Officemax/Office Depot $20 instantly off the purchase of $300 or more in Visa gift cards

officemax office depot visa gift cards may 2015

On page 8 of the upcoming weekly ad, Officemax and Office Depot are advertising $20 off the purchase of $300 or more in Visa gift cards. Unlike Staples that requires a rebate, this discount is taken off instantly at the register.

Generally with deals like this one it is best to use a Chase Ink card to earn 5X Ultimate Rewards points or an Amex SimplyCash card to earn 5% cash back since both Officemax and Office Depot are categorized as office supply stores.

Key Terms:

  • Valid 5/3/15 through 5/16/15
  • Limit two (2) offers per customer

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  1. I heard someone say that the CC companies were now wise to this and that they either no longer go towards earning points or that you cannot purchase with a card, must be cash. Been tried?

  2. I have not heard any reports of people being denied points for purchasing gift cards at either of these stores.

    Some Office Depot and Officemax stores are cash only for gift card purchases, but the majority of the stores will allow you to use a credit card.

  3. “I heard… I heard..” No basis in fact…
    I do it all the time.
    Points are still awarded and you can still use credit cards.

  4. Soon after reading this, I happened to check my Bank of America checking account. There is an offer for 10% cash back from OfficeMax or Office Depot on their BankAmeriDeals page for using your BoA debit card. There is a $15 maximum refund limit. There aren’t any exclusions listed in the terms of the deal. Not bad for people looking for a debit card deal.

    • In the past you have been able to purchase all of the cards in the same transaction and receive 2 discounts. With that said, these codes often don’t work correctly at first so you may need to split transactions.

      • The offer says $200 or more which leads me to believe that anything over $200 will not trigger another $20 off. But these things don’t always follow their terms to the letter.

        • We never truly know how OM/OD codes their registers, but half the fun is experimenting, right?

        • The OM by me was closed, so now the next closest store is almost 40mins away so I want to have all my ducks in a row before going in. I have to maximize as much as possible to not waste the long trip.

        • You’re in the Denver metro, right? I can’t imagine anywhere, except Elizabeth that is so far away from an OM

        • I recall that from the comments section here at FM previously. Now, the question I think we need to sort out…which Ken are you? Ken from SSP or CSU. Or maybe we think we know each other and really don’t, lol.

        • So Denverinfill means nothing to you then…? I know one other Ken who went to HS with me at Chatfield back in the day.

        • Nope. I grew up in Florida and then spent a few years in North Carolina before moving to Colorado.

        • I have experience with close to a dozen of these deals and you almost always can get two discounts in the same transaction.

          The only time it hasn’t worked that way was when the discount wasn’t applying properly. Worst case scenario is splitting up the transaction.

  5. doess om/od even sells 500 denom w/ a credit card ? or i suppose you have to get 3 100 to apply for this discount?

    • Office Depot sells $500 variable cards but they are cash only. You should be able to purchase 2 of the $200 cards to maximize the deal.

  6. Was just in 2 OM’s and one Staples yesterday in Chicago metro area and the largest VGC was $100. The $200 ones did not look to just be sold out as there was no empty spaces on the rack/shelf. Anyone else notice this? Something to watch.

  7. The ad says “GC issued by meta bank” don’t know if offer works for OD’s vanilla cards, guess we find out sunday

      • Yes, 25-500 variable like you said, cash only. but my OD here has Vanilla in fixed amount, $25, $50, $100, $200 are all able to buy with CC, this is what I am after.

  8. i checked the ad for my local OM and it does not show anywhere in that (leave alone page 8). Is it possible that OM is not participating?

    • The ad is combined for both stores, so that shouldn’t be the case. What is your zip code so I can check?

      Officemax should definitely be participating, especially since the fine print mentions Metabank gift cards and they are the ones who carry them.

        • It’s there. Make sure you are looking at next week’s ad. Click “Sneak Peek Upcoming Deals” to view it. The Visa gift card offer is at the very bottom of page 8.

