Get Portal Cashback for Visa Gift Card Purchases Through Gift Card Mall

giftcardmall visa portal

Update: GiftCardMall recently updated their website and the maximum denomination for Visa gift cards is now $250. This update alters the math significantly. For more on the changes, see this Miles to Memories post.

Many of the online portals used to pay out for purchases of Visa gift cards through Gift Card Mall, but that opportunity dried up last year.

Fortunately one portal is bringing it back! Through 7/20/15, Simply Best Coupons is offering .4% cashback on the purchase of these cards. The price of each card including shipping varies depending on the quantity purchased and shipping type, but ranges between $7-$8 before cashback.

According to the company:

This is a short term opportunity that will end on or around 7/20/15 and subject to change without notice. We will email everyone who makes Visa Gift Card purchases warning when it’s about to end.
If you don’t already have a Simply Best Coupons account, you can find a signup link for Simply Best Coupons and many other cool things here.

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  1. I thought I read somewhere that buying GCs from gift card mall (via ebay though) are not showing 5x bonus w/ ink and some people are saying it is showing as a cash advance. Anyone else have and info on this?

    • That is correct those purchases through eBay are not earning 5x and a couple of people have reported cash advance fees.

      These cards are sold directly through Gift Card Mall’s website and there have not been any reports of anyone being charged cash advances. As a precaution you can always lower your cash advance limit to $0 just in case.

    • These are pin-enabled gift cards. They can be loaded to Bluebird/Serve and liquidated in other ways that Amex gift cards cannot.

  2. .4%??? What 80 cent on a $200 card? And it’s not like you get 5x UR like you would get from Staples. With shipping fee it’s far cheaper to just order these from using you ink card.

    • After the cashback, this works out to be about $5 for a $500 card. This could be useful for people who are looking to meet minimum spend requirements on a new card or for people whose local stores don’t accept credit cards.

      • yeah I guess it does make sense for meeting the min spending requirement on non chase ink card that doesn’t give you 5% cash back or 5x miles/points at

        • What do you want this hack to say? He has no real offers to write about? He aint gonna do that.

  3. Earlier this week I ordered the Sears cards through GCM and sure enough, was charged a cash advance fee of $10 on my Arrival card.

    • This post is over a month old. Since then a few portals have reintroduced cashback including Top Cashback. I have successfully used them and earned .5% back on the face value of the Visa gift cards.

      • Thanks Shawn. I subsequently worked that out myself after I posed the question. Apologies – I should have researched a bit more.

        BTW: I’m impressed by TCB’s purchase tracking ability (much better than other portals Ive used). Hopefully they also payout.

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