Ink Plus 60K? Ink Cash 30K?

Just a quick heads-up:

National Small Business Week runs next week, May 4-8.


In the recent past, Chase has celebrated Small Business Week by increasing the signup bonus on the Ink Plus and Ink Cash product lines to 60K and 30K, respectively.  I have no inside knowledge about this, but my bet is that it will happen again.  If you’re looking to build up those Ultimate Rewards points, this is something to watch for.

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  1. Chase is being harder with business credit card applications for those without a lot of business income. A few years ago I was approved for multiple Ink cards with $1 of business income and substantial personal income but recently Chase rejected me for the United Business card due to insufficient business revenues. They would not even allow me to move credit from my Ink card to open it.

    My father wants to apply for a Chase Business card, between the Ink Plus, Ink Cash and United Business card is one easier to get approved for?

    • FWIW, I applied for the United Bus card at the beginning of March and was denied. I was just approved for the Chase Ink Plus a couple weeks ago.

  2. I have a referral link for a 60K bonus point chase ink plus card. If anyone is interested, let me know and I can send you the link. ($5K spend in 3 months, must apply by May 25th, 2015)

  3. Received a targeted 60k offer in the mail today, invitation code and unique link. Same thing happened last year right before SB week.

  4. Hi all, I used Mike’s link and could not find an explanation for the year fees waived in the terms. Went to a local branch and was told they only see the 50k miles thru their system. Got the banker to call them and double checked that 60k offer has to pay $95 fees upfront so essentially 50k & waived fee for the first year or 60k and $95 fee which works out almost the same? What do you guys think?
    Also I noticed the United Visa card with the 50k miles offer only valid until tomorrow 5/2… Would like to apply for the two, the Ink and the United… Since both cards are issued by Chase and being today Friday and almost closing business hours… Can you see any issue applying online for both? Any suggestions?
    Thank you’all

  5. I already have an Chase Ink Plus card. Once again, I received the 60k offer in the mail addressed to the business that already has this card.

  6. Hello – I have an Ink Bold and Ink Cash for the same business. I would like to apply for the Ink Plus to get the 60K bonus… any ideas how to go about in the reconsideration call? … Perhaps they’ll ask me to close the Ink Bold first? Could I possibly have 3 business cards for the same business?
    Thanks in advance for any pointers!!

  7. I know there is a referral link to the Chase Ink Plus, but is there a referral link to the Chase Ink Cash?

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