Amex business gift cards 2.25% via TopCashBack today only


Today only: TopCashBack is offering Business Amex gift cards for 2.25% cash back.

If you don’t already have a TopCashBack account, you can find a signup link and many other cool things here.


  • Do not use a promo code to reduce gift card fees or for free shipping since that will invalidate your cash back (the Premium Shipping Plan is fine, though).
  • Do not buy denominations higher than $2,000 (see: $2K denomination limit on Amex gift card cash back)
  • Do not pay with Citibank credit cards since they sometimes charge cash advance fees.


Please see the The Complete Guide to Amex Gift Cards.

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  1. Thanks for the tip. Just opened a cashback acct thru your link 🙂
    When you scroll down after clicking the deal link on Amex’s website, the Amex bus gift card says you have to have a valid business name & address to buy the gift cards. How can a regular person still get 2.25%? Thanks! Great blog.

      • Thanks. I’ll try later today. I have min. Spend on 2 new cc.
        So if I get 2 2k gift cards, can I split pay (on same order to avoid multiple shipping costs) on 2 cc or will Amex only let me pay with one card? Thanks again for the great blog 🙂

  2. When the terms say, denominations over 2k does not earn cashback, that does not mean order total right? I should be ok with 3x $2000 GCs in same order? Thanks

  3. Also, what is the timeframe with shipping? If I order today and have overnight shipping, will it ship out today and arrive tmw? Or ship out tmw and arrive Friday? Thanks!

  4. @Ted,
    Yes you can order 3 $2K cards in one transaction. I don’t remember if the cards arrive the next day or the day after. It probably depends upon what time you place the order.

  5. Woohoo! Finally I get to order at something other than 1.5%. Been waiting for this. Did 2x$2K order due to the requirement for signature above $5K.

    Is AmEx likely to throw up any alerts if I do a 2nd one later in the day?

  6. Just went to purchase $2,000 gift cards and only the lower denominations, $1,000 and $3,000 were available. Apparently the $2,000 cards sold out? Anyone else having a different experience (after the time of my comment)?

  7. I too couldn’t access the $2000, so I assumed that AMEX did that on purpose, (never thought of them being “sold out”). More fees for them!

  8. I have a Premium shipping plan.If I use a promocode given by Amex for free purchase…will I get a cashback ?


  9. I’ve set my cash advance limit to zero on my Barclay Arrival +.

    I’ve thus far been unsuccessful (four or so orders) in getting my order approved with this card, despite making sure that my billing address is perfectly matched.

    Anyone recently been able to buy business amex GCs with a BA+ when cash advance limit is set to zero?

    • Arrival for me historically has required that you have enough available in your cash advance in order to process the order but when it actually posts, it posts as a purchase. Just placed a $20k order with my Arrival card without any issues.

      • Thanks, Ryan. I tried another order for the Chase SP, and it was also declined (12 hours later). Even though I copied the billing address directly from Chase. Grrr.

        Did your $20K order go through?

    • You can personalize both personal and business. Under the business tab select “custom message” and add your name as the message.

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