Simply Best Coupons to offer 2% cash back for Amex gift cards on Thursday

I received an email this morning from the cash back portal, Simply Best Coupons, stating that the cash back rate for Amex gift cards will jump to 2% cash back this Thursday (4/16/2015).  The current best cash back rate (that I know of) is 1.5% (via CashBackMonitor):


If you haven’t yet registered for Simply Best Coupons, you’ll find a signup link here (along with many other useful links).  If you use my link, you’ll get a $5 bonus when you register and I’ll earn a 5% referral bonus each time you earn rewards from this portal, up to a maximum of $50.

Questions about Amex Gift Cards?

Please see: The Complete Guide to Amex Gift Cards

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  1. I’ve never heard of SBC. I consider Top Cashback one of the best out there for keeping you updated on what phase your transaction is in and how fairly quickly they post credits etc.

    How does SBC compare to other cashback sites, are they one of the better ones or crappy ones?

    an extra .5% is not worth the chance of getting 0% or a lot more headache if these guys suck.

    • Their website says “Payment will be sent to you after cleared cash back reaches the minimum payment threshold. Each store has its own return policy, and typically it will take 30-60 days for cash back to clear.”

        • Yes, TCB, has matched offers in the past for me (Feb 2015); that is the thing to do; screenshot copy Simply Best Coupons 2% offer, then send to TCB with your match request; then they will match it!

  2. FM you forgot to say it’s business cards only! You got me all excited and then…BUMMER! 🙁
    Any workaround to getting a business card even if you don’t own a business?

    • I had no idea it was limited to business cards. That said, you can easily just make up a business name or use your own name as the business name, and use your SSN as the Tax ID. You do not have to pay with a business card.

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