were difficult/impossible to use on split transactions (i.e. when the total is >$20). They will not have PINs. If you care about and track your rebates, it make take several months of effort. I’ll pass on this deal — it doesn’t pay enough to compensate for the nuisance factor.

      • These rebates can all be submitted & tracked online, however you are right that it can take some effort.

        I have not had the same issue with using the rebate cards, but I normally just load them to Amazon. Thanks Max!

    • Load them to Bluebird/Serve at Walmart. The last four digits of the card number is the pin. They should load nice and easy.

      • I tried the last 4, and it did not work. Those cards really do NOT have the PIN feature. The instructions state that they must be used as credit (despite the word debit clearly printed on them).

        • I believe Jordan is talking about the cards purchased at Staples. They are pin-enabled and can be used as debit.

          You are correct that the $20 rebate cards are not pin-enabled.

  4. Ughh, wish I read more carefully…. I bought mine a day early, so if I go back to the store within the next week, it would be breaking even. Though 800 points (no Ink or business cards) for ~$25 (or $5 after rebate). That still isn’t too bad.

    • Your receipt will have the rebate information. Use that information and go to to file your claim.

  5. Little suggestion- 2x 200 – 620 ! You brought this for free ( as 20 you will get it back ) ! Plus you got 3100 points ! Call the no which is given on gift card and once you hear balance , press 5 and set your PIN . Easy to load on red bird , I have had no problem with Redbirds . And I pay my landlord every month by redbird !!!!

    • “I am sorry, that was an invalid entry” – got this message when I tried pressing 5, though 5 was not listed as an option while 1 thru 4 & 6 were! Must have changed their system.

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