          BTW I viewed it for both the Officemax in Santa Clara and the Office Depot in Sunnyvale and both showed the offer.

  9. Anyone have any trouble using credit cards for gift card purchases ? I previously tried at like 3 different office depots and they wouldn’t let me. are people having luck w office max?

  10. dumb question, how do they limit to two per person? Rewards card?

    I drive by 3 stores 5 days a week, morning, evening – I would mind 30 dipping.

    • *wouldn’t* mind.. And I guess two per trip would be sixty dipping and this appears to be for 2 weeks… So 120 dipping?

  11. I just came back from OfficeDepot. I bought 3 $200 GCs and effectively paid $580.85. So, yes you can combine the deal and buy 3 $200 to maximize the profit. So, after purchase the net profit is $19.15. I also then went ahead and did 2 more separate transactions of $600 GCs and each time the transaction came to $580.85. So, you can buy as many as you want as there seems to be no limit. So, in summary here’s what I’ll have:

    Total cost of VGCs -= $1800
    Total out of pocket cost = $580.85 x 3 = $1,742.55
    Total profit = $57.45
    Total UR points with chase ink @ 5X = 8,713

    Of course I’ll be using these VGCs to reload to Rebird !!

    Not a bad deal. Isn’t it?

      • It says Bankcorp bank. It is the fixed value VGC with $6.95 fee. I tried the variable load VGC that has $4.95 fee but when it rang up it alerted the cashier to say it can only be purchased with Cash. So, I didn’t buy these. It is for those people who don’t have Ink can buy these with cash and get extra $6 in profit.

        • Did the coupon ring up automatically or did it require use of scan book at OM? Or did you just try OD only? (Those normally automatically work)

        • Gabriel, There is no code or coupon. After they entered my phone # linked to my OD rewards, the discount was automatically taken off. Easy peasy. Also, I only sent to OD. There is no officemax close by.

  12. You can totally load Vanillas to Serve/BB! Dumb urban legend that says you can’t. Go to Kate and load $49.99 at a time. Easy peasy…

  13. I went to the 3 Office Max stores in my area this morning. Albany, NY. First one only had $100s max, second only had $50s max, third only had $100s max. I picked up 7 $100s at each of the stores that had them. Hit the first store at 10:30am. Employee at last store said they never even had $200s at the begining of day. I did check the secret storage area.

  14. I went to 3 Office Depot/Max stores and called another in Austin.
    First only had a few $100, second did not have any $100/$200, the third had some, the one I called did not have any.

    They rang up 3 of the $200 cards together and it gave me a $40 rebate.

    Apparently the new delivery of some cards?? arrives on Tuesday.

    • They did not allow me to do more than one transaction on the three $200 cards. He said 1 per customer but I’ll try to go back later if any remain. It seems many people had already been in the store by 45 minutes after opening.

        • When you figure out a better way, let me know; in the meantime, I’m gonna keep letting OD & Chase pay me to stay at the Park Hyatt NYC! If it takes a few dates with Kate, so be it…

  15. So, who cleaned out all the OD’s in the Denver area already? I wasn’t holding my breath on the OM’s since OM hasn’t had $200 visas in stock since christmas around here (they still don’t). But all the OD’s I went to said someone came in early and bought all of them already (and I showed up around 1pm)

  16. I went to my local Office Depot in Los Angeles and they do not allow use of credit cards to purchase these gift cards. CASH ONLY. It seems others are not having this problem.

  17. $600.00 X 12 loads @ $49.99 = 22 minutes standing at KATE. A hassle but the 3K UR points + $20 is OK. Did 12 yesterday from my AMEX Plat & will do to12 tommorow with wifes SPG. May look at more later, but only 3 WM’s close & do not want to be seen too much at a store.

    • Are these Bancorp Vanilla Visas?
      Just tried a 49.99 load with one at a WM in suburban Chicago and got a “debit not available” code 57. Anyone else?

  18. Shawn, would you please check if OD/OM at 77062 zipcode participate in this promotion? I do not see it on the ad this week? Thanks in advance.

