Up to $475 for Opening Chase Checking/Savings Accounts

chase account bonus march 2015

Chase is offering up to $475 for opening both a Checking and Savings account in-branch. There are a couple of forms of this offer:


  • $300 When you open a Chase Total Checking account & set up direct deposit. Expires 5/7/15.


  • $150 When you open a Chase Savings account, deposit a total of $10,000 or more in new money within 10 business days & maintain a $10,000 balance for 90 days. Expires 5/7/15.
  • $175 When you open a new Chase Savings account and deposit a total of $15,000 or more in new money within 10 business days. Expires 4/23/15.

Direct Links

To get an offer, click one of the links below and enter your email address. A unique code will then be sent to you. The codes are most likely limited, so it is probably best to get a code now so you have the option of applying later.

For a more detailed analysis, see this Doctor of Credit post.

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  1. These offers are by no measure nationwide. I’m not going to drive 4+ hours one way to setup a bank account. Please change this post to reflect reality.

    • I never said the offer was nationwide in the post, however I have added the words “in-branch” to clarify.

  2. Just a warning, you will receive a 1099 for tax purposes for this as income from Chase. I took up the similar Chase account opening offer last year and was surprised to receive a 1099 for the amounts this past February.

    • Thanks for the reminder Robert. All bank account (not credit card) bonuses are considered interest and thus are taxable

    • yes they 1099 you but $300 in interest for having DD for 6 months on a checking account beats any interest rate you can find.

  3. Any idea if this is something that can be done more than once? I signed up for and cancelled a chase account a few years ago

    • There doesn’t seem to be a hard rule, however you can’t have had an account in the past 90 days and you must keep the account open for 6 months, so at the minimum it would be every 9 months.

    • I do not see any residency requirements on the offer, however you can always call the local branch before driving down there.

  4. I did the $175 offer for savings, it is a better deal as it has no fine print requiring you to park the $15,000 for 90 days. After receiving the bonus I pulled out all but the $300 minimum to avoid fees and will let it sit there for 6 months before closing….we do this every year to get some kind of interest from banks since chase is only paying .01% on their basic savings and most banks aren’t much better….anyone interested in banking bonuses should check out this site: http://www.maximizingmoney.com/category/banking-bonus-deals/

    • I got the $300 checking plus $200 savings bonus code in the mail. I currently have cash in high yield savings account ~1% APY. In order to maximize my yield, I’m thinking:
      Checking bonus: Deposit $1,500 (the minimum daily balance requirement to prevent fee) and hold it for 6 months.
      Savings bonus: Deposit $15,000 in the CHASE savings account for 90 days (3 months). Then drain it down to $300 ish (above minimum daily balance requirement to prevent fee) and hold it for another 3 months (for a total of 6 months).
      After 6 months have passed, close both CHASE account and put everything back to my high yield savings account. My rough math tells me I’ll be missing out on about $50 of high yield in returns for the $500 bonus.
      What wasn’t clear is if the direct deposit needs to be set up for 6 months continuously to get the bonus or if I can stop it after a few months. Any caveats churning the bonuses?

  5. This relates to a Chase Checking account and is something I am just becoming aware of, so asking in this comment section … hope that is OK!

    For the Chase Freedom/Chase Checking Account Bonus in 2015, do you have to sign up or activate anything? I got a Chase Freedom Card in December 2014 and a Chase Checking Account in January 2015, am I automatically qualified?

    • Are you referring to the 10 UR points per transaction bonus, or the 10% additional points bonus? If so, I believe that program ended sometime in 2014 and the final bonus payout was Jan/Feb 2015. I got mine on my Feb ’15 statement.

      If it’s still ongoing, you should be automatically enrolled. I was after opening a Chase checking account.

  6. I just opened a chase checking account for my business about a month ago. Does this prohibit me from taking advantage of this offer for my personal account, or can I still use the promotion for the account I just opened?

  7. Has anyone tried to open up the saving account and do the initial load of $15,000 with a CC? Does it show up as Cash Advance?

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