12 Month Xbox Live Gold for $35 & 20% Off Cabelas Gift Cards

There are a couple of decent offers in today’s eBay Daily Deals. These items should earn 2% back in eBay Bucks and you can earn 1.5% through either the Top Cashback or BeFrugal portals.

12 Month Xbox Live Gold Subscription

cabelas 20 off

Blutek via eBay is selling a 12 month Xbox Live Gold subscription card for $35.99 with free shipping. This is about as low as this item goes in price and is much lower than the $59.99 price that Microsoft charges.

20% Off Cabela’s Gift Cards

cabelas 20 off

SVMGiftCards via eBay is selling $50 Cabela’s gift cards for $40. There is a limit of 5 gift cards per user id. Unfortunately purchases from this seller do not appear to be earning 5x with the Chase Ink.

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  1. There is still an alternative option available to earn 5X using Chase Ink. You have to first buy ebay GC at GYFT.com and the purchase will be coded as “Utilities” earning 5X. You also get 1% CB from ebates even for ebay GCs. So, this is what I did when these GCs went on sale. I first bought $400 ebay GC at GYFT and got 1% CB ($4). Then, I went to ebay to make the discounted GCs purchases from GCM, SVM, etc. This time I used TCB and got 1.5% CB for the discounted GC purchase.

    Here’s a snapshot from Chase UR screen for the $400 GC purchase I made at GYFT.

    4/24 PAYPAL *GYFT $400.00 2,000 Bonus earn –
    Pending Rewards
    + 4 Pts per $1 internt,cable,phone,ofc sply1,600
    + 1 Point per $1 earned on all purchases400
    Transaction Date:4/24
    Statement Post Date:4/26
    Total Rewards 2,000

    Note: GYFT sells lot of other GCs for restaurants and other stores, so whenever I have a need I first check GYFT and if the GC is available, I buy it and get the code instantly delivered to the GYFT app. I then use the code instantly. This way all my other purchases are also earning 5X.


    • Miles,

      I signed up for Gyft today and tried to buy a $250 BestBuy gift card using the PayPal method. They wanted a 3 hour processing time, which I couldn’t wait for.

      My questions are:

      How do you circumvent the process times? Is this probably due to my new account status?

      Is the PayPal method the correct method for earning 5x UR points using my Chase? I am assuming because it looks like you used PayPal in your example. I saw I could also checkout using my credit card. Will this work?

      Thanks in advance for your reply. I really appreciate you bringing this method to my attention. I would rather earn 5x UR points rather than the 5x Club Carlson or 2x Barclays points I had been getting.

      • Yes. All new accounts are subject to 24 hours of verification as they want to make sure the transaction is not fraudulent. They have an online chat service that you can try to get this expedited. I did run into this but they were able to resolve it within 24 hours and my order got automatically processed and I got the GCs. Since then it has been smooth sailing so far.

        Yes. You do have to pay with paypal since that’s how Chase has coded them. The transaction will appear as Paypal * GYFT under Chase and will result in 5X. If you pay directly with CC avoiding paypal, then I have no idea how the transaction will code in Chase. Maybe you can try a test and let us all know your experience.

        You also need to remember GYFT sells a variety of gift cards and has a nice mobile app. So, anytime I go somewhere and need to pay, I first check GYFT, then instantly buy the GC for that merchant right from the app and voila the code is available to use instantly. This way all my other purchases are all earning 5X !!!!


        • Miles,

          Thanks! The deal had only about an hour left on it so I ended up using my Club Carlson. Next time I will definitely try Gyft to get 5x UR points. In the mean time I’ll look for merchant gift cards to break in my 24 hour hold time and try the app later this week.

          Thanks again! I’m always looking for ways to pad my UR account with zero sum purchases.

        • Your most welcome Josh! Remember if you go via ebates you also get 1% CB for any GC purchase at GYFT guaranteed. So, this way you can also make money earning CB + 5X UR points. Also, for ebay purchases for discounted GCs, I first buy the ebay GC at GYFT going via ebates and earning 1% CB + 5X URs. Then I use the same ebay GC to buy discounted GCs at GCM or SVM or any other retailer. This time I go via TCB and get 1.5% CB for purchases. So, yes doing double dipping, earning free 5X URs + CBs. Not a bad deal for few extra clicks. Isn’t it?

        • Yeah! I love double/tripple dipping! It’s awesome. I saw that BeFrugal was running 2% on Gyft so I went with them instead of ebates. If it had worked I would have gained 2% CB from BF with 5x UR for the Gyft purchase, and 5% Discover at BestBuy. Instead I will receive 5x Club Carlson and 5% Discover. Oh well. Still a good deal, but UR points are better 🙂

        • If you can try BeFrugal and verify that you are getting 2% CB, then it would be simply awesome!! TCB also offers 2% CB, but few readers have reported no CB earning, so I have taken the safest Ebates route for now with guaranteed 1% CB earnings.

  2. Today GCM is selling Babies R Us gift cards at 20% discount. $100 GC for $80. Limit is 2 per buyer. Free shipping. You also get ebay bucks. Hurry while supplies last.

      • If you looked closely they were only offering 2% on certain card designs. The highest denomination for those designs was $200 with a $3.95 fee which kills the deal.

        Normal consumer and business cards were only 1.5% today.

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