        • What a bummer. If I find a store near me that has stock, will they honor the deal because it was previously posted with a 5/16 end date? Or they’ve killed the promo for sure?

        • I’m not sure. I have reached out to Office Depot on Twitter to ask, but have not been to a store today.

        • I was in the store today @ 8:45 AM EST and the deal was still on and working. I did two transactions of $600 and each time paid only $580.85. I’m going to try another store in the evening to see what happens and report back my findings. Keep your fingers crossed…:)

        • I am happy to report that the deal is still going on. I visited one OD today that had several fixed value VGC in stock. I did few transactions of $600 each and the total came out to be $580.85 as expected. This time I didn’t provide my rewards # or my phone #, the discount was taken right after the manager entered his code and password.

        • I too had success today. I live in NYC, and the only OD/OM in the city is out of the cards and don’t know when they’ll be getting more. So i called around to the store in NJ close to the city and found one that had 2x $200 left. They were Vanilla VGC. I’m curious though how everyone is getting totals with the $20 discount and that’s it. Each of my cards had a $6.95 activation fee. So for $400, it rang up to $413.90, and then with the $20 discount, i paid $393.90. Though i was going to pay $380 at register…

        • It’s $580 because it includes two deals, not just one like you got with your $400 purchase.

        • That is correct. To max out the deal, you have to buy at least $600 that will get you $40 discount (max). So, if you buy 3 x $200 + 3 x $6.95 – $40 = $580.85. Hope this helps.

  19. Can you unload the vanilla gc to RB, or only the Metabank? Do they all have Pins and function as debit cards?

    • Yes. You can. You can choose any 4 digit pin and it will take it. Easy peasy. I have loaded several of these onto RB without any issues even after they stopped taking CCs.

  20. Went to 2 of their stores today and as expected found no $100 or $200 cards despite the $20 discount displayed on the card rack. This isn’t the first time that I’ve found the same. When I complained to the manager and commented that Staples always has a supply even during such a promotion he said “we have more customers” which is far from the truth. I don’t no if corporate management or the store manager is to blame, but I’m disgusted.

  21. Went to 2 of their stores today and as expected found no $100 or $200 cards despite the $20 discount displayed on the card rack. This isn’t the first time that I’ve found the same. When I complained to the manager and commented that Staples always has a supply even during such a promotion he said “we have more customers” which is far from the truth. I don’t know if corporate management or the store manager is to blame, but I’m disgusted.

    • It happens. Don’t blend them. Blame the rest of us!!

      Don’t let the corporation get the feeling that we are ungrateful for the $1000’s hey are giving away.

      I love you od/om in case you are reading. Run this promotion anytime!

      • Ive been snagging blanks from my local grocery store and taking them into OfficeMax for activation. You’re Welcome.

  22. Ive been snagging blanks from my local grocery store and taking them into OfficeMax for activation. You’re Welcome.

  23. At first the OD by me was out of gift cards. I went to 2 more that had the $200 cards but they were cash only. I tried the OD by me again and they had a whole stack of $100 cards. Not as good as the $200 but better than nothing. I was able to buy 3 $100 cards and get the discount, then do another transaction to get three more. My wife then went in and also did two separate transactions and got the discount on both. So the profit isn’t so great but it’s 6000 UR points for free.

        • Yes, 2 variable load cards totaling $600.

          Only $10 in fees. $40 off.

          Net 30 minus money orders.

          They limit me to 2. But you could likely find an Office Depot that wouldn’t mind you carrying in 30k, buying 100 for $300 and netting $15×100.

          Someone obviously did something similar on the $200 gc in my area. One day the shelves were stocked, next day gone. I tried too of course, but the cashier said no.

        • Where did you go that allowed getting the discount on 2 variable loads? I tried it twice and it didn’t register the discount…they cited it’s only good on the $200 metabank visas, not the vanilla visa…

        • Office Depot only had only the vanilla ones in my area. Both fixed and variable. 300/600 gave the discount regardless of fixed variable, but had to pay with cash if buying the variable.

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